Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1189 - 1189: Inside The Temple

" It would be so embarrassing to have a single door as the Temple," the Snake Monarch said, feeling pleased.

"That's not the Temple. That's just the entrance of it," Long Chen replied calmly. 

The door is to cover the spatial portal that takes one to the real Dragon Temple. Only a pure Dragon like Blood Dragon or Royal Dragons can pass through the gates without the keys. For anyone else, they need the keys," he further said, frowning. 

"So take that Little Dragon out. Let it be of some use and open the door for us," the Snake Monarch said, frowning. 

"You are misunderstanding something. Even the Blood Dragons can't open the doors. They can literally pass through the gates when they need to go home or leave. But they can't open it," Long Chen explained, shaking his head. 

"Can you pass through it if you're sitting on top of it?" Snake Monarch asked, curious. 

"That won't work either. The gate will stop me," Long Chen replied. 

"Then why did we even come here if we can't open it? Don't tell me you expect to sit inside that Dragon's mouth to try to fool the gate?" Snake Monarch asked, rolling his eyes. 

"Can you really think of such stupid ideas? Of course, I'll enter like a normal person. I'll simply walk," Long Chen replied as he gently waved his hand, making a key appear in his hand. 

"That key? Is this the key to this lock?" Snake Monarch asked, surprised. Since Long Chen brought the key out so confidently, it seemed like it was the key they needed.

"I have no idea," Long Chen replied, smiling wryly. "This is the key I found in the Saint King's ring. The colors and shape seem to match, so I'm hoping it's the key of this door. But I'm only taking a blind guess."

"But he was the Emperor of the entire Immortal World. So he should have a key. It's not that this Dragon Temple appeared after he was betrayed," he further said. 

"Try it then," the Snake Monarch said. "If you fail, you can use the idea about sitting inside the Dragon's mouth to fool the gate."

Long Chen glared at the Snake Monarch, who stopped talking.

He glanced back at the golden door as he started stepping towards it. He was really hoping that the key would work.

Stopping closer to the door, he entered the key in the door before he twisted it. 

The door started opening slowly, revealing a white spatial portal that previously wasn't visible. Long Chen took the key back as he smiled. "Looks like it worked."

"You're lucky, it seems. You don't have to enter the Dragon's mouth. Now let's enter fast before it closes," Snake Monarch said as he flew ahead, entering the portal.

"Someone seems excited today," Long Chen said as he shook his head. He kept the key back in his storage ring before he also entered the Portal. 

As the two of them entered, they finally had an idea about the Dragon Temple. Even though Long Chen had seen this place in his memories because of the Blood Dragon, seeing it personally was just a different atmosphere altogether. 

A cool breeze was flying inside this place which didn't seem like a closed space. Instead, it seemed like a different world altogether

There were many giant buildings that could be seen floating in the air. 

Even some mountains could be seen floating. 

He even noticed a massive waterfall that seemed to be releasing sparkling water, which made it look even better. 

"This Temple... It's so beautiful. I'm jealous now," Snake Monarch said as he looked all around, amazed at all this beautiful scenery. 

"That's right. It's really beautiful," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, agreeing. 

"Why are Dragons treated so well?" Snake Monarch asked, sighing. 

"They are revered in the Temples like they are gods. On the other hand, we are treated so badly. My entire family was wiped, let alone there being a Temple made for us. This is so unfair," he further said as he started feeling down.

No matter how much he tried to show self confidence in himself, he knew that it wasn't all true. The only reason he talked so big was to distract himself from his weakness. He was really sad.

He had lost his entire family, which was wiped by humans, and to see the same humans create temples for the Dragons and treat them so well.

"Of course, that would be the case. This place was 

"That's right. It didn't matter which species it is. As long as you have strength, the whole world will treat you like a god. When you are weak, they'll treat you like servants. So you understand? This is really upsetting, I know. But it's the sad truth of our world," Long Chen let out as he sighed. 

"I'll tell you the same thing I told Ji Shan. If you want respect and safety, you need to become the strongest in the world. It doesn't matter what you focus on and what you don't but never stop getting stronger," he further said as he stepped closer to the Snake Monarch who was looking at him, listening carefully. 

He didn't know why but he felt like there was some magic in Long Chen's words. He just couldn't stop listening. 

"As long as you get stronger, I promise there will come a day. When you'll be treated like a god. Even Dragons will revere you. Humans will make Temples of you. As for your species, you'll continue it, which will go on to become the strongest species in the world," Long Chen said. 

"When will that day come?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"The day when we rule over all the universe! The day when no god, demon, dragon, or phoenix can threaten us. The day when only our name is enough to make them shiver!" Long Chen said calmly. " That day isn't far. All we need to do is keep giving our best."

"So stop feeling down. The Snake Monarch I know isn't a crybaby. Get out of it,"  he continued as he chuckled.

"What crybaby? How dare you talk to your Lord like that? Even the gods didn't dare to do it when I broke their castle!" The Snake Monarch said, yelling. 

"That's better. Now get to work. We need to find a specific place," Long Chen said in satisfaction as he flew up and landed on the Snake Monarch. 

"Go towards that one," he said, pointing towards a giant building in the distance.