Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1310 - 1310: Heavenly Prison

Ignoring the words of the Blood Dragon Emperor, he bent forward to touch the box. 

Seeing what was happening, the old man had a smirk on his face. On the other hand, the Blood Dragon Emperor was screaming as loud as he could, unable to believe that Zhu Chang was going to make the same mistake as Long Chen. 

His voice couldn't get out of the prison though.

"Hmm? What?" The old man's gloating expressions soon disappeared as he watched Zhu Chang touch the box without disappearing.

Even the Blood Dragon Emperor was stunned. Why didn't the box work on him? And why did it work on Long Chen?

'Could it be that it works only on weak people? Zhu Chang is too strong for it? But then, it should've worked on me too. What's the difference between Long Chen and us that it worked on him and now us when we all touched it?' Blood Dragon Emperor thought, frowning.

"Ahh, I get it! We're both beasts while Long Chen isn't! It must be why it worked on him! It only works on humans!" he exclaimed, forming a theory.. 

"I remember this thing perfectly—such a neat toy from Heaven. Didn't know it would be here," Zhu Chang muttered, carrying the box in his hand.

"You! You aren't a human, are you?" The old man asked Zhu Chang, frowning. 

"Human? Meh, why would I be one of those weaklings?" Zhu Chang let out, rolling his eyes. "Did you use this toy on my friend though?" 

"That's right. And now he will never be able to return!" The old man exclaimed. 

"I know he won't be. Because this box sent him to that place. You really messed with him, didn't you? You increased the work for me too though. Now I'll personally have to go to that place," Zhu Chang let out, sighing. 

"Huh? You know where this sends?" The old man asked, stunned. How could an ordinary being know about it? This was an artifact from the Heaven.

"Meh, I met quite a few Heavenly Warriors in my lifetime. I saw them using it. And of course, I know what it does," Zhu Chang let out, sighing. 

"Nonsense! You can't know! If you do, then tell me where it sends them!" The old man roared, not believing it. 

There was no way this man could know unless he was from Heaven or an equally higher place!

"This is what Heavenly Warriors use when they need to imprison someone from the Immortal World or the Mortal Worlds. Since they don't want to bother with escorting the prisoner back through Spatial Path, they simply make them touch the box."

"It sends those beings to the Heavenly Prison in the Heavenly Realm where they're supposed to stay until they die. I'm surprised those upstuck idiots let you carry this toy? And you used it on my friend?" Zhu Chang asked, rolling his eyes. 

"I just wanted to enjoy my life in the Mortal Worlds, finish those ten wishes and show off my superiority before Long Chen in the Heavenly Beast Tournament but you messed up all the plans! Now I have to go to Heaven too! This sucks. I'm really upset!" he further added.

"Y-you know? Heavenly Beast Tournament? Don't tell me you are...?" The old man managed to put the pieces together. It was a man who was talking about taking part in the Heavenly Meeting? Moreover, the box didn't affect him.

Moreover, he knew about it and why this box was used? This all pointed towards one thing only. It was that the man under him was from the Heavenly Realm?

"A-are you a Heavenly Beast?" he asked, scared. 

If this was true, then it implied the end of their clan. Going against someone from the Immortal World was easy, but going against a Heavenly Beast was similar to going against a Heavenly Warriors. 

"W-what are you doing here?"

"What do you mean what I'm doing here? Did Long Chen not tell you that we're here for a stone?" Zhu Chang asked. 

The old man started sweating as he realized that he had messed with the wrong people. He needed to ask for forgiveness if he didn't want his clan to be wiped out.

He also removed the person of Blood Dragon Emperor as he went down to the ground and got on his knees. 

Seeing their Patriarch go down on their knees, the others also went down on their knees. 

"What nonsense! Do you expect me to fight you when you're like this? I want a fierce battle from you, not a begging fest! Stand up and face me!" Zhu Chang yelled at the old man, stunned. 

Instead of attacking, these people were begging now.

"We can't," The old man refused. "We would have to be stupid to go against a Heavenly Beast!"

"Not any ordinary Heavenly Beast! The person before you is the Heir of the Black Tortoise Clan! He's the heir of one of the Four Superior Heavenly Beasts!" Blood Dragon Emperor proudly declared. 

His declaration made Zhu Chang glare at him. 

"Little Snake! If you weren't Long Chen's let, I would have grilled you right now! Who told you to declare my identity! Here I am, trying to convince them to fight me, and you go on blabbering my identity? Do you then they'll fight me after that?" 

"Ah, S-sorry," Blood Dragon Emperor apologized, lowering his head. "I just thought that if they knew the truth, they would bring Long Chen back faster."

"Bring him back faster? They can't. This box is a one way street. It just tosses people in Heavenly Prison. It can't bring them back. And I doubt that pests can go to heaven to help him escape either. So it's impossible! The only use I can get from them is my entertainment!" Zhu Chang responded, frowning.

He turned back to the old man, who was sweating even more now. The person before him was the Black Tortoise Heir? Even amongst the Heavenly Beast Clans, the Black Tortoise Clan was one of the most superior clans!

Moreover, being an heir of that clan meant the person before him had the highest grade of treasures in this world. Moreover, his strength was also superior. 

Even ordinary Heavenly Warriors wouldn't have dared to offend him easily. This was a big mess he found himself in. Did this guy really have to be here?

"Y-Your Majesty! If your friend had told us that he was a friend of yours, we wouldn't have dared even if he hurt everyone here. We apologize. Please forgive us!"