Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1227 - 1227: Spirit Redemption

"Nothing is impossible when you have strength. Even the curse from spirits becomes useless. Nothing will prevent me from entering. So you don't have to worry," Long Chen answered. 

"Hah, are you serious? You're really going to break inside? Even our Sect Master won't try something like this. Are you serious?" Fu Qua asked, stunned. 

"Why wouldn't I be? As I said, it's nothing big. I have faith that I can do it," Long Chen let out. 

"But don't worry, I'll wait. I won't give the spirits redemption before all of you leave. To find treasure and leave. After that, I'll do it. And when the town disappears, it'll never appear again," Long Chen told Fu Qua, lying through his teeth. 

"Amazing. So that's what it means to be a powerful person. I would like to thank Senior for waiting until we leave the town. But can I also ask the Senior for one more thing?" Fu Qua asked. 

"What?" Long Chen inquired. 

"Can you please escort my team inside and help them get what we want?" Fu Qua asked. After she had known that Long Chen and Hu Liman weren't going inside, she had dropped her plan to go inside as well since there were no worries. 

It was only now that she found out that Long Chen was going in. 

"Our Sect would be really grateful," she told Long Chen. 

"I can't. I need to be alone to set things up. As I'm older, the spirit aura around me would be during. Everyone from your team will die if they stick with me. So I can't help you. It would be best if they instead went alone," Long Chen answered, seemingly honest. 

"I understand," Fu Qua nodded, a bit disappointed. 

She walked back to her team. 

More time passed before finally strange sounds filled the air. It was as if thousands of beings were crying and screaming, but no one could see who was crying. 

An illusory town also started appearing in the distance, becoming more realistic with each passing second. A strange mist also started filling the entire area.

Every person here was drowned in the strange mist up to their waist. 

"Is that the Ghost Town?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"What do you think that can be?" Long Chen asked sarcastically. 

"I'm just making sure. This certainly has the feeling of a Ghost Town. But what was that talk about freeing the spirits? Are we really doing that?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

"What do you think?" Long Chen asked, smirking. 

"I think you were serious for some reason," Snake Monarch let out. 

"That's right. I was serious. That's also what I want to do," Long Chen answered. 

"Hah, when did you start having pity for ghosts?" Snake Monarch asked, laughing. "Don't tell me you're becoming soft."

"Not really. Actually, this is something that I must do to get what I want. Just wait and watch," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch. 

"Also, don't go too far from me. Or my protection won't affect you. Alright? I don't want you to go crazy. You're already crazy enough as you are," he further said as he waited for the Ghost Town to materialize fully. 

It didn't take much long either as the Ghost Town finally appeared completely. Everything seemed real. The mist was still there though. 

As the town appeared, everyone started flying towards the entrance. All teams soon entered the Ghost Town. Only the ones that accompanied the teams were left behind other than Long Chen. 

Unlike the others, Long Chen was the last one to enter. 

"Do you really think he can successfully enter? Even your father can't enter from what I heard. This man will certainly die," Hu Liman told Fu Qua as he looked at Long Chen flying towards the town. 

"Shouldn't you be happy? You'll be rid of him if he dies?" Fu Qua asked, smiling. "But honestly, I'm not sure. I saw confidence in him when he said he can enter despite not satisfying the criteria. Who knows, he might actually survive entering."

"We'll see," Hu Liman muttered. 

Not only then, but even the others were waiting to see if Long Chen would be able to enter. 

None of them knew that Long Chen was actually younger than everyone here who was entering the town. 

There was no resistance to his entrance. He was easily able to enter. 

As Long Chen entered the town, he disappeared from the view of others. 

"He actually entered so easily! Did we overestimate this curse? It really doesn't work on strong cultivators?" 

"That should be the case. But then again, why would any strong cultivator like that come here. The treasures inside won't be that good."

"I agree. This guy should be the only one to come here. Because he wanted to give redemption to the ghosts. How kind is this guy? Worrying about ghosts. His heart must be really soft."

"I think that's right. Didn't you see? Even last time, he didn't kill Young Master Hu despite being insulted so much? I think this guy is really a Saint from heart."

As everyone had misunderstood Long Chen's intention, they were all praising him. Even Fu Qua was surprised. 

Unaware of all this, Long Chen ended up inside the restaurant. 

"It looks ordinary from the inside. What's so hard about getting to treasures?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen as they landed inside the town.

"You don't feel anything because you're under my protection. If you weren't, you'd be hearing the screams of the spirits that would be making you crazy. Anyway, that's not all. There are more things," Long Chen answered. 

"What things?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"You see the three paths ahead of us? Each path will have a different set of troubles waiting for us. The first path is said to be the easiest of the three, and the third path is said to be the hardest of the three," Long Chen answered. 

"Let's take the first path then," Snake Monarch suggested. 

"We won't. We need to take the third one," Long Chen let out as he started walking towards the third path. 

"Why? Moreover, why walk? Let's just fly from above the city to the core?" Snake Monarch further asked.

"We can't fly either. We need to respect the rules. If you fly, all the spirits in the town will attack you. Now I can handle them easily since they can't possess me, but that'll be a waste of time. So it's better to walk," Long Chen answered. 

"That's still fine, but why the third path?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"Because that's the path that will lead us to our destination. It's the hardest, but it's also the shortest," Long Chen answered.