Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1154 - 1154: Double Tribulation

" A dragon?" Long Chen exclaimed as he looked towards the sky. For a moment, he even felt like he was dreaming. 

A dragon could be seen roaming through the skies, made entirely of lightning. 

"Is that the Dragon of Judgement? What is happening here? It only appears in the Tribulation that comes after someone breaks through the Immortal Saint Realm! But this guy is going through the Tribulation of the Earthly Saint Realm!" The Second Envoy exclaimed in shock as he saw the dragon.

"Ah, Long Chen. I think we are in danger. Actually, I didn't think your trick would work and make you break through so much, but that's where the problem starts!" Xun told Long Chen, sounding worried. 

Just like a Heavenly Tribulation comes when someone breaks through to the Earthly Saint Realm, one comes when a person breaks through to the Immortal Saint Realm! You achieved so many breakthroughs. That you reached the second threshold!" She exclaimed. 

"Ah, please don't tell me that you're saying I have to go through two Tribulations together?" Long Chen asked as he frowned. 

"You don't have to go through them together. The Dragons will stay in the sky until you finish your previous Tribulation, but you won't get to rest as the next Tribulation will continue right after," Xun answered gravely.

"What do you mean Dragons?" Long Chen asked, frowning. "I only see one."

"Just like the Seven lighting bolts of this Tribulation, you'll have to face three dragons in the next one. Only once you overcome the first lightning dragons will the other ones come," Xun explained. 

"Hahaha, I don't know if I should be happy or sad. I'm already having a hard time keeping the lightning bolts at bay that I feel like I'm going to pass out soon, but now I have to face the Dragons too? I really should feel sad," Long Chen said, laughing. 

"But instead, I feel excited! I was sad that I can only absorb the seven lightning bolts. But now the dragons came as well! This is awesome! More strength for me!" He further said, feeling excited. 

"I can't miss this chance! Let me break through more! Give me all your strength! Give me everything! I want it all," Long Chen said, roaring towards the sky. 

Hearing his roar, the lightning dragon also roared as he looked towards Long Chen. Unlike Long Chen's roar, the roar of the Dragon echoed in the entire continental, frightening everyone. 

Even the only Heaven Realm Sect Master that Long Chen left alive was feeling like he was suffocating just from the roar alone, even though he was tens of thousands of miles away from where everything was taking place.

The only ones who were unaffected by the roar of the Dragons were the four envoys. They were one of the strongest warriors in the Immortal World, and they had long passed their Saint Realm Tribulations as well. 

They could control themselves against this roar. 

"The lightning dragons are just as fierce as they were in my time, if not more. In fact, they only look more furious. This kid might be dead soon," the Third Envoy said, frowning. 

"I'm not so sure about that. I don't know what it is about that boy, but I have a feeling that anything can happen. I mean, he just broke through to the Earthly Saint Realm, but his Tribulation is many times stronger than ours was," the first envoy said, shaking his head lightly. He finally spoke. 

" Not only that, he even survived for so long after all that. I thought he's a human with Heavenly Demon Bloodline, but maybe he's a pure blood and not a human at all? Even then, this doesn't make sense. I guess we can only catch him to get his secrets," he further said, frowning. 


The roar of the lightning dragon had affected almost everyone on this continent, but even Long Chen was unfazed by it. He was still standing tall, waiting to face the dragon. 

In fact, instead of seeing the Dragon like an enemy, he was seeing him more like food. 

The fourth lightning bolt also formed in the sky. It wasn't bigger than the last one. In fact, it was almost the same size. But it seemed a bit denser. Its color was also darker. 

The lightning bolt once again came crashing down at Long Chen, who faced the attack head on.

He firmly planted his feet on the ground and stayed ready for the impact. 


The lightning and the sword once again clashed, resulting in the same thing as last time. The energy of the lightning bolt kept decreasing as it was greedily absorbed by the Sword of Time which seemed like it had never absorbed such delicious energy. 

"This is all? If you think this can take me down, then think again," Long Chen roared as he refused to step back. He was also saying that to give himself more confidence. 

There was a part inside him that was worried, thinking that he might die. That's why he was saying such proud things to make him believe that this much was nothing. He could even face the heaven itself! That's what he kept repeating inside his head. 

The lightning bolt was also absorbed by Long Chen. Even though the lightning bolt seemed stronger than the last one, Long Chen found out somewhere easier to absorb this compared to the starting ones, which literally made him feel like he was dying. 

"I guess the stronger I get, the easier time I'll have absorbing the bolts since no matter what, they're from the first Tribulation, and I'm already strong enough to face the second one," Long Chen muttered as he swallowed another life healing pill.

Even though it was slightly less difficult to absorb the bolt now, that didn't mean it was easier for him. He still felt like each particle of his body was breaking apart, but it wasn't as bad as last time.  

He could still hold on.

His breakthroughs continued as he reached the Tenth Stage of Immortal Saint Realm before his breakthrough stopped. 

"Your lightning is really getting weak! Come-on! That's the best you had? You're nothing! People overhyped you!" Long Chen declared again, looking at the sky just when another lightning bolt started taking shape. 

Long Chen faced the lightning bolts, getting more and more stronger as his body became habitual of the sudden strength increase. 

Soon, it was the turn of the seventh lightning bolt which also suffered the same fate as it was absorbed by Long Chen.