Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 827 - 827: Greedy?

Long Chen squinted his eyes as he looked at the Prince that had stepped out of the Carriage. An exquisite aura surrounded the Prince, making him feel even more intimidating to the Soldiers. 

Long Chen could see that the Prince was young, but he was only in the Earth Realm. He wondered why the Prince had that strange aura around him. 

' He must be using some skill to create that Aura around him. Now bad. However, he is the person that was supposed to marry Ji Shan's girlfriend. Even though she is dead now, if he had even a little bit of feelings, he would probably hate Ji Shan for running away with him before their engagement. Would he really help us if his sister asked?' he thought as he observed the two of them.

He looked back at the Ji Shan and said, "You stay here and don't come close. I will talk to the Princess and get permission."

Ji Shan understood what Long Chen meant and nodded his head.

Long Chen left him behind as he approached the Princess.

"Who are you? How dare you approach the Princess?" Just when Long Chen reached near the woman, a few Soldiers surrounded him.

Their commotion attracted the attention of the Royal Family as well.

"He is here?" the Princess muttered as she noticed Long Chen.

"Princess, this guy was approaching you. Should we arrest him?" The guards asked. "He might be an assassin from the Xie Clan."

"No, let him come. He is a friend," The Princess answered, shaking her head.

The guards followed her commands and moved aside. 

" Your friend? Since when do you have friends outside the Palace?" the Prince asked the Princess as an amused smile sat on his face.

"He helped me escape from the Xie Clan. He is the main reason I was able to escape," the Princess answered, smiling.

"Hmm? So he is a member of the Xie Clan? I guess he betrayed them to win our favor? Fine, we can give him work in the palace if he's here to ask for a reward for his help." the Prince nodded his head. 

"No, he isn't from the Xie Clan. He broke inside the Xie Clan to help his friend. That's when he found me," the Princess answered.

"Hmm? This kid was able to break inside the Xie Clan? And he helped you escape? Didn't you say that a Sky Realm Elder was guarding you? How could this weak guy help you?" The Prince inquired.

He couldn't see any Cultivation inside Long Chen. In his eyes, Long Chen seemed like a mortal or someone whose Cultivation was too low for him to even comprehend.

The Princess smiled, but she didn't explain. She didn't bother telling her Elder Brother that a young person like Long Chen was able to kill a Sky Realm Elder of the Xie Clan. 

When Long Chen helped her and let her leave without asking for anything in return, she thought that he didn't wish to get involved in these matters. She previously didn't mention anything about him to her family as she didn't wish to create inconvenience for him.

If they knew there was such a talented young individual in the city, her family might ask him to join them or join their army. She didn't wish for him to be forced because of her, so she kept it a secret.

' He was so strange last time as if he wasn't interested in anything about me. Why is he here? Did he actually change his mind and start wishing for a reward? Sigh, It's understandable. He saved the life of a Royal. He can get plenty of wealth as a reward. Who wouldn't wish for it,' the Princess thought, misunderstanding Long Chen's intentions. She was still thankful for him.

"Greetings to the Princess and the Prince," Long Chen greeted the two of them.

"Hmm? You address us like that? Should we take that as an insult? Forget it; you helped our sister, so we will let it go. So, are you here for rewards for helping our sister? Let us know what you wish for. We will make your wish come true," the Prince declared proudly.

"It's not that I wish to disrespect you. It's just that I am not a citizen of this Kingdom. I just happened to be passing through. That's the only reason I addressed you like that," Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

"Anyway, you are right that I am here to ask for something. You can call it a reward for helping the Princess," he continued.

The Princess heard the words and felt a little disappointment in her heart. Her gaze lowered as disappointment shone in her eyes. 

' When I met him till the time I left, I believed he was different from other men. I thought he wasn't interested in my position and how he can use me. I thought he was a person that genuinely helped me without any wishes for reward, albeit I was wrong. He isn't different. He is just like others, after material rewards,' she thought.

After taking a deep breath, she raised her head.

"That's right. You saved our life. As the Princess of this Kingdom, we can't forget your contribution towards the Royal Family. Tell us what you desire in exchange for your help? Do you wish for Wealth? Gold? A beautiful mansion and servants? Ladies? Or do you desire a position in the government? We will give you what you ask in exchange for our life," she said in an emotionless tone.

"Sigh, I don't have such big dreams. I neither want gold nor do I wish for power. I neither want servants nor a position in the government. All I wish for is permission from the Prince and the Princess," Long Chen replied. 

' Our permission? Does he... Don't tell me he wishes to marry us in exchange for saving our life? Such a despicable person! I really overestimated him.' Rage filled the heart of the Princess as she heard Long Chen's words.

" Little guy, speak carefully. One should always know how much legs to spread inside a blanket. Don't make a mistake and die of cold," the Prince warned Long Chen, having the same misunderstanding as his sister.

"Sigh, that's a piece of really interesting advice. However, I fully understand what I need and what I don't. I only wish for the permission to accompany you all inside when you raid the Xie Clan. There is an enemy inside the Xie Clan that killed someone important to me. I wish to have him killed. And I want to do it. That's why I need to accompany you all, so he isn't killed by your army instead," Long Chen answered.