Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 972 - 972: Rivers Of Blood

"I know about your daughter. But I also lied about something related to that," Long Chen told the Emperor. 

Hearing about him lying, the Emperor's eyes squinted.

As for the guards, they also felt suspicious. The guards couldn't help but take a step forward as they placed their hands on the hilt of their swords, ready to attack Long Chen at a moment's notice.

Emperor Lu Junwei had long dark hair and a gentle looking face which seemed like he was in his early forties. That gentle looking face seemed to have gone through many dark things that was making him look tired but the warrior's spirit inside Lu Junwei was still intact. 

His sharp eye of a warrior glared at Long Chen. 

"What did you lie about?" The Emperor 

"Your daughter, she's not in danger. But it's the truth that I know where she is. She is with and she is perfectly fine," Long Chen explained as he acted swiftly.

"She's with you? Why did you lie then? Have you Kidnapped her? Do you want random? Tell us what you want!" Emperor Lu Junwei asked Long Che. A father's concern for his daughter was visible in his eyes. 

Long Chen was sure that even if he asked all the money in this Empire from this Emperor, he wouldn't hesitate most probably. 

"I have a treasure that can hold humans. Only I can access that. However I brought your daughter here in that treasure to keep her safe in the journey. If you allow me, I would like to bring her out," Long Chen said softly. 

He didn't worry about exposing the fact that he had a treasure that could hold humans inside. 

Even though this treasure was expensive and unheard of where he came from, this treasure was not something shocking here. 

The man before him was the Emperor of a high ranking world after all. For him to have items like this was normal. So there was no risk of this guy coming after him for this treasure. 

But he still needed permission to use the treasure. It was an artifact and when Mingyu came out , it was going to be dangerous as the formations might get active to attack them. The guards could also attack him for making a move. Thus he found it better to tell such things at the start. 

"She's here with you?!" The Emperor exclaimed. He couldn't control himself as the will of a father took over the dignity of the Emperor, making him stand up in concern.

"That's right. She is with me. I want your permission to bring her out so that we're not attacked. I'll do nothing without the permission of Your Majesty," Long Chen let out as he nodded his head. 

"Alright," the Emperor nodded his head. 

"No one shall attack him!" he commanded his men before he shifted his focus back at Long Chen. 

"Just know one thing. If this is a trick of yours, you're in for a world of pain that I'll make you go through," he warned Long Chen before he sat down. 

Long Chen nodded as he took one more glance all around the room to make sure that he knew the situation inside the room. Also, to make himself be more safe and aware of his surroundings, he spread out his consciousness inside the room to keep an eye on everyone. 

Even though it was Mingyu's home, their safety was his biggest priority. 

He instantly sent his consciousness inside the Fake World and looked for Mingyu. 

He didn't want to bring out Mingyu when she was holding a sword of bathing so it was necessary to see what she was doing first. 

As he saw inside the Fake World, he found Mingyu to be plucking some herbs from the nearby forest. 

He found this to be satisfactory and brought Mingyu outside.  

Mingyu came out of the Fake World and appeared in front of Long Chen, facing him. Her back was facing the Emperor. 

"Where are we now?" Mingyu asked Long Chen as she looked at him before looking to her left and right at the guards that were standing near the walls. 

Her voice stabbed like a sword in the hearts of Emperor Lu Junwei who was standing in the back. The Emperor couldn't help but stand up, his eyes growing red.

A strange wetness also appeared in his eyes as he realised that it was the voice of his daughter. He found her to look similar compared to before. She hadn't changed much. 

He opened his voice but no words came out. He found himself to be so overwhelmed that he couldn't speak. Fortunately he controlled the wetness in his eyes and made sure that he didn't cry before everyone else. 

"We're at a special place, Mingyu. I'm sure you'll like it," Long Chen told Mingyu as he smiled cheekily. 

"Look back," he said. 

Mingyu frowned at his words as she slowly started turning back. She was soon facing that man that was standing closest to the throne but as soon as her eyes fell on the men, her heart skipped a beat. 

She couldn't help but open and close her lips a few times as heaviness engulfed her heart. 

She couldn't help but run towards her father to hug him. 

"Stop!" A guard stepped between her and the Emperor with his sword facing Mingyu.

Seeing a sword being pointed at his wife, Long Chen also moved like lightning as he appeared in front of Mingyy. A Golden Sword was also resting in his hand which he aimed at the guard who was pointing towards her.

"If anyone even thinks about harming her, I'll forget that this is her home! Rivers of blood will flow here!" Long Chen warned the guard. 

The other guards also pulled out their weapons and got ready to attack Long Chen.

"Big words for a kid!" The Leader of the Guards mocked Long Chen. 

"What are you doing? Stop pointing your sword at my daughter!" The Emperor finally let out a sentence after a long time. 

"But, Your Majesty. This could be a scheme of Qiandi. We can't allow anyone near you without confirming their identity. It might be that they have someone impersonate the Princess to assassinate you. We can't be careless," the leader of the Guards told the Emperor respectfully. 

This also made the Emperor think. It was possible to impersonate someone nowadays. The words of this man made sense. What if the girl was not his daughter but an assassin from someone who wanted to use his emotions for his daughter to assassinate him?