Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1080 - 1080: Return Of The Emperor

"What's of words. They're free. But I didn't lie when I said that you'd die. It was surprising that you were able to get the best of me for a minute, but that was all. Not again," Wu Lia reacted to Long Chen's effort to make him impulsive. 

With what happened recently, he had realized that if he underestimated Long Chen for even a moment, he could die. So letting him enrage him was the last thing he wanted to do. 

"Long Chen... Tell me one thing. How does it feel?" He asked Long Chen, smiling. It was his turn to use the same trick. 

"How does what feel?" Long Chen asked. 

"Being yourself. I mean, you can't even control yourself. The darkness is swallowing you from the inside. You think you're in control, but a lot of the time, you aren't. How does it feel?"

"How does it feel not to have your destiny in your hand? How does it feel to know that one day, you'll be entirely gone, leaving a body filled with darkness behind?"

"And more importantly, how does it feel to keep your own family as prisoners?"

"I know as well as you do that you keep your family in that little space of yours, far away from the world. How different is that from a prison? All because you can keep yourself satisfied?"

"And lastly, how does it feel to disappoint everyone? How does it feel to make everyone sad? All your wives, your mother, your father, your friend... They all suffer because of being with you, all so you can have the illusion that everything's fine. So tell me, how does it feel?" 

A mocking grin was on Wu Lia's face as he talked.

Unfortunately, he didn't get any reaction from Long Chen, which he expected. In reality, he only saw an expressionless Long Chen who seemed like he wasn't phased at all. 

"Hmm?  There goes the second formation point. Whoever you got to help you is pretty fast, I must say. Two gone, three more to go," Wu Lia muttered as he gazed towards the sky. 

The formations in the sky were even more weakened as more formation lines disappeared, making Wu Lia realize. 

Orion had moved as fast as he could to destroy the second formation point as Long Chen was keeping Wu Lia busy. Even though Long Chen had lost hope of having all formation points destroyed before this battle was going to be over, he still let Orion try. 

In the meanwhile, his intention was to finish the battle through his own strength. Now that he was free of restrictions and had the ability to absorb attacks, he had faith that he could win. 

It was his faith that was pushing him for this fight. If he couldn't even finish Wu Lia, how was he going to face Tian Shen in the future? 

Moreover, if he doesn't finish that guy now, he will certainly come back like previous times and scheme against him. 


"He is wasting too much time."

Inside a dark room, a man was sitting with a glass of wine in his hand. A half-mask face and a book were placed on the table before him, but because of darkness, his face wasn't visible. 

"That Sword is pretty good, though. I'm surprised I didn't know about that either. A God Grade Weapon, huh. The King of Weapons and the ruler of space," he muttered as he gazed out the window. 

He could see the entire sky being filled with the formation lines. 

"He is taking it too easy. As for that beast, he keeps on destroying the formation. Can't let him destroy all, or he would escape. But I can't interfere directly either."

He took another sip of the wine before he placed the glass on the table. He picked up the half face mask and covered his face before he picked up the book and disappeared. 

Something strange also happened at the same time this man disappeared. The two halves of Emperor Lu's body also disappeared, but no one really noticed. 

The two people that were outside had again resumed their battle and had no time to notice their surroundings. 


The body of Emperor Lu appeared near the half masked man, both of whom were outside the Royal City now. 

The man opened the book in his hand as he opened a certain page before he pointed his finger towards the pieces of Emperor Lu's body. 

"Oh, supreme destiny, listen to my command! Bring the dead back to life to serve me! As dark meets life, death meets life. Eternal is only supreme, but mortal is eternal! Awaken my puppet!"v

The book of destiny started shining in mystical lights as a few letters that were on that specific page came to life and started flying towards Emperor Lu's unmoving body. 

The specks of light entered the body of Emperor Lu, making the two halves fly. The two halves moved closer before they joined up together, completing the body. 

Emperor Lu's body was once again completed, but it hasn't actually recovered. Anyone who saw him could see a dark line in the middle where he was cut, showing as if he was joined from there. It was as if a force was keeping the two halves together. 

"Stand here and stop that beast when it reaches here. Kill it if needed," Wu Lia commanded the thing which seemed like Emperor Lu but didn't have a shine in his eyes. He seemed different than Lu Wang did when he was awakened. 

Wu Lang was also revived from the dead, but he seemed a bit different. Wu Lang looked so alive that it was impossible to find out that he was dead.  Even Long Chen only found out when he cut Wu Lang. As for Emperor Lu, only an idiot would think that he was alive. 

After giving his initial command, the man again disappeared, leaving Emperor Lu standing behind, blankly looking. There was no shine in his eyes. 

Emperor Lu was standing just a few meters away from their third spirit formation, which was the target of Orion, who was on his way in this direction. 


The battle between Long Chen and Wu Lia had again resumed, bringing the battle of the sword and the spear. Since the spear had a longer reach, Long Chen was at more disadvantage. 

As for his disadvantage, he decided to utilize his Spirit Sword, which Wu Lia also countered with the golden sword. The battle was at a stalemate. It was the same Sword that Long Chen had absorbed.