Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 964 - 964: Dead Man's Return

"You're correct. I'm a young master from a rich family. But I'm trying to keep a low profile. So don't expose me," the chubby man laughed proudly as he patted the shoulder of Long Chen. 

"Of course, young master. I knew it! There was no way that you were a common man. Don't worry; I won't expose your disguise," Long Chen let out as he nodded his head with a fawning look on his face. 

"Good boy," the chubby man lauded.

"Young Master, can you please grace my ears by telling me your name?" Long Chen asked the man. 

"Hahaha, of course. You're lucky that you're in my presence. Since your eyes are good enough to recognize me, I'll tell you," the chubby man nodded. 

"My name is FuFu Lan!" He added. 

'Fufu Lan?' Long Chen tried to keep his expressions the same and not show a weird look despite finding the name strange. It sounded funny to him for some reason. 

After getting close to the chubby man, Long Chen got back to the topic, "Young Master Fufu, I need the help of yours. You will help this poor man, won't you?" 

"Sure. What do you want? I'll grace you with my help," Fufu Lan told Long Chen. 

"I promise you that I'll help you as long as it's something that I can do," he further added as he promised. 

"Great. What I want to know from you is information. The truth is that I hit my head a little. From that moment, I have jumbled memories. Some information in my head is messed up," Long Chen lied openly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I wanted to ask you something to make sure if what I know is true or not. And also so I can fill in some blank gaps with your help," he further added. 


Fufu Lan couldn't help but laugh out openly as he heard Long Chen's request. He had thought that Long Chen would ask for something big, and even though he promised, he'd have to make some clever excuse to refuse later if he couldn't do it. 

He thought that it would either be requiring money or him beating up people for Long Chen. But to know they Long Chen only wanted the help of him with a few general questions, he didn't control his laugh. 

" Only that? You came to the right person. I know all there is to know about. I can definitely help you, my little fan,"  Fufu Lan declared after he managed to control his laughter. 

"Incredible. I knew the merciful young master wouldn't refuse. You're probably a Genius Prince, after all. How could you refuse to help someone like me? I'm so glad I could meet you, Young Prince," Long Chen let out with a fawning look on his face. 

The chubby man couldn't help but feel even more elated. Long Chen had elated his position from a young master to a young prince. He was so happy that a broad grin was evident on his face. Long Chen also noticed it. He could see his plan was working. 

As long as he made this man feel like a Prince, the man wouldn't lie and answer everything to Long Chen. 

He only needed answers. So what if he had to call an idiot a Prince a few times. 

"Ask, Young one," Fufu Lan raised his hand towards Long Chen before he started walking with his head held high. 

"Young Master, I remember something about our Empire having a princess. Am I right?" Long Chen asked first. It was a random question that wasn't related to the main topic, but he had to act the part a little. 

"That's right. Princes Qian Yu. She is a very talented girl," Fufu Lan let out as he nodded his head. He couldn't help but lower his voice a little so that only Long Chen could hear what he was about to say next. 

 "Of course, she isn't talented like me," he further added. 

"Of course. How could she be as talented as Prince Fufu?" Long Chen acknowledged. 

"What else do you want to know? Keep asking. Do you want to know about her looks?" Fufu Lan inquired. 

He again lowered his voice as he asked, "She is really hot from what I heard. Her figure is so sexy. She got curves at all the right places, honestly. Man, I even saw her once. Her breasts must be so soft. I wish I could touch them once. It would be so good to kiss them."

He couldn't help but lick his lips as he started imagining Qian Yu.  A greedy look was visible in his eyes. 

'God, just how thirsty is this man? Moreover, I don't think she was that amazing,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the man with a wry smile on his face. 

Hearing his praise, her face flashed before his eyes. He couldn't help but modify his assumption as she realized that he did seem good.'She wasn't too bad either, though. Her curves were pretty good now that I think about it.'

Fufu Lan soon realized that drool was coming out of his lips. He understood that it was a bad show before his fans. He needed to control himself. He wiped his drool before he calmed down. 

"Ahem, I mean, she is an attractive girl. Of course not for me. I already have many prettier princesses as my girlfriends," he declared proudly to do some salvation. 

"Of course. I have no doubt," Long Chen nodded innocently. 

"I have more questions. Can I continue?" He further asked. 

"Of course. Please continue," Fufu Lan nodded his head. 

"Good. My next question is related to the Empire. From what I remember, we had an enmity with the Esteria Empire. What happened about that? I can't remember anything other than hearing the news that Esteria Prince was going to marry Princess Qian Yu," Long Chen told the man.  

"Everything else about this seems to be blank in my head. Did the two get married already? Or is their marriage soon?" he asked as he walked beside Long Chen. 

"Oh god, if that's the last thing you remember, then you're in for a big surprise. So much happened after that. Man, you forgot a lot. Even I sometimes don't believe the things that happened," Fufu Lan let out as he rubbed his forehead. 

"Really?" Long Chen inquired in surprise. "What exactly happened?"

"Sigh, I'll have to start from the beginning. What happened was that the Prince of Esteria was supposed to marry Princess Qian Yu. Unfortunately, he ran away with another girl. That thing was enough to create a big turbulence, but that wasn't all. Apparently, the Princess of Esteria also went missing the same day," Fufu Lan explained to Long Chen. 

"Now, I honestly believe that she is still hiding in her Palace, but that's not for me to decide," he further added. 

"Anyway, you can already imagine how this thing made things worse. Our Empire blamed Esteria for breaking their promise, whereas the Esteria Empire blamed us for kidnapping their princess. The troubles between the two Empires increased a lot," he further said. 

"It didn't even take two months before the two Empires ended up fighting each other. A full-blown war happened." he further added. 

' What? The war actually started? Didn't Mingyu say that it would take close to a year before things deteriorate to the level of war? If it started so soon, it should already be over by now,' Long Chen thought as he frowned. 

His eyes looked all around him. This Royal City didn't seem like a city at war. People were calm and seemed comfortable. Was the war already over?

He decided to directly ask since the man before him could answer. 

"What happened in the War? Is it over?" he asked Fufu Lan. 

"The war, huh. You know we've been at war with Esteria for decades. But it was never this bad. So many people died in the war. It was a bloodshed. Most of the people who went to join the war never returned," Fufu Lan muttered as he sighed. 

"You know, even one of my friends joined the war. He even had two little babies and a newly married wife. His poor wife, she lost her husband at such a young age," he added. 

"Tell me the outcome. Did we win? What happened in the end?" Long Chen further asked. 

"What happened next, huh?" Fufu Lan muttered as he gazed in the distant horizon. 

"The war stretched out for a long time. In fact, it wasn't going to be over yet. But there is a ceasefire that happened just yesterday," he told Long Chen as he smiled. 

"A ceasefire? Why? The Empires that were thirsty for each other's blood agreed to a ceasefire? Why?" Long Chen inquired in surprise. 

"It's because the Prince of Esteria returned. He came here and apologized to our Emperor and asked for the ceasefire himself. He also agreed to marry Princess Qian Yu," Fufu Lan alluded to Long Chen. 

"Dead man returned?" Long Chen blurted out in shock.