Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 652 - 652: The War Of A Millennia

Inside the Continent of Weista existed the Kingdom of Aksha. 

The Continent of Weista had many kingdoms, but for thousands of years, there were only two kingdoms that were called Peak Rank Kingdoms. These two Kingdoms had the strength to destroy the smaller kingdoms with ease, but since these two kingdoms were neighbors of each other and shared the border, they were always in a conflict.

These two Peak Grade Kingdoms had been fighting for the last thousand years for superiority.

Both of these Kingdoms claimed themselves to be the strongest Kingdom in the continent of Weista.

These Kingdoms were the Kingdom of Aksha and the Kingdom of Sunaia.

The fight raged on for over a thousand years, but things changed ten years ago.

In this great war of the top, the Spirit Warriors played an important role. Both of these Kingdoms used the Spirit Warriors to the fullest.

Kingdom of Sunai's Main force was called the Dragon Squad that had the best of Spirit Warriors in the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Aksha's Main Force in the War was called the Phoenix Organization.

It was said that it was less of a fight between the Kingdoms and more of the War between the Spirit Warriors of the Phoenix Organization and the Dragon Squad. If one of these organizations lacked or made a mistake, the war would be over.

That's exactly what happened ten years ago.

It was said that one of the Top five Spirit Warriors of the Phoenix Organization betrayed their organization at a crucial point in the war. Not only that, he killed two of the Top five members of the Phoenix Organization as well.

This betrayal was enough to tell the Scale of the War. The Kingdom of Aksha lost the war, and the Kingdom of Sunaia claimed to be the Strongest Kingdom of the Continent. The Kingdom of Aksha had to pay the visty of war and many Treasures to the Kingdom of Sunaia after their loss.

It was a crushing defeat, and it was all blamed on the Spirit Warrior that betrayed the Kingdom of Aksha.

Everyone in the Kingdom hated that person, but no one could find that person at all. It was as if that person had disappeared into thin air after betraying the Kingdom.

That person also had a wife and a son when he betrayed the Kingdom. Both of them were left behind in the Kingdom of Aksha amongst the people that hated them for the betrayal of their husband and father. At that time, the Son was only nine years old.

He and his mother were imprisoned in the Royal Cell for interrogation, where they were detained and punished for three years straight.

After three years, both of them were released. Even though they hadn't done anything wrong, they were still punished. The boy hated his father for betraying the Kingdom, but even more, he hated the man for leaving him and his mother behind in this Kingdom even after he betrayed the Kingdom. The Kingdom was punishing them. He started hating the kingdom, and even more, he started hating his father.

Even though the son and his mother were released, they were still not free of the social punishment.

No one dared to help the wife of a betrayer. Instead of help, the boy and his mother only got abuses and curses. Kids threw stones at them, and the adults laughed as they looked at them in disgust.

The mother made a small, but from wood, she collected in the forest where they lived. No person in the kingdom was willing to help them or even give them a job, but the Woman did get a job. She didn't tell her son what her job was as she didn't want to worry him.

The job she got was to be a person that was beaten. Many rich people enjoyed whipping people to get out their sadistic desires and their anger. The woman took that job and got the beating daily in exchange for a few bronze coins to feel her and her family.

She came back hurt every day, but she never let her son see it.

Her son was named Fu Chen, but people of the country called him Long Chen to mock him since Long meant dragon, and the Dragon Squad was the biggest enemy of this Kingdom. It was also because they believed his father betrayed the Kingdom and joined the Dragon Squad.

Even though the boy's Name was Fu Chen, it had become Long Chen with time. Even the boy considered him Long Chen since he wanted to show everyone that he didn't care for their taunts and disrespect. He hated them all, and he was tortured daily, but he never showed his back. When he was given this mocking name, he took it proudly.


Long Chen slowly started gaining a sense of his body. His body was hurting as he opened his eyes. He sat up slowly as he held his aching head. His vision was blurry, but it soon recovered and gained focus. Long Chen looked around, wondering where he was when he realized that he was sitting on a puddle of blood in what seemed like a forest. There was also a body lying on the ground beside him.

Long Chen looked to his left and saw a person lying beside him.

It was a young boy that looked like he was only 19-20 years old. The boy was bleeding.  He had dark hair that was as long as Long Chen's hair. His face was different, though, and looked more rugged like a person that hated everything.

Long Chen looked at his body and realized that he was perfectly fine. 

"So it's his blood I'm sitting on," he muttered as he looked around to see if anyone else was there or not.

Long Chen touched the hand of the young boy to check if he was alive.

"He's dead. He's been dead for quite some time," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

He stood up.

Long Chen was standing in the middle of a normal-looking forest. The Sky seemed to be normal as well.

"Xun!" he called out.


Xun appeared beside him. 

" Where am I? Am I out of that tomb? Is the Third Trial in the real world too like the Second Trail? What is my Third Trial, by the way?" He asked Xun. "You still haven't told me."

Xun looked at the body of the young boy beside Long Chen's foot and pointed her finger and the boy.

"He is your Third Trail," Xun said to Long Chen.