Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 928 - 928: Another Battle

"Just you alone? Do you think you are worthy? You can't even name your world in fear. Stop talking so big. Go back and bring your other members. You alone aren't enough to face me," Bing Lui said sarcastically.

"Is that an effort to have me tell the name of my world? Fine. It doesn't matter anyway. It's not like you guys can run away after hearing my name," Pei Zen said as he smiled. 

"I am Prince Ji Pei Zen, the son of Emperor Ji Hanjian of Tricion Empire in Fengshu," he declared proudly. 

"Hmm? Tricion Prince from Fengshu World? So that's why you are barking so much. Fengshu is the top contender to take the first place after all," the red-haired man of the Lightning World said as he walked beside Bing Lui. The dark-haired team member also walked over and stood on the other side of the girl.

"See? That's why I wasn't telling you. You know that you all are trash. Now you might not even spar with me. In any case, I'm not letting you run away until I get some practice with you guys," Pei Zen alluded as he stepped closer to the three youngsters. 

He continued arrogantly, "Don't worry. I won't use my full strength. I'll give you guys a handicap. In any case, I won't kill you... Not until we face each other in the real event."

Bing Lui gazed at Long Chen, who was talking so big. She couldn't help burst into laughter, crossing her arms around her stomach in order to catch her breath as if she had heard the biggest joke. Her laughter echoed in the big arena.

Pei Zen stopped in his tracks as his face distorted. He glared at Bing Lui and asked, "Did you go crazy?"


"Wait, wait a minute. Let me catch my breath," the blue-haired girl continued laughing as if she was finding it hard to control herself.

"Did I tell a joke? Or you really went crazy in fear?" Pei Zen inquired, seemingly confused.

This had never happened before. The person he was about to attack was laughing before him? Why? He was confused. 

"I thought you were some big shot, but you're the Prince of Tricion? Little man, the team of Fengshu is certainly the biggest contender but not because of you. It's all thanks to Qian Yu and that man who came with you. As for you, you're nothing but a spare. You wouldn't even be here if Esteria Prince Lu Wang hadn't run away from his home," Bing Lui said mockingly after she finally stopped her laughter.

'You bitch, Do you really think that Lu Wang is such a big shot? You would start shivering if you know that the man didn't run away but died right in front of me— all thanks to me,' Pei Zen thought as his face twitched.

"The other two in your team can take two of the top 5 spots. Lu Wang might be able to take another spot in the top 5 if he was here. But you? I'll be surprised if you even enter the top fifteen like amongst the upper Thirty candidates out of sixty participating ones," Bing Lui continued mocking Pei Zen. 

Soon, she again burst into laughter as if she still couldn't understand what gave this guy the confidence to talk as if he was the leading candidate or the ruler of Fengshu. 

"I? You thought I would run away? From who? From you? Oh god, you should leave Cultivation and become a comedian. You'll earn a lot. Hahaha. Come to our Lightning World. I'll give you a position in my Royal Court. My father would appreciate the comic relief. We'll pay you plenty. Join us!" Bing Lui offered Pei Zen. 

Pei Zen's face turned red in embarrassment. This girl... Was she really mocking him? She was so brutal.

"You bitch! Don't blame me for what happens next! You are the one who enraged me first!" Pei Zen thundered as he clenched his fist.

He started flying towards the girl, but he didn't even wait to reach her before he punched out.

"Enlightened Buddha Fist!" he shouted loudly as he punched out. 

A Giant golden fist appeared in front of his hand that moved with the flow of his hand. The golden fist was twice the size of the man himself. It shot out towards the woman.

"I have heard of this. Not a bad skill indeed. Albeit it is pretty useless if it is destroyed before hitting the opponent," Bing Lui let out, not looking impressed.

She raised her hand towards the sky. A giant lightning sword appeared in the sky above her, which was five meters long.

She waved her hand down. The lightning sword also hackled down following the movement of the hand.

The golden fist was hacked in half. The Qi dispersed as the attack disappeared.

The lightning sword also disappeared simultaneously. 

"Is this all you got?" Bing Lui said as she mockingly looked at Pei Zen.

"Lui, he doesn't seem that strong. Let me take care of him instead. He isn't much. Fighting him would only waste your time," the red-haired boy told the girl as he took a step forward.

"It's fine. You don't need to. He might be the weakest in his team, but I wouldn't underestimate him. It's better if I teach him a lesson myself," Bing Lui said as she refuted the suggestion.

Pei Zen stood in the back, hearing their discussion. He had stopped moving after his attack was destroyed as he was surprised. 

He didn't get intimated, though. He just realized that he couldn't treat him like the kids. He was angry that they were talking about him like that, though.

"Fine. I'll really fight seriously now. You should be ready," Pei Zen let out as he waved his hand. A black sword appeared in his hand.

"Yeah. You're a swordsman, from what I heard—a sword Cultivator who is said to be amongst the best in Fengshu after Lu Wang. I was wondering when you'll get serious," Bing Lui said as she rolled her eyes. 

A sword appeared in her hand as well, which was silver in color. The hilt of the sword was white.

"I don't want to show my tricks before the real trial, but I wouldn't mind if you can force me to use them. Let's see if you're capable," she said as she started stepping towards Pei Zen.

Pei Zen also increased his pace as he walked towards the girl.

A dark aura hung around his sword, which seemed to be dangerous.