Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 838 - 838: Stepping In

Long Chen had killed the Heaven Realm Warrior, who was the most dangerous according to the level of Comprehension of his Ice law, but the other two were still alive and well.

" This boy is tricky. He can disappear and appear anywhere. It's a dangerous ability. If both of us attack him, he'll take us out with his abilities. The only option we have is for one of us to attack him. The other person can watch the surroundings to make sure that boy doesn't attack from the back with his abilities. What do you say, Ku Han?" The Flame Law Cultivator said to his fellow partner.

"I am a Sword user. I am better in close attacks. You can watch my back with your flames, Ming Lu," The Sword Law user, Ku Han, said before he starts flying towards Long Chen without waiting for the response.

"Hah, this guy doesn't discuss at all.  Whatever, I had the same plan as well. I can provide better support from far," Ming Lu muttered as he smiled. Without taking a moment, he prepared himself for attacking the enemy.

Tens of spheres of flames appeared near him, which started circling around him like he was the origin and they were the planets, but he didn't attack Long Chen.

Ku Han used his swift speed to appear near Long Chen and slashed with his sword. 

The Sword, which was covered in Sword Aura, came crashing down towards Long Chen.

Long Chen was still using his Sword of Time, which he used to intercept Ku Hun's attack. 

"Hah, you think that stupid sword can stop mine? My Sword is a Heaven Grade Artifact!  In the entire Kingdom, I'm the only one after His Majesty who possesses one like this," Ku Hun laughed as he saw Long Chen's futile effort to block his attack with a rusty looking sword. 

Both the swords clashed, but the smirk on the man's face was immediately wiped. He felt as if his sword had hit a heavy mountain. As soon as the two weapons clashed, his hands started shaking as he was tossed backward like a giant had tossed him aside.

The main specialty of the Sword of Time was that its strength was immense. It was like the most powerful weapon. Even though it couldn't use Qi or help with Qi related attacks, it could definitely do much more in a different way. It was a power source of its own. 

Using the sword, Long Chen felt as if it was too powerful. According to him, if a kid slashed the ground with the sword, even the kid would be able to leave a crater on the ground. That was the power of this sword. 

The same thing happened this time as well. Even though the attack came from a Heavenly Grade Weapon, which was surrounded by the aura of Sword Law, it still wasn't enough to destroy the sword. On the contrary, the sword's strength pushed the man back.

"Where are you going?" Long Chen asked as he started flying towards the Ku Hun, who was tossed back.

"You forgot me?" 

Finding Ku Hun in trouble, Ming Lu decided to do what he was tasked with— providing backup from a distance.

The tens of flame spheres that were circling around him started flying towards Long Chen. 

"Annoying guy," Long Chen muttered as he disappeared before the Flame Spheres could even touch him.

"Sigh,  the offer is reversed now, isn't it?" Ming Lu muttered as he looked back, thinking that Long Chen would appear behind him and that he would become the primary opponent with Ku Han providing backup.

He also felt a sense of danger coming from behind him that made him sure that Long Chen was attacking him. A wall of fire appeared behind him to protect him. He turned back, only to be stunned as he heard a scream from a distance. It sounded like the scream of Ku Hun. 

Ming Lu realized that he had made a mistake. Long Chen wasn't the one who was attacking him. Instead, it was a Flying Sword, which Long Chen used to make him think that Long Chen was targeting him. 

The real Long Chen had already thrust his Sword in the chest of Ku Han while Ming Lu was distracted. Pulling out the sword from Ku Han's chest, Long Chen kicked downwards.

His kick landed on the chest of Ku Han, sending him crashing down.

As soon as Ku Han crashed on the ground, a deep crater was created, inside which he laid, unmoving.

Long Chen landed near Ku Han's body. There was still light in his eyes, but his condition wasn't good. He was coughing out blood, and his body refused to move.

Ming Lu was still being distracted in his Battle against the Spirit Sword, which kept attacking him tirelessly.

"Just who is that guy? His Sword can keep a Heavenly Realm Elder busy without being destroyed, and he can kill another Elder? Is he even human? How can he be stronger than all Heavenly Realm Cultivators of our kingdom?" 

The Warriors of the Royal Army who were laughing at the start of the battle were scared now. They were frightened as they saw their Heaven Realm Cultivators in danger. The person who could even kill them, would he even leave them alive? 

They were starting to fear for their lives. They slowly started retreating when they saw a man standing behind them.

"I can't help him fight Heaven Realm Warriors, but I can't let you weaker ones escape either," Ji Shan said bravely as he stood before the Royal Cultivators.

"You bastard! You think you're some bigshot like that guy as well? I'll kill you!" said one of the Royal Cultivators, furiously.

He took a step forward, but he was stopped by another cultivator.

"Wait, don't attack. He is the friend of that guy. If we accidentally injure him, that Monster will definitely come after us. We can't do that!"

"What do you suggest then? We can't stay here, or we would die anyway! Trying to escape while that monster is busy is the best option. Also, the Heaven Realm Elders can keep him busy as well. He wouldn't have time to attack us now, even if we kill the guy! We just have to be fast."

"Sigh, fine."

After a short discussion, they all came to an agreement that they would kill Ji Shan fast.

Tens of Earth Realm Cultivators ran towards Ji Shan.

As the Sky Realm Cultivators could walk on air, they didn't bother fighting since Ji Shan couldn't stop them anyway.