Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1267 - 1267: Not Allowed To Die

"I am not saying that you need to die, but I'm just curious. Why couldn't you die if you wanted to?" Long Chen asked 

The woman went silent, not saying anything. She simply took off her clothes and turned back to reveal her bare back. 

On her back, there was a strange formation made by cutting her skin with something sharp. Even though the wounds had healed, the marks of cut were still left, leaving that formation. 

"Is that a formation?" he asked. 

"That's right. Every woman who is brought here suffers from this too. They all have this formation of their back which stops them from dying. No matter how hard we try, our body simply stops working as soon as we try to kill ourselves," the woman answered. 

"So it's impossible for us to kill ourselves," Long Chen said, sighing.

"Don't worry. You'll all be free today. You won't have to kill yourself," Long Chen told the woman as he turned back and started walked towards the stairs. 

Using the stairs, he went up. He kept climbing through floors to realize the scope of this thing. The floor had these cells, and every cell had a woman. 

Long Chen soon reached the fifth-highest floor, where he abruptly stopped. Unlike the lower floors, the women weren't alone here. He could hear noises coming from this floor. 

He went deeper to check where these noises were coming from and if the Tribe Leader was here. 

As he reached the end of this floor, he found the source of this noise. 

An old man was inside one of the cells, forcing himself on one of the women. 

"This bastard," Long Chen let out, clenching his fist. He teleported inside the cell, grabbed the old man by his neck, and tossed him away like a toy before appearing in front of him again. 

He stepped his bare hand inside the chest of the man. Grabbing the heart of the man, Long Chen crushed it.

He sent the body of the man to his apocalypse world for it to be eaten by wild beasts there. 

He turned around, looking at the woman who didn't have a shred of clothes on her chest. Her eyes were filled with tears. 

"Don't worry; you're all going to be free from this hell today. Just wait a little more," he told the woman before he disappeared. 

He appeared back on the stairs, going to the upper floors. 

He landed on the top floor. Unlike the other floors, this floor only had two cells. This was where the Tribe Leader kept his favorite women at a time. 

Long Chen walked to the first cell and gazed inside to notice a man sitting on a chair with his back facing him. The man didn't have any clothes. A woman was sitting in front of him on her knees. 

Even though the man didn't notice Long Chen, the woman noticed Long Chen teleporting inside the cell. She was taken aback.

The Dark Tribe Patriarch noticed her shocked expressions. He realized something was wrong. Pushing her aside, he stood up to look behind. 

"Huh? There's no one there?" He exclaimed, not finding anyone in the direction that woman was looking for. He even used his Spiritual Sense to check the whole tower, but he couldn't find anyone. 

"Were you messing with me? You stupid lady, come and make up for it!" He told the woman, who was again looking towards the old man.

In truth, she wasn't looking at him, but she was looking at Long Chen, who was behind the Tribe Leader. 

Right before the old man had turned, Long Chen had teleported behind him. And he was using his Heaven's Shroud, so even using his Spiritual Sense, the man couldn't sense him.

He turned and sat on the chair. Long Chen again teleported behind the chair. 

He casually waved his hand, bringing out his pitch black sword, which didn't have any aura at the moment. Snake Monarch wrapped himself around Long Chen's arms as well, prepared to finish the man. 

"Hmm?" This time the man did notice something. Through the reflection in the eyes of the woman, he was able to see Long Chen, who was standing behind him.

He hastily jumped, landing on the other end of the room. 

"Who are you?!" He asked, but once again, he didn't find anyone behind him. 

"Am I hallucinating?" he muttered, confused. "No, I'm not! Someone is certainly here!"

" Tell me the truth! Who is here?!" he asked the lady who didn't answer. 

"Answer me!" The man roared in rage as he kept looking around the cell, unable to find anyone. Long Chen simply kept teleporting behind him. 

Long Chen didn't answer and simply attacked. 

This wasn't as easy as he expected though. As soon as he attacked, the Tribe Leader felt a killing intent and danger. A powerful energy wave left his body, pushing everyone away. 

The lady was tossed back like a doll. Long Chen was also forced back at least ten steps. 

"So it's you! Enough with your hiding! Who are you?!" The Tribe Leader asked Long Chen. 

"Can't you see my face? Do you still need to ask?" Long Chen asked. 

"Enough! I'll not be stupid enough to think that you're the Northern General! You're a fake, disguised as him! Tell me who you are? Who sent you to attack me?!" The Tribe Leader asked. 

"Tribe Leader Hua, you're right. Someone did send me here," Long Chen said. "And it was to kill you."

"Kill me? Huh! You're not strong enough yet. Come back after a thousand years when you're strong enough," Tribe Leader Hua scoffed. 

"Anyway, who dared to wish for my death? Tell me who sent you here. If I'm satisfied, I'll make your death quick and painless! So tell the truth only!" he continued. 

"The Angel of Death sent me here. As for why she sent me here, the answer is simple. Your Tribe has grown a bit too arrogant and drunk in power, killing and plundering innocents? That's fine too, if it's just that. I kill a lot of people too, but you certainly go above and beyond, don't you?" Long Chen asked. 

" But you really shouldn't have attacked my friend's family."

"Your friend's family? What friend? I personally killed thousands of humans and millions of beasts. You're going to have to be more specific. Which one are you talking about?' Tribe Leader Hua asked. 

"You bastard! You think you can forget about my family so easily after killing them?!" Snake Monarch roared. 

It was only now that Tribe Leader Hua's attention went on the Snake Monarch.