Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1022 - 1022: Darkness Rising

Long Chen was about to attack Lu Wang, but he stopped as he heard Mingyu's words which stabbed in his heart line pins. 

Turning back, he asked, "What did you say?"

"What did I say? I said, you're really trying to kill my brother because you're angry at him?" Mingyu asked in return. "Isn't that why you're angry? Because it's the truth? Why does it hurt you so much if it's a lie?"

"Mingyu... Did you really just accuse me of forcing a girl against her will?" Long Chen asked, taken aback. He had never felt like he did now. 

He was angry when no one trusted him last time. But that didn't hurt him as much since they weren't the ones who knew him. But even Mingyu was doubting him now?

"Leave," Mingyu said. 

Long Chen stood unmoving, not doing anything as he gazed at Mingyu. The Emperor also gazed at what was happening. He was trying to wait for the right moment to attack Long Chen, but it didn't seem like the right time. 

"What did you say?"

"I said leave! Get out of here and never show your face again. If I see your face, I swear to god, I'll kill myself!" Mingyu declared.

"Leave? You want me to leave forever? That's right. I'm a rapist for you. Why would you want to see me," Long Chen let out as he shook his head. 

"Hahahaha!" He started laughing uncontrollably as he held his stomach as if he had heard the biggest joke. His laugh hid his pain and disappointment. 

"That's right. I'm the villain. I'm the worst being here. I did everything wrong. I did all he said. Your brother is right, and I'm wrong," he said.

"I'll leave. I'll never show you my face. So don't kill yourself over a rapist," he declared as he took a step closer to the Emperor and disappeared. 

However, even after disappearing, he didn't leave. Instead, he had appeared near the Emperor, who hadn't expected Long Chen to attack him so suddenly. 

His kick landed on the Emperor, who hadn't expected an attack. The kick contained all the power Long Chen could muster up, which was enough to send the Emperor back, flying. 

"But since I'm already so bad, why would I not kill your brother anyway?" Looking back, Long Chen told Mingyu while he grabbed Lu Wang by his neck. 

A portal appeared in front of Long Chen inside, which he stepped in. 


Mingyu screamed at the sudden change, but it was too late. Long Chen had already entered the portal, which closed behind him. 

The Emperor came running inside the room again after gaining his balance only to realize that it was too late now. Long Chen had already run away. 

"That bastard! I'll kill him if he harms Wang'er!" the Emperor roared in rage, his voice filling up the entire Royal Palace. 

Mingyu dropped to her knees blankly. There were no expressions on her face. It was as if she had lost her soul. 


Far away from the Royal City of Esteria, a portal appeared in a deserted land.

From the portal, a young boy stepped out, holding a man by his neck. 

Long Chen had what seemed like darkness surrounding him. His aura seemed a bit dark. But he didn't seem angry anymore.

"It's all because of you," Long Chen said as he tossed Lu Wang on the ground before him.

"You wanted to have me gone? You wanted to have me punished? You wanted to have me lose? Go on. Do it," he said as he started walking towards Lu Wang. 

'What's happening? That guy had said Long Chen would be at his weakest when he loses everything and his mind? Why does he seem more threatening on the contrary?' Lu Wang thought as he stood up in haste while bringing out his weapon. 

He had just brought his sword out, but he couldn't even attack before his arm fell on the ground, decapitated. He didn't even know how it happened.

Long Chen didn't touch him. He didn't move his hand. How was his hand cut? Lu Wang was horrified. What was happening? How did this happen?

Unfortunately, he didn't have any time to think. He needed to kill Long Chen. Using his other hand, he tried to pick up the sword.

Lu Wang's right arm was already cut. He touched the hilt of his Heaven Grade Sword with his left hand as he tried picking it up.

Strangely enough, he couldn't pick it. Instead, he watched his left arm fall on the ground as well. 

Both his arms were lying on the ground in front of his eyes. His face was sweating. 

What was happening?

"You don't scream when your hand is cut? You don't feel much pain, do you? What are you?" Long Chen asked grimly. 

He kept stepping towards Lu Wang, who started stepping back in fear. 

"I have a skill that helps me control pain. Why do you care? I'm warning you. Don't come closer. You'll die. You don't know who is backing me!" Lu Wang said as he kept stepping back. 

He knew he couldn't do anything now that both his arms were cut. All he could do was try to survive. And hope that the Masked Man will finally come here and interfere. 

"Who is backing you? Your father? Or someone stronger? Or is it a god? Call them," Long Chen said as a devil-like smile appeared on his face. 

"Call them to help you. Call them now!" he said, his tone getting louder. 

"Even if a god came today, he would die. I'll see who saves you from me. Call your help!" Long Chen said as he kept stepping towards the boy. 


Inside the Royal City of Esteria, existed a bar. 

A man was sitting on one of the tables at the bar with his eyes closed. He was wearing a mask that only covered half of his face. 

"Too much darkness... That's good. Let your darkness increase. Let it overflow. Let it swallow the whole world so I can finally interfere," the man mumbled under his breath. 

He was the person who had brought Lu Wang to life. He also planned most of the things. But what Lu Wang didn't know was his motive. He didn't want to emotionally hurt Long Chen because it would weaken him. His purpose was something different. 

He knew that Long Chen was out of the control of Destiny. He didn't like it. Long Chen was too dangerous. But it was also true that Long Chen was tough to be killed by a mortal.