Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 244 - 244: Are You Sure? (*)

"I know about it. Don't worry... I won't force you. I promise." Long Chen with a gentle smile on his face. He brought his face closer to Mingyu's and kissed her soft lips.

"But I can still kiss..." He smiled as he gazed in her eyes.

"You..." Mingyu was about to say something when Long Chen again closed her lips with his. Surprisingly, Even Mingyu began responding to Long Chen's kiss with passion.

Both of them embraced each other tightly as they tasted each others' lips. The kiss lasted for around 3 minutes before they separated their lips.

"That's enough for the night. You should sleep now. We need to get up early in the morning to resume our journey after all." Mingyu gazed at Long Chen and said in a gentle tone.

"I'll listen to my wife tonight, but after this..." Long Chen said in a serious tone but stopped midway as he again kissed Mingyu.

The kiss this time was longer and lasted for around 5 minutes. Both of them looked breathless as they separated their lips.

"Enough now," Mingyu said as she turned her body so that her face was facing the opposite side.

"Alright. No funny business now. Strictly sleeping now!" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

He placed his right arm over Mingyu and struck closer to hers as he closed his eyes. It kinda looked like they were cuddling. It didn't last long before Long Chen began worrying. He realized that his little Chen was in close contact with Mingyu's butt and was starting to make moments.

Long Chen was trying to sleep, but a wry smile appeared on his face as he realized what was actually happening.

His little Chen was getting aroused and bigger, but because he was closely stuck to Mingyu, he was sure that she realized it as well. He wondered if she would scold him or create a distance between them, but the reality turned out to be different.


Mingyu's heart was beating faster as she separated herself from Long Chen after the second kiss. She was starting to feel like she would lose control if this keeps on going for longer.

She thought that she had more self-control over her body, but reality turned out to be quite different. Her self control was starting to crumble.

She turned her back on Long Chen and faced the other side so that he couldn't kiss her, but that turned out to be even worse.

Long Chen had stuck closer to her, and now his little guy was poking her butt. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it immediately. She decided to pretend that she was sleeping as she found this situation to be quite embarrassing.

'Did she sleep? That was quite fast.' Long Chen muttered as he got no reaction from Mingyu regarding his little guy.

"Oh well, It's good I guess." Long Chen muttered softly as he closed his eyes and stopped caring about his little Chen that was playing with Mingyu's butt.

He had subconsciously started moving his waist here and there as he rubbed his little guy on Mingyu's ass while his hand rested over her.

Mingyu's heartbeat was getting faster, as she felt the movement of his little guy.

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore as she voiced her opinion.

"Can you stop moving it." Mingyu let out as she turned back and faced Long Chen.

"I'm sorry. Because of the kissing, the little guy got excited and started moving on his own."  Long Chen replied to her with a shameless smile on his face. He thought that it was better than getting embarrassed.

"Calm your thing down. It's disturbing me." Mingyu responded to Long Chen without looking at Long Chen.

"I can't do anything about it anymore. It will stay like this all night long. There's only one way to make it calm down, but that can only be done with your help. I don't think you will do it though" Long Chen said as he acted depressed.

"It's fine. I'll stay outside and bear the pain that this little guy will give me." Long Chen stood up and said with a sad look on his face.

"Pain? What are you talking about?" Mingyu said with a worried gaze.

"Oh right, you won't know about it. When the little guy gets erect, if it is not calmed down within half an hour, it starts giving extreme pain. A pain that feels like thousands of needles stabbing your heart." Long Chen made up a story as he went along.

"That... is that really the truth? Tell me how I can help it to calm down. I… I will try to do it." Mingyu said with a worried gaze.

"There are two ways. The first is to have sex, but that is not possible since you aren't ready. The other one is..."Long Chen brought his face closer to Mingyu's face as he whispered something in her ears. Mingyu's expressions kept varying the more she heard.

"Wha... " Mingyu's mouth opened wide as she heard Long Chen's answer. She stared at him with a stunned look on her face. Her face was completely crimson by now.

"Are you being honest?" Mingyu asked again. She couldn't help but doubt Long Chen.

"Yeah. Those two are the only options to solve it. But I'm sure that you won't do it. It's fine... it's just the pain after all. I'll bear the pain and live with it. I won't die… Most probably." Long Chen looked down as he said in a defeated tone.

"I... I'll do it." Mingyu told Long Chen after initial hesitation.

"You'll do what?" Long Chen asked her with a surprised look on his face.

"He... help you... with the second option. I will do it"Mingyu replied to Long Chen with a red face and much effort.

"Are you sure?"  Long Chen asked with a surprised look on his face.