Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1164 - 1164: Going To The City

"What are you doing here?" Long Chen asked as he shifted his gaze from Gu Lin's revealing legs. 

"I came to keep you company. Also, I thought I'll show you around the Clan. There are many interesting places to see here," Gu Lin said as she stepped towards Long Chen. 

It didn't take long before Gu Lun was sitting on the edge of the bed. 

Long Chen from a deep breath as he nodded. "Alright. I guess I also wanted to look around. I'm here in this area after all."

He got off the bed as he stood up. 

"Awesome. Come, I'll show you around," Gu Lun said, smiling. 

"Follow me," she said as she took the lead. 

Long Chen couldn't help but glance downwards as he watched her leave.

"Really pathetic. What the heck is this? This much shouldn't be enough to disturb me," he muttered as he pinched his shoulder. He followed after Gu Lin.


After showing Long Chen around, Gu Lin brought him to a different place.

"And this is where we keep our beasts."

Long Chen looked around the room to notice a huge variety of beasts inside the room. 

"Not bad," Long Chen complimented as he observed the beasts, small and big.

"A unicorn?" He suddenly exclaimed as he noticed a white horse in the distance which had a horn on his head. 

He approached the horse, and only when he saw clearly did he realize that the horse didn't have wings. It seemed to be a normal horse, but it was still pretty. 

"Do you like that horse?" Gu Lin asked as she saw Long Chen looking at the horse. 

"Yeah. It's a pretty good horse." Long Chen nodded. 

"How about we go for a ride then? Didn't you ask for a map as well? I told you I'd get it later since our clan doesn't have one? We can buy it outside right now. Alright?" Gu Lin suggested as she gently rubbed Long Chen's arms. 

"That's right. I do need the map. Alright, let's go," Long Chen said, agreeing.

Gu Lin climbed on the horned horse. "Sit behind me. Since only I know the direction, I'll ride. You can ride on the way back."

"Alright," Long Chen said as he also climbed the horse, sitting behind Gu Lin. Unfortunately, it was only when he climbed the horse did he realize what this situation was. 

They were too close. Their bodies were touching where they shouldn't. 

But it was too late as the horse started running, leaving the place. 

Soon, it was out of the clan. 

"Hold me tight. This horse is really fast. You might fall," Gu Lin reminded Long Chen. 

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen wrapped his arms around her slim waist as he held her tight. 

It was just as Gu Lin had said. The horse was actually too fast. In fact, its speed seemed to be even faster than Orion.

It was actually the fastest beast he had sat on. If he wasn't holding Gu Lin, he was sure he might have fallen. 

Holding Gu Lin saved him, but it also brought him in trouble. He was feeling even more aroused as Gu Lin's butt rubbed where it shouldn't.

Gu Lin was intentionally moving even more as she wanted Long Chen to be attracted towards her. 

She soon felt something poking her back. A smile formed on her face as she realized what it was. Finally, her plan was working. Now all she needed was to keep up. 

Long Chen could also feel that something of his was standing erect now. He was surprised that Gu Lin hadn't said anything about it yet. 

He was sure that she must have felt it by now. Was she not saying anything because she thought it was intentional? She didn't want to offend Long Chen, who was stronger in front of her?

He decided not to guess anymore and just read her mind to know. 

As soon as he read her mind, he couldn't help but smile wryly. These guys, they were really trying to hook him like he was a fish. 

'When I first read her mind, I knew she wanted to use me to show off to the others about her clan knowing someone strong. I thought I could use that since it wasn't a bad deal. Letting them brag about me while I get what I want, but to know her plan changed this much?' 

As Long Chen read her mind, he couldn't help but smile wryly. This girl, she was really cunning. But he couldn't blame her. 

The horse soon stopped near a massive building. 

"What's this place?" Long Chen asked as he got down the horse. He acted ignorant about what had happened before. 

"This is our city library. It is where we can buy the maps. Not only the maps of our Kingdom, but you can even buy the map of the entire Western Empire under which we come," Gu Lin said as she also stepped down. 

'Western Empire? So I'm in the land ruled by Western Emperor. There are four Emperors, and all of them betrayed the Saint King. I guess one day, this Western Empire will lose its Emperor. Wouldn't I become the sole ruler of the Immortal World after I do that?'

'I can't become the Emperor. I guess I'll hand the Immortal World to others to rule. If the Gu Clan doesn't mess up, I must give them this Empire. They're helping me when I need it. I'll see what the future holds.'

Lost in thought, Long Chen followed Gu Lin inside the library.

"Miss Gu, welcome. How may I help you today?" 

"I need to buy the maps of our Empire."

"I'll bring them right up. Anything else?"

"Bring a map of our Kingdom too while you're at it."

"Right away."

After a short conversation, the librarian left to bring the maps. 

"This library is pretty good. It's bigger than I expected," Looking around, Long Chen complimented. 

"You're just saying that to not make us ashamed, aren't you? I'm sure you saw many libraries bigger than this where you're from," Gu Lin let out, smiling. 

"I guess you can say that," Long Chen said, letting her believe she was right. 

Gu Lin didn't stop there after she got confirmation. She further asked, " Now that we're on that topic, may I please know where you're from? Are you from the Western Royal City? Or are you from other Empires?"

"Where am I from? I doubt it matters in any case," Long Chen answered vaguely. He couldn't just say he was not from this world; instead, he had elevated just yesterday.