Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 870 - 870: Growth

"Take care of my mother," Ming Lan said as she looked up, wondering if Long Chen could hear her.

Long Chen's consciousness was still inside the chamber, and he heard her words clearly.

'I will," he thought as he smiled. 

He retracted his conscience from the Fake World.

He opened his eyes and gazed at Ming Rin, who was standing before him.

"Welcome back," he told Ming Rin as he rubbed her head.

"Ah, eh, wh..." Ming Rin was having a hard time trying to find words to speak as it was all so sudden. She had heard that it was her turn to come out after her daughter since Long Chen had exposed their relationship to everyone.

Even though she was embarrassed, she was happy that day.  She had started preparing for this day, but now that this day was here, all her preparation went down the gutter. She had thought about so many things she would say, but not even a single word was coming out of her mouth now. 

Seeing her stunned look, Long Chen stepped forward as he hugged her tightly.

"I know it can be overwhelming. Don't think too much," he whispered in her ears.

"Let's start from the scratch if you want. You're my wife, but we don't know each other much since it was all so overwhelming when it happened. Let's send the next seven days herring to know each other," he continued.

Ming Rin nodded her head. 

Long Chen freed her. He said, "Come out with me. Let me introduce you to my friend." He caught her hand and left the tent.

"Ji Shan."

He called out, again attracting Ji Shan's attention, who was busy talking with Xia.

Ji Shan looked back and saw Long Chen with a woman he had never seen before.

He stood up.

"Who is she now? Didn't you go in with Ming Lan last night? How are you coming out with another woman?" Ji Shan blurted out as he smiled wryly. *Don't tell me it's the same woman. Even though she looks somewhat similar, I can't be this wrong."

"She is Ming Rin. She is my wife," Long Chen introduced Ming Rin.

Even though Ming Rin was embarrassed, she didn't lower her gaze. She was the queen of her clan. She had learned to never lower her head in front of others no matter how hard the situation gets. Even in embarrassment, she didn't look down.

She smiled confidently as she nodded her head.

"It's nice to meet you. I am Ming Rin," she said to Ji Shan.

"Nice to meet you as well. I am Ji Shan," Ji Shan introduced himself back as he rubbed his head. 

He wanted to ask Long Chen just how many wives he was hiding secretly.

It was as if he had a shop where he was bringing out wives. There was Mingyu, Zhiqing, Xue, and Mei already. He had also met Ming Lan, and now there was Ming Rin?

He wanted to ask Long Chen loudly just how many wives he had, but he controlled himself. 

"He is my best friend and companion. We will be accompanying us on this journey," Long Chen described above Ji Shan.

"You guys talk to each other. I'll send Xia back," he continued as she walked towards Xia.

Even though he said that he knew that none of the two was going to talk to each other, they were both like that. 

"Xia, you know the mission I assigned, right?" He asked Xia.

Xia nodded her head as she showed Long Chen the talisman she was given. 

"Good. Get to that mission as soon as I send you back," he affirmed. He reached out his hand and touched the hand of Xia, sending her back to the fake world. 

He called out the Snake Monarch who appeared, again overtalking. "I told you not to send me back to that boring place. I would have preferred to stay here. You didn't even let me finish before you sent me back!" 

"I can send you back again if you wish? The others can accompany us," Long Chen replied. He was glad that he had found a way to keep the Snake Monarch's attitude in control. It was all because of Little Snow and Orion.

"Humph, you are getting more and more annoying. I would not want to stay with you, but those puny guys can't keep you safe. You're my right-hand man, so I will keep you safe. You don't have to thank me," Snake Monarch said proudly.

"Yeah, yeah. My Protector. Get bigger and accompany us," Long Chen laughed as he said.

The Snake Monarch's skin started stretching as it got bigger.

Soon, the Snake Monarch was many times bigger than its original size.

Long Chen picked up Ming Rin in his hand like she was a Princess as he started walking in the air.

He placed her down on the Snake Monarch. Ji Shan also climbed. After everyone was up, the Snake Monarch started flying.


Days passed, turning into weeks as the season changed. The Entire continent was soon covered in snow. The Snowfall has been a constant occurrence for the last few days. 

The green fields had turned white. Roads were covered in snow, making it harder for people to travel through carriages.

Long Chen did have a hard time in this weather as he was using flying as his mode of transport. Where there was a snowstorm, he needed to stop and take shelter with Ming Rin.

That made their journey even slower than it was supposed to be.

This constant break gave Long Chen more time to spend with his wife in privacy. He was able to stay most of his time with Ming Rin, taking shelter from the snow. He also taught her a few things and tried to give her a little knowledge about the laws.

The law he had chosen for her was also the same which he had taught to Ming Rin— the law of illusion.

As Seven days were over, he again shifted and called out Xue.

The time kept passing like us as the journey continued slowly.

Soon, three months were over.

In this time, Long Chen had managed to depart as much knowledge about specific laws to his wives as he could. He had also duel Cultivated with them every night, increasing both of their Cultivation.

His Cultivation had also grown by leaps and bounds in this time.

He was at the 9th stage of the Sky Realm, just two steps away from becoming a Heaven Realm Cultivator himself.