Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1296 - 1296: The Girl

Zhu Chang continued walking, growing more frustrated with each passing second! Soon, he even stopped looking for the stone and instead started flying, searching for a threat. 

He remained unaware that he only recently flew past a beautiful red stone that was lying in the bushes just one meter away from him. 


"Didn't you say a human can't be here? Not only on this world, but a human managed to get on this Island?" Long Chen asked the Blood Dragon Emperor, looking straight ahead. 

Even the Blood Dragon Emperor looked slightly stunned as he watched the person who was sitting ahead. 

From the back, it seemed like a young girl who had long black hair. From her height, the girl seemed to be around ten years old. The sound of her crying fell in Long Chen's ears.. 

"What do you think? Is she a real human? She doesn't seem like a Dark Spirit. She doesn't have a Dark Spirit Aura either. What should we do?" Long Chen asked the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"Let's ignore her. As I said, no ordinary human can come here. If that girl is here, she mustn't be an ordinary human. It must be a trick of a Dark Spirit," Blood Dragon Emperor answered. 

"Let's go in that direction. I think that stone might be in that direction," he added, looking to his left. 

"How can you say that?" Long Chen asked. "Just a little while ago, you said you had not a single clue about where it might be?"

"Because that's my lucky direction. Let's go there," Blood Dragon Emperor insisted. 

Long Chen shook his head, keeping his focus on the girl ahead. 

"Nah. I think I'm going to talk with that girl. As you said, she's not ordinary. If it's a trick of a Dark Spirit, I want to see the trick. In any case, I'm immune to Dark Spirits."

He started walking towards the girl. He was prepared to bring his Sword of Time out at any moment in case there was a threat, but he didn't believe there was going to be one. 

He walked closer to the little girl. Maintaining a distance of two meters from her, he walked past her and turned around to look at her face.


Long Chen's lips opened slightly as he looked at the girl's face because it wasn't what he expected. Even if it was the world of Dark Spirit, he hadn't expected that.

The girl had a mouth, she had lips, and she had ears, but she didn't have eyes. It was completely plane where her eyes should have been, only skin being there. 

"This isn't a human," Long Chen muttered, taking a step back. 

The girl raised her head in the direction of Long Chen, but she lowered right away as she continued crying. 

"Who are you?" Long Chen asked the girl. 

The girl didn't answer as she continued sobbing. 

"I asked, who are you? Are you a Dark Spirit?" Long Chen asked again. Unfortunately, the girl still didn't answer. 

"Can you understand me? It doesn't matter if you're a dark spirit or whatever else. You need to answer me!" Long Chen insisted. 

The girl again raised her head. "I can understand."

As she spoke, her voice fell in the ears of Long Chen, which sounded extremely melodious. 

" That's good. Can you tell me who you are? And why are you crying?" Long Chen asked the girl. 

"He stole my toy," the girl weakly said. 

"Who?"Long Chen asked, crowning. 

"He." The girl answered. 

"I asked who is he?"Long Chen asked again. 

"Obuta!" Who is Obuta?" Long Chen asked. "And what did he take?"

The girl slowly raised her hand to make an illusory image appear in front of her. 

It showed a young man who also looked similar to her. He also had no eyes, but he looked to be at least forty years old. 

"Is Obuta your father?" Long Chen inquired. 

The girl shook her head. 

"What did he take?" Long Chen asked. 

In the meantime, Blood Dragon Emperor also flew to Long Chen to fly beside him. 

"Damn, that's an ugly human," he exclaimed as soon as he saw the face of the girl. 

"Shut up. She's not a human!" Long Chen glared at the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"It's alright. Everyone else also calls me ugly," the girl let out, not taking it to heart. 

The illusory image she was showing changed to show the image is a stone. 

"Wait! That's the world traveling stone!" The Blood Dragon Emperor exclaimed, excited. He was pleased he finally had a shortcut to finding the stone. 

"Since you know about it, you must have seen it. Tell me where it is! Take us to it fast!" he added hastily.

"Obuta took it," the girl answered softly. 

"Huh? Who's this Obuta?" Blood Dragon Emperor exclaimed, frowning.

"Don't interfere. Let me talk to her. You stay silent," Long Chen told the Blood Dragon Emperor before focusing back on the young girl. 

"So, Obuta took that stone? That's the toy you lost?" He asked the girl. 

The girl nodded.

"Do you know where that Obuta is?" Long Chen asked. 

"Will you help me get my toy back?" The lady asked in a hope-filled tone. 

"I promise you I'll take the stone back from him. Now, can you take me to him? Where is he?"

"He is at home with the Clan," the girl answered. 

"Your clan? You guys have a clan here too? With people like you?" Long Chen asked the girl. 

The girl nodded her head. 

"Intriguing. How many of you are there?" Long Chen asked. 

"Many..." the girl answered.

"A clan of people like you? What the hell happened to this place? What happened in the last million years here? I can't understand! This place was filled with Dark Spirits and traps. No species could survive here, and now there's a clan living here?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked. "I can't understand!"

"What happened to all the Dark Spirits? What happened to all the threats?!" he further inquired. "Where did they go? What happened to them?! What has happened since I fell asleep? This Island is so different now!"

"What is a Dark Spirit?" The young girl asked the Blood Dragon Emperor, confused. 

"They're like illusory people that look like us and can pass through objects," Long Chen explained to the girl instead. 

"Ah! Do you mean Ukila?!"

"Ukila? Now, what's that?" Long Chen asked. 

"They're what you described! We farm them. They're what we eat to survive. We have many of them on our farms. You want some? I'll try to get you one if you get me my toy!" The girl said.