Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1219 - 1219: Third Advantage

"As for your identity, you're the daughter of Saint Formation Sect Master, aren't you?" Long Chen asked as he chuckled. "It's not hard to guess."

"What? How did you know?" The woman said as she stood up, stunned. 

"As I said, it's not hard to guess. With the strength of this guy to be following you so respectfully. You're certainly the Princess of the Sect," Long Chen said, lazily 

"There was also a slight possibility that you're not the daughter of the Sect Master instead a Prime Disciple of the Sect, but you already confirmed my guess with your extreme reaction," he further added. 

"Anyway, don't worry about that. I'll keep that a secret as well. I don't want to have you deal with the Saint Formation Sect for no reason. Anyway, I'm leaving," he continued before he walked past the old man, leaving the room. 

"Should I take care of him?" The old man asked as he approached the lady. 

"There's no need for that. I think he's not an ordinary person. The way he talked to you without backing off and his words, everything gave me a feeling that he wasn't scared of us. All that after knowing who I was. That can only be possible in two cases," The woman muttered. 

"What two cases?" the old man inquired. 

"One is that he's strong enough to take care of you. But looking at his beast and his young age, I don't think that's the case.  It can only be the other case. It's that his backing is as powerful as mine, if not more," The lady answered. 

"As powerful a backing as yours? You mean it's possible that he also has an important position in the High Grade Sect? The Son of a Sect Master or a Prime Disciple?" The old man asked, stunned. 

"That's right. That can be the only case. As long as he's not a literal idiot," the woman answered. 

'There's one more thing. For him to not even think twice, even rejecting the treasures, I don't think he has greed for treasures. Now it can be because he's stupid or because he has a lot of treasures already, and he isn't here for the Ghost Town treasures. I think it's the latter."

"That will also prove my first point. He's most likely from a High Grade Sect like ours," the woman said as she took a deep breath. 

"Why would a High Grade Sect send their disciple here? Don't they care about being seen as cheap and greedy?" the old man asked, confused. 

"They should certainly be worried about that. Didn't you see? That guy wasn't wearing the sect symbol. It just means that he doesn't want anyone to know which sect he's from. Even low grade sect disciples wear their badges. It can only be that he's from a High Grade Sect and wanted to keep it hidden." The woman answered. 

"The more I think about it, the more I realize how likely it is. My assumption should be correct," she further said. 

"That still doesn't answer that question. Why are they here? Most High Grade Sects won't be after the treasures of this place. Even we only came this time because of that item. Otherwise, we wouldn't want anything else," the old man said, confused. "Could it be that they found out about the brush too?"

"Impossible. There's no way they can know. Even I only recently found out. But it's true. If they knew about it, it would certainly lure any high grade sect here. It's the treasure of our Sect, after all," the woman said, sighing. 

"In any case, we'll need to keep an eye on him. If he is from a High Grade Sect, he might also have treasures that can help him last for over a week inside. He might get to those treasures alone," she further said, slightly concerned. 

"Alright! I have decided! I'll personally go inside!" She declared. 

"What? You can't go! If anyone recognizes you, it'll be a mess. The other disciples of our Sect are here as well. I can't let the daughter of Sect Master be seen trying to fight these mediocre people to get treasures. We'll be a laughing stock!" The old man strongly condemned her suggestion.

"It doesn't matter. I can make sure that no one recognizes me. And even if someone does, I'll handle everything. You won't have to take the blame! Come on! I'll even wear a mask! It's not like I want to do it either but to keep an eye on that guy, I need to do it," the Woman responded, not backing off. It seemed as if she had made up her mind. 

"Fu Qua, are you sure you want to do it? If you're discovered, the aftermath would be really bad. It won't be your problem but your father's problem as well. He'll be really upset," the old man said, sighing. 

"I'm sure about it. And it'll only become a problem if someone recognizes me. No one will. There will only be a small chance of getting caught, but that doesn't matter. That small risk is worth it and highly unlikely," Fu Qua replied as she sighed.

"Alright. If you're sure, I'll support you," the old man ultimately agreed as, despite his repeated warnings, Fu Qua didn't listen. "I'll let you do as you please!"

"Thank you."


"Why did you say no to that lady?" Outside the Shop, the Snake Monarch asked Long Chen. 

"Why wouldn't I say no to her? I'll have to give her treasures, and all I get is a team and a pendant to help me stay inside? I already have the best version of the latter. As for needing a team, do you really think I need something like that? It'll just be a waste of time," Long Chen explained. 

"You forgot the third advantage that you would have received!" The Snake Monarch said, laughing. 

"What third advantage?" Long Chen asked, looking at the Snake Monarch suspiciously. 

"The advantage of helping a beauty in need! You could have been her knight in shining Armor! Just think of it!" Snake Monarch answered. "You missed a big opportunity."

"Well, that's true as well. She really was pretty," Long Chen agreed with the Snake Monarch. "But not enough reason for me to waste my precious time."

" I'm hungry. Let's go to eat something," Snake Monarch said, shifting topic.

"I don't think any shop here serves food to beasts. You'll need to go back to the Beast Region to eat. That's better as well. In the meanwhile, I'll eat here in peace and silence. I'll bring you out soon. Say hi to others from my side!" 

Long Chen sent the Snake Monarch back without waiting to let him reply. 

He walked to a nearby restaurant as well to have dinner. 

Long Chen stepped inside the restaurant, which was being occupied by a lot of youngsters that seemed to be from different sects. All of them were sitting with their own groups, having dinner. 

There weren't any empty tables either. Fortunately, at that time, a group seemed to have stood up and left the restaurant, leaving their table empty. 

Long Chen stepped forward and sat on the table. 

A waiter came to him, asking him for his orders while telling him about the things they served and the prices. 

"Get me your most expensive thing," Long Chen casually said, not worrying about money. He had already robbed the Northern General and owned enough money to buy cities with. 

The waiter couldn't help but look at Long Chen suspiciously.

"Sir, our most expensive dish is worth five gold coins. Are you sure you can pay for it?" He asked Long Chen. 

"I can afford it. Don't worry; I won't run without paying. Just bring what I asked," Long Chen replied while placing five gold coins on the table. 

"Right away," the waiter nodded while leaving. 

Soon, the food was served before Long Chen. 

"Do you mind if I accompany you to dinner?" 

Just as Long Chen was about to start eating, he heard a voice. He turned back to look at the person. 

"It's you?" He asked, noticing the same woman as before—the Daughter of a high grade sect master. 

"Were you expecting someone else?" Fu Qua asks as she sat in front of Long Chen. She also ordered the same thing as Long Chen. 

"I already said no. What do you want now?" Long Chen asked lazily. 

"Don't worry; I don't want to rob you of anything. I just wanted to have dinner, and this seat was empty. I promise I have no ulterior motives," Fu Qua honestly said.

"If only words were so easy to believe," Long Chen muttered, smiling wryly. 

"May I ask your name?" The woman asked Long Chen. 

"My name is Long Chen. What's yours?" Long Chen inquired.

"I'm Fu Qua," the woman answered before she asked a question. "So, Long Chen, where are you from?"