Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1251 - 1251: Telling Xun The Truth

"Instead, you were created by Tian Shen, who gave you all your fake memories of being created by an almighty being who was about to die. Your memories of Tian Shen picking up the ring, getting the Bloodline, your adventures together were all fake!" Long Chen told Xun. 

"You're lying! Why would he fake it?!"  Xun asked, not believing. 

"Because only when you believe a lie can you make another person believe a lie better," Long Chen replied. 

" Anyway, back to the story. Tian Shen stole the bloodline and realized how powerful it was. It helped him boost his cultivation and become powerful. However, since he wasn't the heir of this bloodline and just a thief, he couldn't actually awaken the bloodline."

"That's when that guy decided to just find the descendant of the Bloodline Owner so he could steal their fully awakened bloodline. That's why he sent the rings everywhere, to find the descendants of the bloodline!" 

"You're wrong! You aren't the descendant! You only got the bloodline after you got the blood drop from the ring! You were an ordinary man before that," Xun reminded Long Chen. 

"That's where you're wrong. I didn't get the bloodline from the ring. Since this body already belonged to a descendant of an original bloodline owner, it was perfectly fine. It was just a dormant bloodline. The blood drop inside the ring wasn't the actual bloodline drop."

"It was just something that could trace my bloodline and activate it. Since Tian Shen wanted my Bloodline, he couldn't just let it stay dormant. So he placed it in all the rings to awaken the dormant bloodline of the heirs if they ever found it," Long Chen explained.

"This Tian Shen sounds like a super villain. Scheming so much just to get a bloodline? What would he even do with a bloodline? Tell him to find work for me. Working as my servant will be more dignified than anything he can achieve with a measly bloodline," Snake Monarch chimed in, making Long Chen glare at him. 

"This is just a story. Even if it was true, there's no way for you to know it if even I didn't know," Xun retorted. "Don't tell me Tian Shen's Spirit came to tell you about it."

"It didn't. I found this information from the Real Bloodline Temple," Long Chen replied.  

"Real Bloodline Temple? Are you trying to say that the one we have is..."

"That's right. The one you were staying in was a fake Bloodline Temple created by Tian Shen, all for the purpose of helping me awaken my bloodline even more so I could be ready faster. It's like how people feed animals before slaughtering them," Long Chen replied. 

"Fortunately, his dream is never going to come true," he added. 

"This... I can't believe it. I trust you a lot, but I can't trust you on it! You're mistaken about something. Maybe you dreamt all this?" Xun asked. 

"I wish it were a dream, but it's the truth. Tian Shen is sleeping in some unknown place, waiting for me to awaken my complete Bloodline so he could wake up and steal it. And I can't let that happen," he added, sighing. 

"So Xun, I can't let you go back to the fake Bloodline Temple. This was the only way I had to get you out of its influence. Since you're not connected to the Bloodline Temple anymore, I can safely speak about it, without being concerned about Tian Shen finding out that I know."

After finishing up, he looked at Xun, noticing her concerned face as if she was confused about what to believe and what not to?

"You still don't trust me, do you? Here, this is a book that was in the inheritance of Saint King. Since you're a human now, you should be able to comprehend this skill, right?" Long Chen asked, concerned. 

Xun nodded her head,  taking the book wondering what it was. 

" Memory Origination Skill?" She read the name of the book. 

"That's right. It's the memory recovery skill. This nullifies all effects of memory Manipulation. Since you were a spirit before, it wouldn't have worked on you. But now that you're a human, it should work perfectly fine," Long Chen replied. 

" Comprehend it and use it. It will make everything clear to you." 

"Fine. I'll see for myself, what's the truth," Xun opened the book and started reading it to comprehend the skill. 

As Xun went through the book, Long Chen lazily laid on the bed, giving her time to comprehend. 

"It's not a hard skill. Since you're such an experienced person, you should be able to learn it within hours," Long Chen told Xun. 

"Shhh, don't disturb me. I'm trying to comprehend," Xun replied as she continued reading. 

"How strong is this Tian Shen? Is he really a threat?" Sitting near Long Chen, Snake Monarch asked. 

"Actually, he's a pretty big threat. From what I know, he sits at the top of this world with the help of this bloodline and the age he lived through. I am still too weak to face him," Long Chen replied, sighing. 

"That's why I've been trying to get strong as fast as I can, even at the risk of destabilizing my cultivation. I hope we don't cross paths with him soon enough. The only way to make sure of that is by not letting my Bloodline completely awaken before I'm strong enough," he continued. 

"That should be easy right?" Snake Monarch asked, concerned. 

"You said you need to pass through the Bloodline Temple test to increase the threshold of your Bloodline Limit. Just don't give that test until you're not ready. See? Easy," Snake Monarch suggested. 

"Not easy at all. What you said isn't feasible. The Fake Bloodline Temple doesn't listen to me. Whenever I reach the threshold, it pulls me inside the trials. And if I want to come out, I need to finish the trial," Long Chen reminded the Snake Monarch. 

"Then just stay inside the trial and cultivate. Don't come out until you're ready?" Snake Monarch suggested. 

"That's impossible. Whenever I'm pulled inside the Trial world, my real body stays outside. If I don't come out in time, it will die. So I can't delay either. I'm stuck in this. I can't fail," Long Chen replied. 

"That's certainly concerning from what I can see. So that only leaves the path of cultivation," Snake Monarch let out. "You need to continue breakthroughs faster than your bloodline awakens, right?"

"Yep," Long Chen agreed. 

"It's good that you have that Sword of Time then," Snake Monarch said. "Just keep using that cheat."