Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1297 - 1297: Girl In The Sky

" The heck. What would we do with a Dark Spirit? Keep it for yourself. We only want-" 

"Shut up. Don't speak a word." Before the Blood Dragon Emperor could finish his words, Long Chen silenced him while scolding. 

He didn't want the Blood Dragon Emperor to spill the secret before the girl as he wanted her to lead them first. He wasn't sure if she would have helped them if she knew that they wanted to take her toy for themselves.  .

"Little girl, we promised you we would have your toy from Obuta. And we don't need a Dark Spirit in exchange. It's alright when we don't get anything in return. Just lead us to Obuta. Where is he?" He asked the little girl. 

"I mean, where is your clan?" He further clarified, remembering she had already answered the question. 

The girl pointed towards the left. "My clan is in that direction."

"Can you lead us there?" Long Chen asked the girl, realizing that he needed more help from her. 

The girl nodded as she stood up. 

Without speaking, she turned left and started walking. 

Long Chen and the Blood Dragon Emperor followed after the girl while keeping their distance. 

"You do know that her family is going to be strong, right?" Along the way, Blood Dragon Emperor expressed his concern to Long Chen, who nodded.

"I know. I understood it at the start. You said this place was the most terrifying place of the Beast World because of the Mighty Dark Spirits and the traps of this place, but her clan overcame all that," Long Chen let out, nodding. 

He was already clear about the extraordinary situation they were in, but he knew he couldn't back off. He needed that world traveling stone at the moment for his future. 

"Not only that, but they also captured the Dark Spirits, taking them hostages and using them as a food source? They certainly aren't ordinary," he further added, keeping his voice low.

"I don't think I remember hearing about that species before. And I've known a lot about the Mortal Worlds in my time. According to what I know about her clan, it should be a very high tier clan of the Mortal World," Blood Dragon Emperor let out, sighing. "Just don't put your guard down here."

 "I know about that. You don't have to be concerned. I know their clan is powerful, but it should be at the limit of this world at best. That's all that I can do. As for me, my strength is much superior in the Immortal World. Even when restricted, I would be able to take care of them," Long Chen added, sighing. 

"Dark Spirits were at the peak of mortal worlds too. And they were more in number as well. Just remember that. In any case, I wouldn't have cared no matter what you did, but my life depends on your life at the moment. That's why I'm earning you. So be careful," Blood Dragon Emperor still insisted.

His constant insistence made Long Chen scratch the back of his head. "Why  does everyone talk to me like I'm a kid?" 

"I know how to handle myself. So stop taking me lightly. Moreover, it's not like I'm infiltrating their clan. I'll have that guy come out instead," he further added as he continued walking. 



While Long Chen was walking to the mysterious clan that even Blood Dragon Emperor didn't know about, Zhu Chang was flying through the forest, slicing through the wind. 

He stopped looking for the stone and ended his search. Instead, he started looking for enemies. 

Within minutes, he reached the center of the Island, traversing through most of it. Throughout the way, he didn't find anyone.

He landed on the ground, even more frustrated. "This is a dead place. There's nothing here."

Shaking his head, he decided to go back. He was sure that it was useless to try to find someone. In fact, he had a less boring time with Long Chen. He decided to go back to him. 

"I decided to go alone so I could have fun. Who knew it was going to be like this! It's even worse alone!" 

Zhu Chang slowly turned around, only to stop abruptly as he heard some strange noises. 

The noise sounded like someone was howling. 

"That cry! Someone should be here! Finally, it's not as useless as I thought!" Zhu Chang exclaimed as he started laughing out loud. 

He started flying in the direction of the noise. 


The Immortal World was mostly peaceful until now. Even though some high-profile people had died by now, that was all. There was no large-scale commotion like the Emperors had expected before. 

The days were passing smoothly until one day, things changed.

A strange beam of light appeared in the sky, creating a face in the sky.

The face appeared to belong to a woman who didn't look much old. That face was seen in the entire Immortal World though. Every single citizen that wasn't inside their houses was able to see the face in the sky. 

Seeing a strange face in the sky, the news spread fast. Even the people that were inside their houses started coming out in droves to look at the face in the sky. 


The doors of the Northern Royal Chamber opened as a man ran inside, huffing as he breathed heavily. 

The Northern Emperor was sitting on the throne, talking to his son, when he watched his new Royal Army Commander enter. 

"What happened? Why are you in so much hurry? Did something happen?" The Northern Emperor asked, frowning. "Did someone attack us?"

"N-not yet! But something strange is happening! You need to come out and look at yourself! Something strange is happening!" The Commander let out, calming his breathing. 

He brought the Northern Emperor with him to the balcony, showing him the face in the sky that was made purely of light. 

"That face? I think I remember seeing it before. I just can't put my finger on it." Watching the face, the Northern Emperor deeply frowned while also finding the face familiar. 

The other Emperors also watched the face in the sky. In an unknown place, Lord Glen was also looking at the face in the sky. 

"That face... How can she be alive even now?" Lord Glen muttered, frowning. He was the only one who remembered where he saw that face before. 

He stared at the sky, trying to understand what was happening. 

The face remained in the sky for more than twenty minutes without speaking anything. It was only in the end that the lips opened.