Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 936 - 936: Marriage Proposal

"You are right. I don't need to be in a hurry. I'll see him soon enough. If better to show him his position in front of everyone," Bing Lui muttered as she nodded. She stopped looking at Long Chen, who was walking away from them. 

She left with her men. The guards that Pei Zen had beaten were still unconscious, but Bing Lui and her team weren't going to care for them. They were just unconscious, so it wasn't concerning in any case. It wasn't as if they beat those guys.

Long Chen was leaving, but he still kept his Divine Sense on the girl to make sure that the crazy lady didn't attack him from behind.

It was only after he watched them leave that he retracted his Divine Sense.

He walked back to the room where he had seen the partner of Pei Zen previously. He knew a little bit about Pei Zen and Qian Yu. It was only the man he knew nothing about. He knew he had to be careful. 

The chances of someone guessing that he wasn't actually Pei Zen were really low because it sounded impossible. No one would even think that someone actually killed Pei Zen and, instead of running away, came back to their room. 

They might find his behavior odd if he remained silent but linking that to Pei Zen being dead was unlikely. So he just had to be a little bit careful and not get in trouble.

He reached the door of their room. Just to be sure, he once again spread out his Divine Sense. 

'What? That girl is back?'

A confused look spread on his face as he saw the girl inside the room. Did she finally decide to give up on finding him? 

'Fortunately, this little one didn't go to the Emperor, telling him to find me. I knew this was going to happen, but she's back much faster. I thought she'll at least try to find me throughout the palace first,' he thought as he pushed the door open.

He barged inside and walked over to the only bed, which was empty. 

He laid on the bed right away. 

"You're back on time. I thought we'd see you in the trial only," the dark-haired man commented while looking toward Long Chen. 

"I got bored," Long Chen answered with his lax attitude. 

"True. It's not like there is anything of interest in this place. That's why I didn't leave like you two. Now that you are back as well take rest. Soon, the trials will begin. We wouldn't have to be bored after that," the dark-haired man answered.

Long Chen didn't even know the man's name, so he only nodded his head as he laid on his bed comfortably with his hand behind his back. 

Qian Yu gazed at Long Chen. She didn't know why but she was feeling like something was really not right.

She didn't know why but she felt like something was different in Pei Zen. The scent he was giving was different. Was it her misconception? She shook her head before she stopped looking at him. 

Why would she even care for him in any case? She stopped focusing on the man.

All three of them rested in their room. None of them said anything. The silence ensued in the place. It was only after a long time that the silence was broken by the knock on the door.

"I guess it's time," the dark-haired man let out as he grinned. He stood up and started walking towards the door. Long Chen also stood up. Qian Yu followed soon.

It was as if all of them knew who it could be. It was already evening. They could easily guess that it must be the person who was supposed to take them to the trial venue.

As the dark-haired man opened the door, he saw a servant outside. 

"Please follow me," the servant straight away said. 

He didn't even bother explaining. Similarly, the others didn't ask as they followed after the man.

"Finally, we can have some fun," the dark-haired man muttered as he cracked his knuckles.

"Qian Yu, how about we have a contest? Let's see who takes the first rank amongst the two of us," he continued.

"I'm not interested in contests," Qian Yu answered, shaking her head.

"Meh, are you scared?" The dark-haired man asked as he grinned.

"Scared? Du Liang, you sure have a rich imagination," Qian Yu answered.

Because of their back and forth conversation, Long Chen finally found out the name of the dark-haired man.

"Then why don't you bet? What do you even have to lose if you're so sure that you'll win?" Du Liang asked casually. "Come on; Even when the trial begins, I'm sure it would be boring with the weaklings. The top two ranks are already reserved for us. Let's make it interesting by making a contest between us."

"If that makes you feel better, you can think of it as a contest between us," Qian Yu finally gave up as she agreed. It wasn't as if she was going to lose anything in any case. It can only act as a motivation for them to act better.

'These people, do they really not have anyone else in their eyes? They're already sure that they'll win? Could it be that the others are really that weak?' Long Chen wondered as he walked in the back. 

'I do remember hearing about some really strong contenders. The Dark World people are said to be the strongest here. Could it be that these two are even stronger?'

"Good. Let's make it more interesting. Whoever wins gets a reward." Du Liang further added.

"What reward?" Qian Yu asked curiously.

"If I win, you'll marry me," Du Liang answered with a smile.

Qian Yu gazed at the man without a single change in her expressions. "Do you know what you're talking about?"

"Of course I do. Bigger rewards give better motivation,"  Du Liang explained. 

"What will I get if I win?" Qian Yu asked. "what is the bigger motivation for me?"

"If I win, you will marry me. And if you win, I will marry you. See? Fair trade," Du Liang answered as he chuckled. 

Qian Yu's expression finally changed as she looked at the man in confusion. Was he an idiot? 

'The heck? This guy seemed so serious. And he was after this all this time? Man, it's tough to know what's going on in a person's head nowadays.' Even Long Chen was surprised to hear these words.