Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 873 - 873: Troubled Girl

"Man, it had been so peaceful yesterday. Today just happened to be another snowstorm. Without it, we would have been in the Royal City by night."

Ji Shan was sitting on the bed, complaining about the snowstorm. He had the Beer bottle in his hand, which he was gazing at. 

Long Chen stood at the window, gazing outside.

"It's just a little delay. It should be getting over soon. Also, Snowstorms are pretty good on their own. Since it's the War Season, the snowstorm can create a moment of peace between the Empires. We can take our time now," Long Chen answered, shaking his head.

"That's true as well. It is good too. Since it's like that, we can relax a little," Ji Shan let out as he took a sip of the beer.

"Yeah. We'll be leaving as soon as the snowstorm is over. You rest here. I'll be in my room." Long Chen turned around and nodded his head. 

He left the room and went inside the room on the left where Ming Lan was resting.

Ming Lan was sitting on the bed, gazing towards the window.

Rubbing his hand, Long Chen walked towards her.

"Woo, it's so cold today. Give me some warmth," he let out as he sat beside her and hugged her shoulders.

"You're a Cultivator. You can resist the cold, can't you?" Ming Lan smiled with an amused look on her face, seeing through Long Chen's tricks.

" Why would I use Qi to keep the cold out when I have you to warm me up," Long Chen laughed as he made Ming Lan lie on the bed. He laid beside her and covered themselves with the blanket.

"Hey, it's early morning. You were already naughty all night. Even in day...?"

"With you around, what's night and what's day. Who told you to be so pretty," Long Chen laughed as he gazed into Ming Lan's eyes. 

Even though his eyes were looking at her honestly like he was the most gentle man, his hands were doing completely else entirely. His hands were placed on Ming Lan's breast, gently fondling them.

"Sigh, what am I going to do with you," Ming Lan said jokingly.

"You can kiss me," Long Chen replied as if answering her. 

"Very clever." A melodious pearl of laughter echoed in the room as Ming Lan started laughing at Long Chen's answers. She wrapped her hands in his cheeks as he brought his face closer and did as she said 

The distance between the lips of the two became nonexistent as they kissed. Long Chen opened his lips to send his tongue inside Ming Lan's mouth; however, Ming Lan took the lead first. As he opened his lips, he slid his tongue inside his mouth.

The battleground that was supposed to be Ming Lan's mouth changed to Long Chen's mouth as the tongue of theirs fought for dominance.

The husband and wife spent their time in privacy, whereas Ji Shan remained in his room, reminiscing about the past.

He was sitting on the bed. He could see the vision of the girl he loved before his eyes, smiling at him as if nothing had changed.

He stood up and walked out of the room. He left the hotel and walked in the snow-covered streets under the heavy storm, not caring about anything else. He was missing someone too bad, and he couldn't let his head be filled with her thoughts since he knew she wasn't going to return ever. This he left, to distract himself 

As he was walking around, he reached the border of the small town. His hair and his face were covered in snow, along with his clothes, but he didn't care. After he treaded to the end of the town, he turned back.


Ji Shan was walking back when he heard a scream coming from nearby.

The scream was not loud. Even he had barely managed to hear it, but now that he heard, he couldn't ignore it.

He turned to the side and started walking in the direction of the scream. The snow was covering the streets so much so that thirty centimeters of his feet were getting buried in snow as he was walking.

He reached what seemed like a house where the scream was coming from. As he tried opening the door, he realized it was locked.

"Help me!" The screams never stopped for even a second.

Ji Shan raised his right leg and kicked the door, breaking the lock.

The door opened, and he barged inside. Looking around, he soon found the girl on the bed, but her hands were tied. 

He had expected to find a guy forcing the girl, but there was no one there.

The girl didn't seem to be tied either. She was simply sitting on the bed, smiling. Her lush green hair was adequately tied to a ponytail behind her; however, some of her bangs were still roughly spread out in front of her face.

Her cherry red lips were forming a smile. 

She seemed like she was barely 24-25 years old. 

"Who are you? Why were you screaming?" Ji Shan asked suspiciously. He looked around, but he was certain there was no one else here.

"I was screaming to see if you would come to help me or not," the girl answered Ji Shan as she chuckled.

Ji Shan was still confused, but the girl began explaining.

"I saw you walking outside, looking so lonely. Even though you looked like a kid who had lost his toy, I still found you fascinating. It wouldn't be wrong to say that I fell in love with you at first sight," the girl said as she stood up. 

"You are crazy. You acted like this because you fell for me? I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in crazy people who make fun of something like this," Ji Shan continued as he turned back.

He started walking towards the exit, but the girl hurriedly ran towards him. She stood before the door, blocking his path.

"Listen to me at least. I wasn't mocking you or this. I just wanted to know what kind of person you were. Even though I fell for you because of your looks, I wanted to know your personality too," she continued.

" I wanted to see if you were caring enough to save a stranger even when you were like that. Please don't be angry. It is a question of my future. I can't fall for a bad person."

"You can fall for anyone you wish. Your future has nothing to do with me," Ji Shan answered as he pushed the girl aside and left.