Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 854 - 854: Tian Shen, A Lie?

"Listen really careful, alright? I won't repeat again unless you bribe me," Long Tian told Long Chen.

"From the memories I received, you used to be serious before the assassination attempt. That was your real personality. How is it that you are so, ah, light-hearted now?" Long Chen asked, smiling wryly.

"I was serious before I wanted to get stronger. I was serious because I didn't want to have any fun and lose my way. I didn't want to be distracted from my main purpose, which was to get stronger to keep my family safe. Why else would I be that serious? I wanted to have fun as well, but I didn't have the privilege," Long Tian answered, sighing.

"After the assassination attempt, my consciousness was trapped here. Some part of my consciousness was left out to take care of my body. That was why I acted as a three-four year old kid. It wasn't my real consciousness but a fraction of it from my childhood days. That's why I was like that. It wasn't a mental disorder or anything," he continued.

"While my body was acting silly, I was here, worrying about the future of my family. That's when you appeared. You were naive. You were reckless, and you made so many mistakes. Do you know how loud I was screaming to make you not drink the tea that Long Su offered? How can you be that stupid to believe him? I even cursed you out loud. Fortunately, it wasn't poison."

" I thought it was all over when you were thrown down the cliff. I thought that was the end... for you and for me.  That turned out to be a Needle worry as you not only survived, but you even grew stronger."

"You took your revenge and killed Long Su. I was happy at that. Then it was an upward climb in your journey to get stronger. I was with you at every step of it. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything but watch. Soon, the day came when you saved my father."

"That was the day I actually cried in happiness. My father was alive, and he was safe. Not only that, he didn't need to worry about anything since he could live with others in the Fake World. That put my last bit of worries to the grave as well since it meant that my family was safe at last."

"Now, do you really expect me to be serious and broody after all that? My family is safe. What else can I ask for," Long Tian finished.

"For once, you should be worried since I was at death's doorstep before I came here. I'm not even sure if I'm alive or dead. Isn't that a concern?" Long Chen inquired.

"Concern? What's there to worry about? My family is safe. Even if the body dies now, we have nothing to worry about," Long Tian said.

"You idiot, your family is safe, but I still have things to do. I now have a family of my own. What do you expect me to do after death?" Long Chen asked, sarcastically. 

"Oh, right. Your wives are there. Don't worry. We wouldn't be here if your body were dead. Your body is probably in the safest of hands now. Nothing can happen to it with him handling it," Long Tian answered.

"Him? Who?" Long Chen asked.

"Oh, right. You don't know about him. Do you remember the time when you were in the Ancient Tomb on Ghost Island?"

"Yeah, what about that?"

"There, you touched a strange symbol on the wall, and you saw a dream. What was that dream?"

"I remember that. It was two people talking about something. One had done something, and the other one was angry. I don't remember it exactly. It's somehow pretty hazy in my memory."

" Forget it. Since you don't remember it, let it go," Long Tian said, ultimately.  He didn't bother to explain.

"Back to the main point of this place. We are actually in the Bloodline Temple," Long Tian answered.

"Bloodline Temple? Your consciousness was here? Are you lying?" Long Chen asked suspiciously.

"Didn't you say that you are here since before I even took over your body? I found the ancient ring and received this bloodline when I was at the bottom of the cliff. How can you be inside the bloodline temple before that?" He asked.

" That's what you think, but you are wrong. You think you received this bloodline after you found the ring, but that's where you're wrong," Long Tian answered.

"You mean to say I had it before?" Long Chen inquired.

"You, or I should say We, had it since the moment we were born," Long Tian replied.

"That's impossible. If I had this bloodline, Xun would know. Also, I wouldn't have needed to work so hard to awaken my bloodline, going through trial after trial," Long Chen answered, shaking his head.

"That's where you're wrong. What you're waking up is nothing compared to the bloodline you have. The bloodline that you're Awakening is the replica of the real one. The bloodline temple that you think to be true is also fake. It is all a scheme of Xun," Long Tian explained.

"I know Xun was scheming against me. She wanted to have me get strong, so I found free Tian Shen, who could then take over my body. I wasn't going to do that anyway. What other thing are you talking about?" Long Chen asked.

"That isn't even the least of it," Long Tian answered.

"I myself only got to know the truth because I was here. The truth is something much worse. This whole thing goes long back. Even millions of years would not be an understatement to say," he muttered softly.

" Xun! I thought she was only tricking me like that, but there were more layers to it. Tell me the truth. Let me know all her dark secrets," Long Chen asked, softly.

"Sigh," a deep sigh left the mouth of Long Tian.

"It all started about two million years ago because that's when Tian Shen was born. As you already know, he was born an orphan," he said.

"Yeah, that's when he found the ring. He killed the kids who were beating him up after using an item from the ring, despite Xun warning him. He even killed the love of his life before he left," Long Chen let out.

 Long Tian stayed silent for a brief second before he answered, "Wrong... Everything you said was wrong. The memories you saw were wrong. That wasn't what happened. It wouldn't be a lie to say that everything you know about Tian Shen is a lie."