Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1209 - 1209: Ghost Town Curse

The Snake Monarch was flying through the air, moving according to the directions that Long Chen had told him. 

As for Long Chen, he was sitting on the back of the Snake Monarch with his eyes closed. He wasn't cultivating, though. Instead, he had sent his consciousness inside his Inner World, where he was talking to his grandfather about a few things.  ​​

He had also left Xia near his body to wake him up in case there was any problem outside. 

As Long Chen finished the conversation with his Grandfather, he left. 

He met up with his wives and took all of them to visit the marketplace to shop. He wanted to do the mundane things that he hadn't been able to do with his family, like going to shopping, training together, involving himself in business, and many more. 

As he walked inside the marketplace, many eyes fell on him. He was wearing the golden Long Clan robe, which signified his high position in the Long Clan. 

The Long Clan had already gained a lot of popularity in the kingdom because of their incredible strength. Moreover, they also had the support of the king. No one dared to offend even the weakest members of the Long Clan. 

Even the previous strongest clans of the Empire stayed in line, not even trying to stand in the path of the Long Clan. Thus, even though Long Chen was walking with his wives, all of whom seemed like kingdom-toppling beauties, no one misbehaved with them. 

Not a single person dared to look at them for longer than a second, scared that they were going to be killed in exchange if they did that. 

None of them had any idea that Long Chen was literally the god of their world, who could control it any way he wanted. He could even bring a tsunami to the town. So even if a person tried bothering him, it wouldn't have mattered. 

He enjoyed his shopping and bought many gifts for everyone in the clan. He even bought gifts for his wives. The gifts were ordinary and nothing compared to the treasures he actually possessed, but he still enjoyed it as it was an experience that he rarely got to have. 

After he finished shopping, he took his wives back to the clan. 

Inside the clan, he trained with his wives and Ji Shan, training them at the same time with the knowledge he had accumulated. 

He taught the spear and bow skill to Ji Shan while teaching them all about the laws so they could one day comprehend it themselves. 

Everything has already comprehended a fraction of the law, but they were still far from being able to control them. 

After the evening training, his night was spent with his wives, having private time where he dual cultivated with them.

In the morning, he left the Inner World and opened his eyes to the real world, and cultivated.

He followed the same routine for the next few weeks of cultivating, training, and spending time with his family. 


Seven weeks had passed since Long Chen left the mountain. He could finally see a small town in the distance.

"Is this the town?" Snake Monarch asked.

"That should be it. The town where cultivators stay before the Ghost Town appearance. Let's get down there," Long Chen said. 

The Snake Monarch reached the town, where he started getting smaller. Long Chen also landed on the ground. 

The town seemed very crowded as many strong cultivators could be seen on the streets.

There were many youngsters as well, who were walking with their strong guards. 

"None of them seems that strong. The Ghost Town must not be that special," Snake Monarch commented. 

"That's not it. The reason is different," Long Chen responded. 

"What reason?" Snake Monarch asked.

" You remember I told you about the criteria to enter?" Long Chen inquired. 

"That's right. What about it?" Snake Monarch asked in return. 

"That wasn't all. There are more criteria. One of them is that only people younger than fifty years old can enter," Long Chen explained. "That's why you don't see any strong people here."

"Hmmm? That's wrong! Look at the red-haired guy in the distance. Or him. That one also... I don't think they are younger than fifty," Snake Monarch said. 

"Yeah, but they aren't planning to enter either," Long Chen responded. 

"I think many of the major clans and sects have sent their youngsters here to enter the Ghost Town. As for the old people, they are just the guards that are here to keep them safe in the town. They won't enter the Ghost Town,"  he further said, explaining. 

"Ah, so that's what it is. Won't it be too easy for you then? No competition? Hah," the Snake Monarch said, laughing. "The guards can keep them safe outside but not inside, can they?"

"You're misunderstanding. The real challenge inside the Ghost Town aren't the other competitors because no person kills another person inside the Ghost Town. This is the third criteria," Long Chen said. 

" If you kill another person, you'll get the curse of the Ghost Town. You won't even be able to leave the Ghost Town. You'll forever be stuck inside, until the moment you die. So I can't kill any of them either. At least not if I don't want to test the curse," he added. 

"Ah, so it's a fair competition kind of thing. I understand. But what actually is this ghost town?" The Snake Monarch asked. 

"The Ghost Town actually wasn't always known as Ghost Town. From what I understand, it was known as the Treasure Town," Long Chen said. 

"Treasure Town? How did it become a Ghost Town then?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

" Something terrible happened, I guess. According to the legends, a powerful cultivator used to live in the Ghost Town. He loved robbing treasures. He robbed Manny of the biggest clans," Long Chen explained.

"So he was like you, you mean," Snake Monarch commented. 

"Hey, I did rob some sects and clans but not because I wanted treasures. So I was different. Anyway, do you want to listen to the story or not?" Long Chen asked, squinting his eyes.

"I want to hear. Tell me," Snake Monarch commented. 

"Then listen and don't interfere with false accusations," Long Chen retorted. 

"Anyway, that powerful cultivator robbed many clans and collected so many treasures that the place he stayed was called Treasure Town. The only problem was that all the Treasure was stolen."

"And one day, that same treasure came to bite him in the a*s," Long Chen said.