Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1239 - 1239: What Would You Do?

"Going against them will be going against the Northern Emperor?" Long Chen asked, amused. "I'm willing to accept that trade. Even if it's the Snake Monarch, so what? As long as I get out after annihilating the Dark Tribe before he finds out, there won't be a problem."

"You think you can do that?" Mimi asked in disbelief. "You've never left the Western Empire! You have no idea! The Dark Tribe isn't far from the Northern Emperor Palace! The Northern Emperor can get there within five minutes of them being attacked!"

"Don't tell me you really think you'd be able to take care of them within five minutes! That's only a dream! Let alone you, even one of the Four Generals can't do it! Only Emperors like my father can do it, but he won't even bother with it as it would mean a battle of two Empires that had always been at peace. Do forget about this revenge!" She further said 

"Don't listen to her. She doesn't know anything about us. She still thinks we are weaker. But just have faith in me. That Tribe will be gone! And I'll personally let you do the honor of killing their leader! That's my promise!" Ignoring the words of Mimi, Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, but he used his thoughts. 

Snake Monarch glanced at Long Chen. It was after a long time that he actually said something. All he said were two words though. 

"Thank you," Snake monarch said.

"Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Don't even think about attacking the Dark Tribe!" Mimi said again as she didn't hear a response from Long Chen. 

"And let them roam free after what they did? Really?" Long Chen asked Mimi. "What would you have done if it was your family that was wiped instead of his? What would you have done? Would you still be thinking so much? Be honest."


This time, Mimi had no words to speak. She found herself stuck, unable to answer. She couldn't even imagine something like this happening to her. 

She knew if something like this ever happened, she wouldn't be able to think clearly. She would certainly try to get her revenge, no matter what it took. It didn't matter who the enemy was. 

"You can't answer, do you? But I think I already know your answer. You wouldn't do what you're advising us to do. Am I right?" Long Chen inquired. 

"But that's because I wouldn't be thinking clearly! Yes, I would have made this stupid choice as well. I would also attack without thinking about the consequences. But there's the thing; I'm not emotional at the moment. I can see clearly what's a bad plan and what's not," Mimi replied. 

Without stopping, she continued. "I would have made the same mistake as you are going to do, but that doesn't make that mistake right. It's simply giving your life away for no reason. Without strength like my father, you can't win. Just take a deep breath and listen carefully. I don't want you to die."

" I would certainly do it, but it wouldn't be a self sacrifice. We'll go in with a plan when we're ready. How about that? Instead of trying to stop us, why don't you help us instead? You do know that stopping us isn't going to work since we'll do it anyway," Long Chen answered. 

"So help us. You hate those people as well, after all. Help us take them out," he further said. 

"How can I help you take them out? I can't make you stronger out of nowhere.  I can certainly give you cultivation resources, but they won't be of help. If it were that easy to cultivate just because you had resources, all of us would be as strong as an Emperor by now," Mimi responded. 

"Just take me, for example. I have the highest talent in the entire royal family. And I have all the cultivation resources at my disposal as well. But despite all that, I haven't been able to teach the level of our General, let alone reach my father's level. It's just impossible,"  she continued. 

"I don't need help with cultivation or resources. I have my own ways for that. What I want from you is the information. I am going to need as much information as you can get me about the Dark Tribe and the Northern Emperor," Long Chen explained. 

" It would be great if you can get me a map of all the Empires as well. Can you do that?" he asked. 

"I can get you everything in a day, but even that wouldn't be able to help you. The main question is about the strength. How can information help you defeat an undefeatable enemy?" Mimi inquired, not understanding how this was going to help him. 

"Don't worry about how it'll help me. Just get me the information. That'll be all," Long Chen replied. "Can I expect you to stand by my side in this?"

Mimi was against it, but she couldn't say no to Long Chen. She didn't want him to do it, but she knew he was going to do it even if she kept saying no. At Least she could side with him and then try to persuade him?

She nodded. "I'll help you."

"That's perfect. I should leave now. It's getting late as well. I'll come again tomorrow afternoon," Long Chen said as he prepared to leave. He had already spent a lot of his time here. He still needed to prepare for the theft tonight. 

"I'll meet you at the Palace entrance then. They won't let you in otherwise. Can you tell me the exact time for that?" Mimi asked as she also stood up and left her room with him. 

"I should be here at twelve," Long Chen answered. 

Mimi personally escorted him outside. 

"May I ask which hotel you are staying in?" she asked Long Chen. 

"None yet. I'll get one after I leave," Long Chen responded. 

Mimi nodded as she brought an item out of her ring. 

"Here, this is a token from me. It shows that you have special authority given by me. If you show it at any hotel, you'll get to stay without sending any money," Mimi replied. 

"Also, I think going to the Central Hotel would be the best. It's right in the middle of the city, and it's the best. You won't have a hard time finding it," she further said. 

"I would have personally come with you, but you said you don't like too much attention. It wasn't a big deal inside the Royal Palace as no one talks, but you'll get a lot of civilian attention outside if you're seen with me."