Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 656 - 656: Spirit Master Vermillion

"Is that a Martial Skill? No, the boy doesn't have any Cultivation. How is he doing that?" Long Chen muttered in confusion as he looked at the boy.

While Long Chen was wondering what was happening, he heard the commotion on the side as the people watching the battle were shocked and started talking.

"Oh no, Young Master Ru is using his War Spirit! The boy is dead now!"

"He doesn't have control, and he can't call it out completely, yet he can use some of its power! It's amazing. He is really as talented as his Elder Brother! Hahaha, the boy is dead!"

"The War Spirit of the Ru Clan is the War Spirit of Rage! The Rage that can destroy even the mountain! I don't think in this Rage; he can even control himself! He might actually be dead!"

The people talked amongst themselves as if Long Chen was already dead. 

"But what about the Punishment? If Young Master Ru killed him, he would be punished severely!" A man amongst the crowd raised a question as he watched Young Master Ru getting bigger and bigger.

"Hah, who do you think he is? Young Master Ru is not a Mortal like us! He's not a lowly cultivator either! He's a Spirit Warrior! The Kingdom won't punish a Spirit Warrior that severely for a murder," A person replied to the man.

"Moreover, the Ru Clan has a big reputation and a high reach. Nothing will happen to Young Master Ru even if he kills him. Just watch the trash finally die and enjoy it!" Another person replied as they laughed.

" A Spirit Warrior? What is that? Xun talked about beings stronger than Cultivators here. Did she mean Spirit Warriors? Just what is happening here. People that have more strength than Cultivators?" Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

"That bear as well. It didn't have a Cultivation. I thought that it was a Mortal, but it also had that strange black shadow that could've killed even Cultivators. I really need to collect information about this world. Xun just had to leave me with half knowledge in this place. They're not making it easy for me, are they?" he let out in annoyance.

"Xun, you're getting a beating. Just you wait!" he said, hoping for a response from Xun, but he got nothing.

Instead, he saw that the boy had started running towards him. He was now a giant that was over 15 feet tall. The boy's hands themselves were wider than the chest of Long Chen.

'I never expected I would have to run away and that too from a mortal. I can't expose my strength here, and I can't win with just my Martial Arts without any Qi. Should I really leave?' he thought as he got ready to dodge the attack of the boy.

He wanted to leave after dodging the attack and go cultivate somewhere, but just as the boy reached there, Long Chen felt like the flow of wind had suddenly stopped.

He felt a powerful pressure that was pressing down on his mortal body. If it were his real body, this pressure would have been nothing, but it was a mortal body, so Long Chen was having a hard time under this pressure.

He did realize that the pressure was not only targeting him, but it was also targeting the giant boy that had stopped running. The citizens that were watching the conflict were also under the pressure and looked uncertain.

" Ru Li, you have lost your senses. You know that using your War Spirit against a mortal is a crime, especially with the intent to kill? Have you no respect for the laws of the Kingdom of Aksha?" A Voice came from the top.

Long Chen and the young boy called Ru Li looked above them and saw a Middle Aged man flying above their head.

The man looked like he was in his late 30s. He had long white hair that came down to his shoulders.

He wore a long red robe that came down to his knees. His sharp black eyes glared at Ru Li. He had two beautiful white wings behind his back. The wings seemed like the Wings of the Mythical bird, Vermillion Bird

" It's Master Vermillion! The Great Hero of the Phoenix Organization! Why is he out of his mansion today?" 

"Shh... Mind your own business. He can kill you if you annoy him. Just keep your head down,"

The citizens had already dropped down to their knees under pressure, but they were surprised at the sight of the white-haired man.

The White Haired man was one of the Strongest Spirit Warriors of the Phoenix Organization and also a part of the team that had fought with the Dragon Squad against the Phoenix Organization. He was part of the same team as the father of Fu Chen, who had betrayed the Phoenix Squad. 

Vermilion was surprised as he glanced at Long Chen. He didn't know why, but he found it strange as he looked at Long Chen.

'This kid... Did something happen to him? I'm only applying a fraction of my Spirit Pressure, but still, it should've been enough to make any mortal fall on his knees. Ru Li is still standing because he's a Spirit Warrior, and he's using his Spirit, but for him to still stand? Interesting. Fu Min, your son, is really interesting," Vermilion smiled as he subtly glanced at Long Chen before he shifted his focus on Ru Shen.

The pressure on Long Chen remained the same, under which he was struggling to stand straight, but he didn't fall to his knees. He didn't want to fall down to his knees before anyone as that showed his defeat. He tried to face adversity, and he wanted to face it head-on. Even though he was a mortal, his Spirit was the same. The fighting spirit inside him didn't allow him to fall. 

Vermilion kept constant pressure on Long Chen and didn't increase, but in Ru Li, he increased his pressure. Vermillion was a great hero of the Phoenix Organization. He had an impeccable control on his War Spirit and his Spirit Pressure. He applied more and more pressure on Ru Li without affecting the others.

Ru Li couldn't stand under pressure and dropped down to his knees as his body returned to normal.

He fell down on the ground as he lost consciousness.

Vermilion sighed as he saw this. 

"An idiot who uses his War Spirit without knowing anything. Just what is that idiot teaching him! It looks like I'll have to visit him. Show him what his son is doing outside— breaking the rules of the Kingdom," Vermillion let out as he flew down and landed before the Ru Li.