Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 977 - 977: Trick

"It's not that. I was just thinking that what would happen if I unintentionally made her cry? The truth is that I don't want to promise that I might have no control over," Long Chen decided to tell the truth to everyone.

It wasn't such a big deal. His concerns were also valid. He was sure they would understand.

"I can promise that I'll never intentionally make her cry. Will that work?" he asked with childlike innocent eyes.

The Emperor couldn't help but look at Long Chen blankly. That guy was worried about that?

He wanted to slap him for being so stupid. Of course, the promise meant not intentionally making her cry. 

"It's fine. Just promise me that you'll never do something that will make her cry, intentionally," Su Ming corrected as she said to Long Chen. 

"That I can promise," Long Chen nodded. 

He gazed towards Mingyu, who was also looking at him. 

"You don't have to promise. I believe you'll never do such things anyway. It's fine not to have to promise," Mingyu alluded to Long Chen softly. She had faith in him and didn't want to force him to do anything. 

She was also going to tell her parents not to force Long Chen, but before she could even say, Long Chen continued. 

"I promise never to make her cry knowingly or do something that I believe will make her sad," Long Chen promised.

He didn't find any problem with promising it. But he did add a condition.

"Unless it's something that is absolutely necessary. If it's a life or death matter that doesn't put Mingyu in danger, I might do it," he added. 

Mingyu heard his words, and she was perfectly fine with it. But she had a feeling that his condition to the promise might make her parents upset. She could only change the topic to make sure that they didn't think about it.

"Right, mother. I heard brother has returned. Was he injured? Or is he fine as well?" She asked her mother. 

Her mother could see that she was trying to divert the topic, but it was fine. She knew that Long Chen's promise wasn't wrong. 

As long as it was a decision that could save someone's life, even if it upset Mingyu, it was fine as long as it didn't harm Mingyu. Long Chen covered that fully well. 

Even though she had no problem with the promise, she decided to play along with her daughter and make her think that she succeeded in changing the topic. 

"That's right. He has returned. And by God's grace, he was perfectly fine, just like you... Cough... Cough."

Su Ming answered her daughter, but she couldn't even finish her sentence before she continued coughing like crazy. 


Mingyu called out with concern as she started rubbing the hand of her mother. 

"I-i'm fine. Just a little tired. It might be because I took medicine not long ago," Su Ming called out weakly. 

"Here, have some water," the Emperor placed his hand behind Su Ming's neck to make her sit up before he placed the glass of water that was on her hand near her lips. 

Su Ming took a few sips of water before she laid down on the bed again. 

"Alright. This is enough talking. You rest now. Your daughter also needs rest since she came after a long journey. I'll show them their rooms," Emperor Lu Junwei told his wife as he rubbed her cheeks. 

Su Ming nodded her head weakly. 

 "Have rest and come back to see me tomorrow," he told Mingyu before she closed her eyes. 

"Let's go."

Emperor Lu Junwei took his daughter and his son-in-law out of the room before bringing them to the room of his daughter. 

The Emperor, Mingyu, and Long Chen stood outside the room where the Emperor had his hand above Mingyu's head.

"I still can't believe that you're finally back. After all this time, it seems like a dream. You won't disappear after I leave you, right?" Emperor Lu Junwei asked his daughter. 

"I'm really back, father. Don't worry. I'm not leaving you now," Mingyu responded in kind as she once again hugged her father before she caught the hand of Long Chen to enter her room. 

"Wait, you can't go inside with him," Emperor Lu Junwei called out as he caught the other hand of Long Chen to stop him.

"Why, father?" Mingyu asked as she turned back. "He's my husband. Won't he come inside with me?"

"This... Of course, he can go inside, but... This is all so sudden. I just found out about your husband. I need time to come to terms with it. Give me two days. After two days, you can live with him. My head should be able to adjust until then," the Emperor asked as he smiled uncomfortably. 

"Bu-" Mingyu was about to respond to protest, but Long Chen again cut him off. 

"If that's what Father in law wants, I agree. It's only two days after all."

Mingyu looked at Long Chen in surprise, but she couldn't say no either. He had already agreed. 

"Alright," she also agreed. "Two days, I won't live in a room with him."

"But where will he stay?" She asked her father. 

"He'll live in the room which is right beside mine. Don't worry. You know it's a room that is exactly the same as mine in facilities. He'll have a good time there," the Emperor informed his daughter. 


"Come, young man," the Emperor told Long Chen as he turned to leave. 

Long Chen nodded his head as he followed after the Emperor. 

He was brought back to a different part of the Palace, which was much more guarded as this was the place where the Emperor lived. Long Chen knew why this guy gave him a room near him.

It wasn't because the room had the best facilities. It was most probably because of the security. This man didn't want Long Chen to sneak out to get to his daughter without his knowledge. 

That's why he gave him a room which was most guarded.

"This will be your room. Have rest. I'll see you in the morning," the Emperor told Long Chen as he pointed towards a room.

Long Chen stepped inside the room after wishing goodnight to the emperor without creating any trouble. 

But he didn't move too far from the door even after he stepped inside. He stood inside the room near the door to confirm his suspicions. 

"Make sure he doesn't leave tonight."

He heard the Emperor talking to the guards.

'Sigh, Father in law. I guess you still underestimate your son-in-law a little too much,' Long Chen thought as he walked over to the bed.