Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 145 - 145: Troublesome Kid

"It's alright, I don't need a gift. I will buy that from you."Long Chen replied with a smile. 

"Generally a horse like that is worth fifteen gold coins. Here, take thirty gold coins as my payment" Long Chen said as he extended his hand towards the man as he held a small pouch. 

"You don't need to pay for it, Senior. Just treat this as a small gift… as a token of your friendship with the mingxu kingdom. " The man said with a smile. 

"Firstly, I don't take gifts. Secondly, my friendship is not that easy to buy and if you still deny taking my money, I'll have to break your bones until you accept it" Long Chen let out with a smile trying to act like a big shot. The man was stunned. He thought for a while before he began making a movement. 

"That's like a good boy" Long Chen smiled as he threw the pouch towards the man who grabbed it. 

"By the way, You people are quite far from your little Kingdom, what are you people doing here?' Long Chen asked with curiosity. 

"Oh, We are going to the Xuan Kingdom for the Sect Entrance Exam. This young boy here is the Second Prince of Meixing kingdom, Prince Beiming. This young lady is the First Princess of the mingxu kingdom, Princess Beiyu. They are both going to participate in the Sect Entrance Exam being held in the Xuan kingdom. " The man said with a smile as he looked at the boy and the girl sitting beside him. 

After hearing their conversation, both the kids had already guessed that the person in front of them was a strong existence that even their Royal father would love to make friends with. They had already corrected their attitude and started acting sincerely. 

"I apologize, Master, I lost myself to my arrogance. I ask for great master's forgiveness. " The boy said as he bowed his head and asked for forgiveness. The girl, however, didn't say anything and just kept her head down. 

"It's fine, You kids are still young. I was arrogant too when I was young. It's alright to be a little reckless. Just don't let your arrogance affect you. There are mountains beyond mountains. There is no peak of Cultivation as there is always someone stronger. You just need to cultivate with all humility and respect. Only then can you really earn respect and gain comprehension. " Long Chen said in a serious tone. Although he knew that he was only speaking nonsense as he had already faced too many things in time to know that respect wasn't earned with humility but he just wanted to show off his kindness and wisdom as a senior. 

"By the way, isn't there still a long time for the sect entrance exam and the selection process? Why are you going there so soon? " Long Chen asked with curiosity. 

" There is still a long time to that but his majesty, the king, told us to go there as early as we could to gain more information about all the sects and other important things. He said that becoming familiar with the place might be helpful in the entrance exam and that cultivation in a first rank kingdom will be more helpful than in the second rank mingxu kingdom." The man explained with a smile. 

"Those are some interesting suggestions, he sounds like an interesting king"Long Chen chuckled with praise. 

"Anyways, How long are you planning to stay here?" Long Chen inquired. 

" Just the night, We'll leave tomorrow morning." The man told Long Chen. 

" Oh, I wish you a safe journey. If you have any problem in the Xuan kingdom, just go to any sect and tell them that I sent you. They will help you out" Long Chen lied with a smile. 

" Thank you, great Master!! Oh right, I didn't know of the great one's name yet. Can I have to privilege to know what name great master is known as? " The man said with a flattering expression on his face. 

"This one here has no existence in this world anymore as I have long stopped getting involved in this world's affairs. But during my younger years, I used to be known as Long Chen" Long Chen smiled behind his mask as he let out.  

"Oh, Great Master Chen. I'll remember the name of senior" The man let out with a smile. 

"Alright, I will get going now, Remember to leave that horse behind when you go," Long Chen said as he stood up and started walking away. 

"Of course we will leave him here. It belongs to you now. Thank you, great master, for everything" The middle-aged man replied with a smile. 

"Such a nice man, So strong, yet so down to earth. No attitude whatsoever. " The man smiled as he gazed at Long Chen who stood at some distance from them near the counter.

"Elder Ruan, Is that man really so strong?" First Princess Beiyu said to the man as she saw Long Chen leave the counter and disappear through the stairs of the first floor. 

"He is really strong, Princess. Stronger than you can imagine. He is definitely stronger than your father. He is probably a Peak Earth realm Cultivator or even stronger" The man said with a serious look on his face. 

"That strong? What is he doing in a second rank kingdom and why is he hiding his face? " First Princess Beiyu inquired again. 

" It's not our place to know what such a mighty existence thinks and does and the reason behind their actions. All we need to know is to never offend people like him" Elder Ruan said with a smile.


Long Chen entered the room he was provided and closed the door. 

"Two silver coins for a night's stay. Enough for a mortal family to survive through a whole month. Expensive but it's nothing for a strong cultivator who can earn simply by hunting" Long Chen muttered as he took his mask off. He finally felt more comfortable after taking the mask off. 

"It doesn't feel good wearing a mask for so long" Long Chen muttered as he sat on the bed. 

" Oh, what does feel good then? Bragging about your troublesome kids?" Xun chuckled as she appeared again. 

" I wasn't bragging! I really have a troublesome kid. Isn't she standing in front of me right now? " Long Chen let out with a smile. 

" Hmm, who?" Xun muttered with a confused look on her face as she looked around before suddenly realizing something.

"Are you calling me a kid?" She said as she puffed up her cheeks in annoyance. 

" Of course not, I was talking about someone else," Long Chen said with a smile. 

" Oh, Is that so? Who were you talking about? " Xun said as her expressions returned to somewhat normal. 

"I quite like acting like a senior, this skill called 'heaven's shroud' is really fun. " Long Chen let out as he changed the topic suddenly. 

" Of Course it is, The great one only has great skills in her memory," Xun said as her face filled with pride. 

" Can you teach me another useful skill?" Long Chen asked with a smile. 

"I'm not allowed to… and even if I could, I wouldn't tell you as you already have so many things you need to go through at the moment. You already have so many skills you need to learn. Also, there is alchemy knowledge that you gained but haven't started practicing at all till now. Your Qi cultivation and body Cultivation are also a thing you need to focus on and then there's your heart demon whom you need to learn to control. Don't take too many things as you're already having difficulty with what you have. " Xun told Long Chen in a serious expression.