Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 857 - 857: Secret

"You can't be serious. Is my body being possessed by a God? This can't be. Even if I possess a rare bloodline, it can't be that a good would come to save me. A god wouldn't come down for a mortal even if he possessed his bloodline,"Long Chen replied, shaking his head. 

"If he cared for the one with his bloodline that seriously, none of my family members would have died since they all had the bloodline of his. Am I right? He would not have let the Long Clan be destroyed," he continued.

"The Long Clan is not your family. Ah, I mean none in the Long Clan is your family by blood. I think you know the truth as well," Long Tian muttered.

"Yeah. I know," Long Chen muttered as he suddenly thought of something. He exclaimed, "Wait, what do you mean, not mine! Not ours. You are as much of me as I am since the body is yours. I'm just the soul that's entered it. The body and blood were only yours."

"Oh, right. Sometimes I forget you are me in a way," Long Tian muttered, smiling with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Anyway, I don't know all the things about him either. I was only imparting the knowledge about Bloodline Temple as I was made the Master Spirit of the Bloodline Temple. In a way, I am what Xun is for the Fake bloodline temple. I got to be privy of a few things, but that's all. Even I don't know everything," he continued.

"I know that your real mother was not someone who carried this Bloodline, so you got it from your father. As for your father, I don't know where he is or what happened to him. I also don't know why the owner of this bloodline didn't appear in the bodies of them to save them."

"Maybe it's because they weren't able to wake even a fraction of it. You, on the other hand..." He muttered as he looked at Long Chen up and down.

"You woke up quite a fair bit of your Bloodline," he continued.

" I guess I should thank that Fake Bloodline Temple for it. Even though it was made to make me a sacrificial lamb, I still gained a lot from it, and I'll probably continue gaining more," Long Chen answered, as he looked at the hands of his Spiritual body.

"Yeah. What doesn't kill you makes you strong. In this case, what didn't kill you instantly made you strong," Long Tian said jokingly.

"I guess you can say that. So, he was able to enter my body because of my fractionally awakened bloodline?" He asked.

"That's what I think of. It's either that or he entered your body because of the enemy you were facing. From what they are talking outside, they seem to know each other. Maybe that's why he appeared?" Long Tian lamented.

Long Chen looked around, unable to find a way to look outside.

"How can you see outside?" He asked after failing.

"Hahhaa, don't bother. I am the Master Spirit of this Bloodline Temple. I can see outside at all times. That's how I knew what was happening to you. You can't see because you aren't me. Secondly, because you're just a consciousness that's temporarily residing here," Long Tian answered.

"Can Xun see out as well? Wouldn't she know the truth? That someone else controlled my body?" Long Chen asked, stunned.

"No. She can't either. The Fake Bloodline Temple's connection has been cut from you temporarily since he's taking over your body," Long Tian explained. 

"So Xun can't see what's happening outside," Long Chen muttered. "She would be suspicious about what happened, but she wouldn't know anything. I don't know if that's good or not."

" Maybe it's mostly good since it's highly possible that real Tian Shen can see you through the Fake Bloodline Temple as well. It's good if he doesn't know the real intricacies," Long Tian muttered, smiling.

"Is this going to be our last meeting then? After I leave, I won't be able to return unless I awaken my bloodline completely?" Long Chen inquired.

"Maybe or maybe not," Long Tian answered.

"Oh, since I have the opportunity, I have another question I wish to ask. Do you know where my soul actually is from?" Long Chen asked. 

Xun didn't know about Long Chen being from modern earth. He was wondering if Long Tian knew since he was a part of a real bloodline temple.

"You mean the planet you called earth? I did see your memories. Unlike Xun, I don't have any restriction in reading your thoughts since I'm from the Real Bloodline Temple, so I know. Oh, right, you died stopping a thief, right?" Long Tian asked.

"Ah, right. I was just doing my duty. You don't have to praise me for dying for the better world," Long Chen replied, embarrassed.

Long Tian shook his head before he took a deep breath. "You idiot, I'm not praising you. You were so stupid. How could you not know a thief might have a Weapon. You should've gone for his legs. Or at least kept an eye on his hands. You wouldn't have been dead. It was so painful to watch you die like a naive kid."

"Hey, I wasn't a fighter. I do agree I handled that situation wrongly, but you can at least appreciate my intentions," Long Chen sighed.

"Intentions are good, but you need execution as well. Did you think the lady whose purse you saved was happy to see a person die for her purse? You think you helped her, but she needed therapy after that, which was more expensive than the purse. There was your family as well. Sigh, you should see the whole picture next time. Help but help with a proper plan," Long Tian answered.

"How do you know she needed therapy? Even my memory doesn't have that information. Can you see what's happening in my world?" Long Chen asked, suspiciously.

His words stunned Long Tian, who didn't reply.

"Answer me. Can you see my world? Is this in the same universe as the one I'm currently in? Also, how can you see that place?" Long Chen asked, frowning. He was sure that Long Tian knew something, but he wasn't telling as well.

He had already told Long Chen so much. Why would he be hiding now? What was the secret regarding earth?

Long Chen asked again, but he didn't get an answer.

"Wait a minute. I think the action is beginning outside. We can talk later. Let me enjoy," Long Tian muttered as he closed his eyes.