Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 883 - 883: Greed

"The first two possibilities are already so bizarre. What could the third possibility be?" Ming Lan asked, wondering what it might be. She wasn't even able to think of one possibility while Long Chen was talking about four possibilities. She was amazed.

"The Third possibility is somewhat more believable," Long Chen answered as he gazed at the people around him.

"What is it?"

"The third possibility is that everyone is lying to us for whatever reason they might have. The reason might be unclear, but they're lying," long Chen replied.

Hearing his words, Ming Lan also grew suspicious of her surroundings. She became more alert.

"That might be possible. But What about the fourth possibility?" She inquired.

"The fourth possibility is the most unorthodox. If it were in the past, I wouldn't have even thought about this being possible, but getting the Sword of Time and knowing about the Law of Time, it does seem possible." Long Chen answered.

His words made Ming Lan even more stunned. What could be more unorthodox compared to the first two possibilities that he has shared? 

"Don't make me more curious. Tell me," she insisted. 

"Time travel," Long Chen answered. 

"The fourth possibility is that Mingyu existed more than two hundred years ago when the other Empires still existed. The guy she met was also over two hundred years ago. The crystal he gave her not only shifted her in space to another Continent, but it also shifted her in time to two hundred years in the future," he explained.

"That..." Ming Lan didn't know what to say as she heard this possibility. 

'Time travel? Did she come from the past? All these possibilities are so stunning,' she thought as she tried to find words to express her astonishment.

"Amongst all of the possibilities, I hope the fourth one isn't the one that ends up becoming the truth," he muttered.

"Why? Doesn't that mean the war was over and her Empire was victorious?" Ming Lan asked curiously. "They not only won the war, but they killed all the enemies as well."

"That's true. The fourth possibility would mean her Kingdom won, but it would also mean that her parents are dead. She went missing, and her brother had died. Her parents must already be dead by now. Who do you think would be ruling the Empire? How would she meet her parents?" Long Chen said, pointing out the potential problems.

"That's true as well," Ming Lan muttered. 

She suddenly thought of something as she pointed out, "Wait, aren't her parents strong Cultivators? They should have a long lifespan. They should be living now as well. Strong Cultivators have much longer lives. Even you have more than a thousand years of life, and you're not even as strong as the Emperors of this continent would be."

"That's because her parents were already very old when they met. They both focused on Cultivation and spent most of their lives single. So they had already used most of the lifespan, I believe. I heard a lot about them from Mingyu. I don't think they could have lifespan left for two hundred years," Long Chen lamented as he sighed.

"I hope I'm wrong about it, though," he continued as he advanced towards the Royal Palace.

Ming Lan held Long Chen's hand tightly as she worried about the future.

"Should we tell Mingyu about it as well?" She suggested.

Long Chen nodded his head, agreeing with her. He replied, "Yeah. I've been looking for an empty alley where I can call her out. Treasures that can keep people are available, but they are rare. I should still be careful where I bring her out."

He soon noticed an empty street. There were houses on both sides of the street. The sidewalls of the house were facing the street. There happened to be no windows there. He found it to be the right place to bring Mingyu out.

He walked inside the alley on the side.

As Long Chen happened to enter the side street, a group of people was watching him.

It happened to be a group of youngsters that were laughing.

"Look at that man, entering the alley with the girl. Hahaha, he looked so decent. But he couldn't even wait to get it on before doing that. Perverted people are everywhere."

Long Chen didn't know that the alley he entered was known as the black zone. It was an alley where a girl and guy entered to have sex if they wanted to have the rush of doing it in public.

Even though it was the black zone, rarely anyone entered the alley to do it. The group of youngsters was amazed to see someone using that.

"Want to watch the free show?" Another youngster let out as he laughed.

"Why not. Let's watch. Who knows, they might even let us join them," One of the guys grinned as he walked towards the alley, smiling. 

The other guys followed him in big strides with big grins on their faces.

They soon reached the alley where Long Chen and Ming Lan had happened, but right then, the two people stepped out. 

"Huh?" All the youngsters were shocked.

How could the two be done so fast? Or did they drop the idea of doing it? They wondered; however that's when they saw another person behind them.

"Hmm? The two of you entered, but three came out?" The youngsters let out, stunned as they saw Mingyu standing behind them.

A red-haired man let out as he licked his lips. He said, "Oh, I get it. That girl must already be waiting in the black Zone for some guy to come and fill her up."

"Come on, beauty. This guy already has a girl. Why are you following him? Instead of being a side dish to him, how about you become the main dish of us men," Another man suggested as he laughed. 

He moved his hand towards Long Chen's shoulder to move him aside so he could walk over to the girls behind him easily.

A disappointed sigh left Long Chen's mouth.

"Do you have pills that could heal you?" He asked softly.

The man stopped his hand as he stated at Long Chen. "What do you mean?"

"You would need healing pills when I break your bones if you don't stop. So I was curious if you have healing pills or if you would need me to donate some to you after on," Long Chen let out in a grim tone.

All the youngsters stared at Long Chen, stunned.


They all started laughing together as they looked at Long Chen like he was a fool.