Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1127 - 1127: Saint King Is Alive

"Saint King Xianwu, you're actually alive?" Long Chen asked the Saint King as if he had received the shock of his life. 

"Unfortunately, I'm not. By the time you enter this place, I will be long dead," the Saint King Xianwu answered, smiling. 

"Then this?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"It's a Puppet Clone of Saint King Xianwu. And he is being controlled by a small fraction of his soul, I think," Xun told Long Chen as she observed the Saint King. 

"The little girl is right. I'm a fraction of my original soul, left behind, waiting for an Heir," The Saint King answered. 

Seeing him mention her, Xun seemed to be stunned. She asked, "You can hear me?"

"Not only hear, but I can also see you, young lady." The Saint King answered. 

Hearing those words, a bright look appeared on Long Chen's face as his eyes shone with an idea. 

"Wait, Clone Puppet, occupied by a fraction of a Soul? Won't it work with you too? It's basically like creating a different body that your soul can occupy? Maybe I can bring you to a real body."

"This..." Xun didn't know what to say when she heard this plan. 

As Long Chen had told Xue and Mei about Xun too, so long of them, found it strange that Long Chen seemed to be talking to thin air. 

"It's possible," the Saint King chimed in. 

"Please tell me a way to do it," Long Chen told the Saint King, asking him for a way. 

"I would. That's what I was waiting for. So my inheritance and my arts won't die in the darkness of the night. You can take everything," the Saint King told Long Chen as a serene smile remained on his face. 

"In any case, this fraction of my soul only awakened after you entered. It won't last long," he added.

"Go and open that coffin," he told Long Chen as he pointed towards a golden coffin that was lying in a corner. 

"Open your coffin? Won't that be disrespectful?" Long Chen asked, hesitant. 

It was a different thing to open someone's tomb when he was dead but to open it when his soul was watching?

"Don't worry. I'm giving you the permission,"  Saint King insisted. 

Long Chen didn't resist again and walked towards the Coffin. In any case, as he said, this soul didn't have much time. He didn't want to delay to end up realizing that the soul was going without even giving him the inheritance. 

He walked up to the coffin and slid it open. 

As he opened the Coffin, he was stunned to find the Saint King's body. The body seemed to be in perfect condition, as if he had died just yesterday. 

"Curious why my body is still safe?" Saint King asked, looking amused. 

"The coffin is a treasure. It's keeping my body from rotting," the Saint King answered. 

"That knife wound? Is that what killed you?" Long Chen asked the Saint King, curious. 

As the body was still intact, so were the wounds. A deep wound could be seen on the chest of the Saint King where his heart was supposed to be. 

"That's right. That wound is what brought me to the end of my life," the Saint King replied, sighing. 

"Who wounded you? And if you were able to come here after being wounded, why didn't you take the life healing pill to heal yourself?" Long Chen asked, not understanding. 

It was evident that the Saint King came here after being injured. If he had died instantly, he wouldn't have the time to make a tomb and fall to eternal sleep here. If he had that much time, he could have at least healed himself.

"Young man, you really underestimate me. Do you think I wouldn't be able to think something that even you were able to think?" The Saint King asked in return, chuckling. 

"Nothing would have worked. Let alone healing pills of this world, but even the Healing Pills of Immortal World would be useless to me," he further explained. 

"Why?" Long Chen inquired. 

"It's because the wound that you see on my chest isn't an ordinary wound. It's the wound I received when that bastard Northern Emperor stabbed me in the chest!" Saint King said, clenching his fist.

As he talked about the Saint King, hate could clearly be seen in his eyes. 

"Not only did he stab me, but he used the Cursed Knife to stab me. This wound could never be healed; moreover, it slowly sucked my life. Remember this, always stay away from that Knife and never let yourself be wounded from that," Saint King said. 

"The Northern Emperor?" Long Chen asked, confused. "Is this some Emperor of the Immortal World?"

"Not just some Emperor, he is one of the four leaders of the Immortal World and the strongest ones at that," Xun told Long Chen, remembering that name. 

"That girl is right. That's the one I'm talking about. He's the backstabbing bastard!" Saint King said firmly. 

"The leader of the Immortal World? The heck? You were born here, and you became so strong that you even fought the Northern Emperor?" Long Chen exclaimed, surprised. 

He knew Saint King was strong but to know that he got this strong? That was surprising. 

"Huh? What's shocking about this? I made him the Northern Emperor myself! He was nothing!" Saint King alluded to Long Chen. 

"Let me tell you in brief about my life since you're becoming my inheritor,"  he continued. 

"Wait, what about your soul not having enough time?" Long Chen asked, confused.  If he only had a few minutes, going down the memory lane would be a waste of time since he still wanted to know many things. 

"That? I was just saying that to make things dramatic," the Saint King confessed as he smiled wryly. "Actually, I have half an hour, I believe."

"Dramatic?" Long Chen muttered as he stared at the Saint King with a blank look. 

The whole serious impression of the Saint King from his head was gone now. 

"Don't tell me you're the brother of that Snake? You two have the same personality," Long Chen said, rolling his eyes. 

"Hahaha, forget it. I was just too bored and wanted to have my last moments a bit dramatic," Saint King said. 

"Alright. If you have half an hour, I guess you can tell your story. What happened to you?" 

" It all started when I was born here. My birth place actually happened to be right here," Saint King said as he pointed towards the ground.

"Do you know, there happened to be a small village here at that time. Times were so different, sigh."