Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 986 - 986: Question

Long Chen reached Mingyu's room and knocked on the door.

Mingyu opened the door and looked outside to see Long Chen standing before her. 

"You're back. Why did you leave before I could wake up? You could've at least informed me before leaving," Mingyu chided Long Chen as she turned back and walked back to the bed. 

Her hair was still wet, as if she had just taken a bath. 

Long Chen entered the room and closed the door behind him. 

"I'm sorry. I had to go back to my room to make sure your father didn't find out. Unfortunately, he already knows I spent the night here," he smiled wryly as she approached Mingyu, who had sat on the bed, drying her hair with the tower.


Hearing about her father knowing that they had not followed his only command, she stood up, shocked. 

"What did he do? Did he scold you?" She asked Long Chen with an apologetic look on her face. 

"Don't worry. He didn't do anything. In fact, he allowed me to stay with you from now on," Long Chen let out as he wrapped his arms around Mingyu and kissed her lips.

"I'll need to meet him in the evening, but until then, I'm free. So..." he let out in a low voice as he gazed into Mingyu's eyes. 

"So....?" Mingyu asked, acting ignorant.

"Little Miss, Don't act so innocent," Long Chen let out as he lowered his hand that was resting on Mingyu's back to have it rest on her butt, which he slapped. 

"Uhmm!" An unintentional notice left her lips as Long Chen slapped her butt. She wasn't expecting it. 

"So let's get busy," Long Chen finished his sentence as he took the towel from her hand and tossed it to the side before he wrapped his arms around Mingyu once again. 

Both of them fell down on the bed, together, embracing each other. 


Lu Wang left his room and walked to the throne room where his father was supposed to be. 

"Father," he greeted Lu Junwei as he entered the throne room. Only the Emperor was sitting in the room. No servants or guards were there. 

"Wang'er, I heard you came back in the morning. Why is it that you're only coming to meet me now?" The Emperor inquired from his son. 

"I'm sorry, Father. I had constantly been traveling throughout the night. When I came back, I was so tired that I couldn't come to meet you. Moreover, it was too early. I wasn't sure if you were done with your nightly Cultivation. So I thought it was better to meet you later," Lu Wang replied. 

"Was I wrong, father?" He asked. 

"Not at all. I can understand how tired you must be. Are you rested now?" The Emperor asked his son. 

"Yes, father. I got to sleep a bit," Lu Wang answered. 

"That's better. So how was your trip? Did you deliver my message to the Emperor of Qiandi?" The Emperor asked his son. 

"Yes, Father. I conveyed my apologies for this confusion and explained the cause of it. He agreed to the ceasefire. He might send his envoy here for confirmation later," Lu Wang told his son. 

"That's better," The Emperor muttered. 

"Even though he was wrong for jumping to conclusions and blaming us for what happened, if I was in his place, I might have done the same," Emperor Junwei muttered as he sighed. 

" Where are all the Ministers, father? Why am I the only one here?" Lu Wang asked as he felt the emptiness of this room. 

"I don't see any servants here either. Why is that?" he inquired.

"That? It's because I sent them back for the day. I needed this room empty for something," the Emperor answered. 

"Anyway, I had to talk to you about something," he added. 

"I also want to ask about something, Father," Lu Wang also replied. 

"Ask about what?" the Emperor asked. 

"You can go on first. What do you want to ask," he said. 

"Father, I heard Yue got married. Is it true?" Lu Wang inquired. 

"That's right. It's the truth. She came back with her husband. Apparently, he's the one that accompanied her and helped her back. Throughout the journey, they fell in love with each other and got married," Lu Junwei nodded his head. 

"You should meet him. He's a really nice guy. I really like him. He's a bit like me but even better in a way, I think," he further praised Long Chen.

Lu Wang didn't respond and only lowered his head. 

'Of course, he'll be better. He's someone that apparently killed the friend of the person that gave me life. I can only imagine how strong that person was,' he thought. 

"So you like him?" Lu Wang asked his father. "Have you accepted him?"

"Yeah. I accepted him into the family. He's everything I could ask for in a son-in-law," the Emperor nodded his head.

"I understand," Lu Wang nodded his head. "What did you want to talk about?"

His father had also spoken about something, but he had let Lu Wang talk first. It seemed like that was important. Lu Wang wondered what it could be. 

"Oh right. It's about Mingyu as well. She came back and told me about the time when she went missing. She also said about what happened. According to her, you were killed by Pei Zhen. What is it about?" Lu Junwei asked his son.

Lu Wang's hands shook for a moment but stopped as he clenched his fist. His face, on the other hand, remained remarkably calm. 

'That girl... Don't tell me she had followed me that day. So that means my actions had placed her life in danger too....'

"Why aren't you saying anything? Is she right?" the Emperor asked, frowning at the silence of his son. 

"Can you tell me exactly what she said? Where she actually was and what she told you?" Lu Wang inquired. 


The Emperor started explaining the story that Mingyu had told him and even talked about the half-masked man that had given the crystal to Mingyu. 

'That man! He's the reason that my sister met this catastrophe? Could it be that he himself didn't know where the destiny crystal would take Mingyu?' Lu Wang wondered as he heard the story. 

The man that had revived him was also responsible for giving the crystal to Mingyu. Moreover, he was the one that wanted him to use any scheme to kill Long Chen. It seemed a bit too coincidental. 

He wondered if this was all part of his plan, and he sent Mingyu to Long Chen, hoping for this to happen.