Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 658 - 658: He's Scared

"So what? He only learned a few Martial Arts. He must've seen it somewhere and copied it. It's not like he became a Spirit Warrior or a Cultivator! He's just a mortal like us! Let's beat the crap out of him!" Another person chimed in as he tried to get everyone to beat Long Chen.

It was because he himself was worried about Long Chen's strange fighting skills, and he didn't want to end up like the green-haired man, but he didn't want to look scared either. He wanted to attack with more people so that there would be no danger to him.

Long Chen glanced at the person that was trying to make people attack me, but he didn't say anything.

He turned back and started leaving, without looking back. He knew that even if he stayed, he wouldn't benefit. All of these people were normal people. Even without his strength, he could take care of them, but that wasn't beneficial to him.  He decided to leave and find a place to cultivate in peace to increase some Cultivation in this body and to gain the trial.

"Look! He's scared! He's trying to leave. Can we really let him leave safely after he acted so smug? That traitor's son will only think that we are bastards that don't have any courage!" The man once again let out, trying once again as he saw people not moving.

"That's right! That bastard just knew this one attack! Now that we know it, it wouldn't work on us. Let us crush this bastard's bone even if it makes our hands dirty!" 

The crowd started running towards Long Chen.

"These idiots, I don't have time for you," Long Chen muttered as he turned back and entered a small alley, disappearing from everyone's view.

The crowd of ten or so youngster's reached the alley and looked inside, but they found it entirely empty.

A confused look covered their faces.

"Didn't he enter this alley? We all saw it. How could he disappear! This is a close alley. It should be impossible!" 

"It's so confusing. Did we see something wrong?"

"He must've fooled us and left some other way."

The people were confused as they frowned while looking at the empty alley. The situation didn't make sense at all, so they tried to make excuses for themselves to make sense of this situation.

The alley was completely empty. There was not even a single place inside the alley where anyone could hide. 

"Cheh, that Bastard escaped! We'll get him the next time we see him."

"That traitor escaped after betraying our own people as well. His son has the same skills. Like traitor father, like traitor son."

The youngsters cracked their knuckles as they turned back and left.

While the youngsters left, they didn't know, but there was a pair of eyes observing them.

On a roof, Long Chen was sitting, watching everyone leave with a bored look on his face.

" Idiots," he muttered as he stretched his arms and yawned.

He laid down on the roof with his arms below his head as he looked at the sky.

"It's so different from what I faced yet so familiar," he muttered as he closed his eyes.

"Cultivating from the start, battling against the odds, taking over the Kingdom," he could already see that it was going to be difficult.

Long Chen laid on the roof with closed eyes as he tried to feel the Qi in the atmosphere, but without the least bit of Cultivation, he was having a hard time feeling it.

Even in the real world, right after his soul came to this world, he still had the Peak Body Refining Realm Cultivation, so he had a much easier time, but his soul was more experienced now, and he had the knowledge that could help him this time. The only thing that was of concern was time. 

He was a mortal again, and he didn't have the advantages of a Cultivator. He couldn't live without food for even a day in this world, and he was already feeling hungry as he felt his stomach growl.

He took a deep breath before he sat up.

" It wouldn't be funny if I died of hunger right at the start of coming into this world. After Cultivating, I should really arrange for food. I can't expect to find my home since everyone thinks of me as a bastard traitor. No one will tell me anything, and if I fought, I might be nabbed by the authorities," Long Chen muttered as he looked down at the street again.

He sat in a meditative position and closed his eyes.

"Time to cultivate this Nameless Cultivation Technique again. I should really thank Tian Shen for giving me this technique," Long Chen muttered as he smiled. He knew that it was a dream, and the technique wasn't given to him but he actually stole it; still, he appreciated Tian Shen for this Cultivation Manual that had helped him reach such heights.

He was just a decent Cultivator in a backwater kingdom, and for him to reach such heights that he was able to fight Heaven Realm Cultivators in a few years. Many things played an important role in this. The Bloodline Temple, Xun, and the Nameless Cultivation Manual were how it actually began, though. Without the Cultivation Skill and the Heavenly Demon Wings, he might not be able to come out of the Heavenly Cliff at all. He might still be waiting at the end of that cliff without that skill.

He closed his eyes as he tried to unblock the meridians of this body so that his body could absorb the Qi. This process was already completed when Long Chen's soul had taken over the body of Long Tian after it transmigrated from the earth, so he didn't need to do this.

This was the first time he was doing it.

It was that unblocking the Meridians was a process that every kid had to go through before that started Cultivation. This was the first step, and most people said that it should be don't before the age of fifteen since that was the golden age of Cultivation. If a mortal tried to unblock the meridians after the age of Fifteen, then it was extremely painful and not really useful either since the Golden age of Cultivation would have already passed for that person.

Even if that person survived the deadly pain and managed to unblock the Meridians, his Cultivation path was said to be slower than others that did the same before the age of fifteen.