Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1186 - 1186: Journey To Dragon Temple

" Do you want to see who they are?" Xun asked Long Chen. 

"Nah. It's not important. It's not like I'm actively looking for a conflict. Going to the Dragon Temple is more important," Long Chen replied, shaking his head. 

"Why do you even want to go to Dragon Temple so badly? What did you see?" Xun asked, still curious. He treated this so importantly that she wondered if there were some treasures there that he might need. 

But then again, he already had so many treasures. He wouldn't be so excited for more. 

"That place is special, and I really need to get there. Just know that," Long Chen responded as he gently waved his hand, making a long distance teleportation Portal appear. 

He stepped inside the portal, which closed after him. 


The Western General landed on the peak of the mountain with the others from his squad.

"These marks... It does make it seem like the Blood Dragon was here. But it also feels like a battle took place," The Western General muttered as he observed the blood that was lying on the ground.

"Didn't you mention there was no battle? It was a one sided annihilation? Why is there blood in that place? And it's fresh blood. It hadn't even been a day since it fell," the Western General asked King Lu as he squinted his eyes. 

"I-i don't know. Master Long died right away. That's for sure. Maybe after we left, someone else came to kill the Dragon? There must be a battle here. The Dragon won the Battle and left the mountain?" King Lu suggested since he had faith that Long Chen was dead. 

"This blood... It's the Blood of the Blood Dragon. There's a special scent to it. I see no human blood. Whoever it was, he managed to wound the Blood Dragon without getting wounded himself?" The Western General said, frowning. "This is strange."

"It might be that he attacked from behind, hurting him, and the Dragon burned him like Master Chen. That's why there's only blood of the Dragon and no one else?" King Lu suggested.

The Western General rubbed his chin, frowning. "That's possible. But still...."

"The Blood Dragon has left. And we can't find it now. It might even be in a different corner of the continent by now. What should we do?" One of the Dragon Squad members asked the Western General. " Should we tell his Majesty?"

"Is that even a question?" The Western General said, smiling. "He needs to know. That's the least we can do. Go and inform him about this. The others and I will go and attend that meeting to see if anyone else has any information about them."


"Who else? Go back to His Majesty and inform him that a Blood Dragon was seen in the Empire. He should understand the rest," the Western General said. 

The Specific Dragon Squad member nodded as he started leaving.

"Alright. I guess this was everything we could find here. We should get going too," the Western General said as he noticed that he was actually getting late. 

He realized that he wasn't going to get any more information from here other than the ones he already did. 

"Great General, I understand that you're getting late to go somewhere, but I want to give you an invitation too. When you pass through our Kingdom next time, please stop by our palace so we can host you," King Lu told the Western General, inviting him in the future. 

"We'll think about it," the Western General said casually as he and the rest of his Squad got on their golden Dragons. They left even the King behind on the mountain as they departed from the mountain, advancing toward the Northern Empire where the meeting was supposed to take place. 


Long Chen stepped out of the Portal in a different place where he had passed through before. He commanded the Snake Monarch to get bigger and sat on it. 

"We're done now. Let's leave for the Dragon Kingdom," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch. 

"I know you respect this Lord so much that you think I'm a God, but I'm going to need more than just that. I'm not a native of here to know what's where," Snake Monarch said sarcastically. He didn't know where the Dragon Temple was as he hadn't inherited the memory of the Blood Dragon.

"Go north. The Dragon Temple is in the Northern Empire...the home of the greatest enemy of the Saint King," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch as he pointed towards a certain direction.

"That's much better. But don't forget, I want a Snake Monarch temple in the future when you're capable of making one," Snake Monarch told Long Chen as he started flying.

"Not just you. One day I'll make a Temple for everyone. The day I'll sit at the highest throne of the world. The day when no one would be able to threaten me," Long Chen said as he looked forward to the future. 

"That's a good goal. I support it. But my temple must be bigger than others. I'm the chief after all," Snake Monarch said as he flew at his best speed. 

"I'll think about it. Now don't disturb me. I just want to focus on healing my core. The journey will take fifteen days. That should be enough to heal massively," Long Chen said. "Try to avoid all cities as you fly. And only when you see a problem, wake me up."

Saying that, Long Chen closed his eyes as he lost himself in meditation. 

At the moment, the Snake Monarch and the Western General were both flying in the same direction. It's just that the Western General was much ahead of Long Chen, so much so that the Snake Monarch couldn't even see the Golden Dragons.

The distance was increased even more as the Western General flew straight while the Snake Monarch had to take a few detours to avoid the cities. 

Throughout the journey, Long Chen didn't open his eyes, and the Snake Monarch didn't feel the need to wake him up either. 

While in the real world, Long Chen kept his eyes closed; inside the Beast Region, the Blood Dragon opened his eyes. 

He realized what had happened, but he still found this new place fascinating. 

He could see all the new beasts that he hadn't seen before. But he wasn't hostile since he understood what had happened. He couldn't reverse the time anyway. 

All it could do was adjust with his new life that he had now.