Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1112 - 1112: Traveling Through Seas

Long Chen started battling against the enemies of the Continent as he was leaving the Continent, but the Battle wasn't long-lasting since he annihilated all of them very fast before he passed through the barrier. 

It was as if a Saint Realm Cultivator had come down to fight against a few weak Cultivators. 

As Long Chen passed through the barrier, on the back of the Snake Monarch, he was able to see a ship standing at the coast with a few people standing on it.

He believed that the men on the ship were probably the rest of the ship's crew as they weren't coming down. Most of the people who had just arrived from the ship had done the checking to enter the continent.

Long Chen could easily recognize the ship with the flag it was carrying. It was the same ship that Long Chen had boarded at the start. The captain of the ship also seemed the same as the last one. 

"What's that? A giant snake?! What the heck? How?"

"Should we stop him?"

"No need. If he passed through the barrier, then the guards on the other side must have let him through. Don't worry about it. He must be some Envoy from the Esteria Empire since he is planning to travel the scary sea on a Flying Beast. Don't disturb him."

Some of the guards who were standing on this side of the barrier to take the money and check passes noticed the Giant Snake and a proud-looking man standing on top of him. They believed that Long Chen was some High Ranking Cultivator; thus, they didn't interfere with him. 

"Hahaha! Do you see that? How they worship me? Of course, my beauty has overwhelmed them," the Snake Monarch said.

He passed through the coast, enjoying the worshipping gaze of everyone that was looking at him. 

As there was no interference by the guards on this side of the barrier, Long Chen also didn't harm them and sat down.


The Vast Sea spread across most of the world and contained many strange yet strong beasts that resided inside. The beasts. 

That was why the sea was classified into three parts. One of them being the clear sea where someone could travel without a single care in the world as there was no risk. The next was the one which had the risk of pirate attacks and lastly was the one which was occupied by the beasts where Ships needed to be the most careful.

As the Snake Monarch passed through the vast sea, he noticed a lot of sea beasts, but none of them even dared to get close to the Snake Monarch after seeing his aura. Moreover, the aura of Long Chen was even more frightening for them. They let Long Chen pass through. 

When the Snake Monarch had crossed the sea last time, it was much weaker, but now, he had grown strong as well. He was already at the Peak of the Heaven Realm, just a little away from taking that leap into the Saint Realm. 

Other than the beasts, the sea also had pirates, but the Pirates also ignored Long Chen since he was coming from the Continent of light. 

If he was from there and he was traveling alone, then he was undoubtedly a Great Cultivator that they didn't want to mess with. 

The Snake Monarch watched Long Chen and smiled. "So you feel like the god of this place? With your strength, no one can harm you. You can destroy anything and anyone you want."

"A few years ago, you were a weak kid here, but now, you're the person that can instill fear in anyone's heart. How does it feel?" The Snake Monarch asked. 

"How does it feel? It feels good. It feels good to have strength, but my strength has a purpose, which feels even better. With this strength, I can certainly keep my family safe, but I need more."

"This much isn't enough. I need much, much more! I want to reach the peak of the universe and stand at the top of it. Only then shall I have enough strength for what I want to do,"  Long Chen said as he glanced at the sky. 

"This is only one mortal world. This is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I need to be strong enough that not only a mortal world but the Immortal World and the Heaven also fear him. And one day, I'll certainly reach there. I'll become the god that everyone is scared of, and no one thinks to offend."

"Interesting. Big goals, very big. Conquering Heaven Realm and Demon Realm is needed for that. And then there are God Beasts too. I need to take care of them as well," Xun chimed in as she appeared beside Long Chen. 

"I know it is going to be tough, but this isn't impossible. I'm not alone in this. I have my family, all the girls, my Beasts, and this..." Long Chen replied as he brought out his Sword of Time. 

"The most precious sword in the world and something that comes with a great cheat to make me stronger. As soon as I find how to use it, nothing will stand in my way," he said.

"Don't be overconfident. There are three more God Grade Swords in this world, kept by the strongest beings of this Heaven. To conquer them, just one God Grade weapon isn't enough," Xun said. 

"I know that. But I also have this bloodline and the Bloodline Temple. Failure is not an option," Long Chen replied as he clenched his fist. 

His biggest obstacle was Tian Shen, who was waiting for his bloodline to awaken entirely. He needed to become the strongest before that happened and find Tian Shen to kill him. 

The journey through the sea of Long Chen continued in this world, whereas in Fengshu, the Four Envoys of the Immortal World had reached the Palace of Emperor Du, tracing Long Chen's aura.

Since they were real Envoys who had come from the Immortal World, Emperor Du greeted them like they were his grandfather. He couldn't let them be upset with him. 

As the Envoys met the Emperor, they asked him a few questions regarding Long Chen. 

The Emperor answered them while describing everything that had happened in the Trial between Long Chen and Mingyu's father while expressing shock to know that Long Chen was his son in law. 

"Did you come here to ask me about that?" Emperor Du asked the Envoys. 

"No, we came tracing him. He entered your Palace and didn't leave from what we can see."