Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1281 - 1281: Snow Giants

"Similarly, the Glaze Tigers are one of those seven royal families. They rule the Glaze Empire," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"Similarly, there's a Devil Hunter Empire which is ruled by the Devil Hunter Beast. At Least that was the case as far as I remember. I've been asked for millions of years. Many things could have changed in that time, like the expulsion of your royal beast," he further added. 

"How far is the Devil Hunter Empire?" Long Chen asked. 

"Why do you care about the Devil Hunter Empire? Forget about that place. We're here for the world traveling stone, nothing else! Do you hear me? I want my body back after that, no excuses!" Blood Dragon Emperor sharply said, feeling like Long Chen wanted to delay them by going to the Devil Hunter Empire. 

"I know. I was just curious. Fine, don't tell me where it is. Tell me, where is the Dark Spirit Island? How far is that place?" Long Chen asked, changing the topic. 

"The dark spirit island isn't far from here, but it's not close either. We landed in a rather awkward place though. To get to the Dark Spirit Island, we'll have to pass through the Snow Empire," Blood Dragon Emperor said grimly. 

"Why do you sound so serious when talking about that place?" Long Chen asked, wondering what was wrong. Why did the Blood Dragon Emperor talk as if passing through the Snow Empire was the first thing they could have done?

"Because that place is the most troublesome. They're one of the most powerful Empires of the Beast World," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

" So what? It's not like we're going to rob them. We can stealthily fly past that place. I mean, it's not like every spot of that place would be heavily guarded. And even if it is, so what? We can take care of them. No need to be so serious," Long Chen lazily said. "Come, let's get going."

"You don't understand. I'm not concerned because they're strong. I'm concerned because of... Whatever, I guess we'll see whatever happens. Let's hope for the best," Blood Dragon Emperor said, shaking his head. 

"It's in that direction," he added as he started flying towards the south. 

"Wait for me!" Long Chen called out, flying behind the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

The eagle was left behind. It didn't help but sigh a breath of relief that he was safe. 

Unfortunately, that changed very fast. Long Chen stopped mid-way. 

"That's right. I forgot about you entirely. You'll just go back and tell others about us. You also know where we're going. Might as well take care of you now," he added, shooting a Qi knife that stabbed in the middle of the eagle's head. The eagle also dropped to the ground.

Long Chen started flying behind the Blood Dragon Emperor.

After flying for an hour straight, Long Chen finally asked, "So, are you going to tell me what you were about to say? What's so special about the Snow Empire?"

"It's just... A dangerous place. For a powerful Blood Dragon, but for you, it'll be a nightmare if you're seen by Snow Giants. It's the same for me. In any case, we must avoid them when passing through the Snow Empire," Blood Dragon Emperor explained, remembering what he knew about this place. 

"What are Snow Giants?" Long Chen asked, confused. "Are they special?"

"Yeah. They're from the Snow Giant Tribe that stay in the Snow Empire, but they're a tribe which everyone is scared off, all because of the skill they're born with," Blood Dragon Emperor answered. 

"What's that skill?" Long Chen inquired. 

"They can turn any person into an ice statue. That's why no one dares to invade or attack the Snow Empire. But they also have a flaw," Blood Dragon Emperor replied. 

"Unlike other beasts that occupy the Snow Empire, these Snow Giants can't step out of the Snow Empire. So they can't threaten other Empires either." 

"That's also the time though. We would be entering their land, so these guys would be a big concern. As long as we don't face them, we should be fine," he added

" So, how would we avoid them? Is there a specific place where they stay? The Snow Empire should be a big place. It shouldn't be hard to avoid them," Long Chen let out. 

"That's the thing. They don't live in one place. They aren't like a clan that stays together. Every Slow Giant lives on its own and travels. They keep changing locations as well. In essence, it's hard to know where they are," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"Just be careful and keep your eye. It can be hard to spot them from a distance with their show white color and all the snow around them. All we can do is stay alert when flying. If we notice them before it's too late, we can avoid them," he continued. "That's the only way."

"I'll keep my eyes open. I'll also keep my Divine Sense around as soon as we get into the Snow Empire. That should help us a bit. But on the off chance that we fail to see him when he appears before us, what's going to happen?" Long Chen asked. "I mean, how does his skill work?"

"It can't be that just being in its presence turns us to stone, right? How does it work? Let me see what I can do to protect myself if I end up facing him."

"How does it happen? From what I heard, as soon as its eyes fall on you, you'll start turning to an ice statue, and if you don't destroy it before you completely turn to a statue, you'll be gone forever," Blood Dragon Emperor answered. 

"As Blood Dragons, our body is longer. It takes a long time for it to turn to Statue, and we can destroy that thing easily to protect ourselves. But your body is small. Within seconds, you'll be turned to ice entirely.  That's why I said that human beings are at a big disadvantage before it," he continued, sighing. 

"I don't want you to die either. Since I'm sure that you made it so that your tamed beasts die as soon as you die. So you must stay alive, at least until I get my body back!"

"Man, you're really concerned about yourself. I would be too if I were in your place, but you're right. If I die, you'll die too. So we're both in this together. In any case, it's not like I'm going to die. That's not why I came here," Long Chen said, laughing.

"And if it's about being seen, I just won't let it see me."