Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1071 - 1071: Call For War

And thus, the feast began. Many delicious delicacies were served for them all to eat. All the tables were filled with food, and servants were all around to give any refill if anyone wanted. 

Long Chen was gazing at the food, curious. But it didn't seem like it was poisoned. In any case, he had taken the poison resistant pill. He was immune to poison for one day. But he realized that he didn't need that pill since Mingyu also ate the same thing from the same plate occasionally. 

There was no way the Emperor was going to watch as Mingyu ate poison. So the food seemed safe. 

Musicians were playing their music from the side, making the atmosphere of the feast even more soothing. An ancient Esteria song was also being sung by one of the musicians. 

Long Chen could understand the lyrics. It showed that the song was one that praised this Empire. It seemed a bit like the national anthems that many countries had. 

Everything seemed fine as he had expected. It was already clear to him that tonight wasn't going to be filled with troubles. It was all an effort by his father in law to win his trust and make him stay here. But he had decided it was enough staying. 

Everyone ate while taking their sweet time, which was why the feast stretched for over an hour. 

Surprisingly, the Emperor was the one who finished last. 

After he finished, he sipped another glass of his wine before he nodded in satisfaction. He was full. 

"It was good. Tell the cook that we liked his food. Also, reward him a hundred gold coins for such," the Emperor informed the Eunuch before he stood up. 

"Alright, everyone, I will take my leave now," he informed everyone before he got ready to leave. The short feast was over. 

The others also stood up, disappointed. Generally, there was more to a feast. There was dancing, battles between the youngsters, and more. But today, it was only a feast. It wasn't enough time for them to get to know the Prince Consort. But they could do nothing about it. 

Since the Emperor had said that the feast was over, it was over.  They could do nothing about it. 

They kept standing as they waited for the Emperor to leave with the hall. 

Long Chen and Mingyu also stood up along with the queen as they followed behind the Emperor to leave in a dignified manner. Unfortunately, that was when it happened. 

The ground started shaking as if there was an earthquake. Glasses fell off the table, making noises. 

Even though it seemed like an earthquake, no one took shelter since everyone here had Cultivation. None here looked strange, but a confusion was in everyone's faces. 

"First time seeing an earthquake here. I guess it happens in all the worlds," Long Chen muttered, remembering that it often used to happen back on earth where he was from. 

But he soon noticed the confusion on everyone's face as if it was the first time they were seeing such a thing. 

"Is it the first time you see earth shaking?" Long Chen asked Mingyu. 

"Yeah. I guess some really strong beast is passing by and fighting with someone. That could be why the ground is shaking. But that beast must be really strong to make it happen," Mingyu informed Long Chen. 

Emperor Lu and the others also had the same thoughts. Since there was no way a Saint Realm Expert was here, fighting with another. 

Just as everyone was wondering what was happening, Emperor Lu decided to leave to see for himself who it was that was being so annoying. 

But before he could even take one step forward, he stopped as he heard a voice. Not only him, everyone here heard a voice as if a god was speaking out loud somewhere. 

The voice could be heard all around the Royal City. 

"Long Chen! I am here for you! Come out. Come out before I'm forced to come in myself!" The voice said. 

It was clear that whoever it was, came here for Long Chen. It seemed like some enemy of this guy. 

Gazing back at Long Chen, the Emperor asked in surprise, "Do you recognize that voice?" 

"I don't remember entirely," Long Chen replied. "I guess an enemy decided to come here to fight me. I wonder if it's the one who was hiding in the shadows until now," Long Chen muttered as he gazed towards Mingyu. 

The Emperor took his words to mean that the person who was calling for him was a stranger. 

'Could it be that the people from Immortal World are finally here? They're too fast. It hadn't been that long before I sent message, but it's possible too. This voice... It contains so much power that even I'm intimidated. Only someone from the Immortal World can possess this much power.'

Knowing that it wasn't an enemy of Long Chen, the Emperor assumed that it was the Immortal World's envoy who was here to kill the Heavenly Demon Clan spawn, Long Chen. 

In the information of Long Chen that he had sent there, his name was mentioned. So it wasn't shocking that this person was calling him by his name. 

'But isn't it risky? He would disappear or Teleport away now that he's challenged from the open. It would have been better if the Envoy had met with him first so they could have planned for it.

"How about you go see who it is? Keep him engaged? I'll bring my treasures from the special treasury that can help you fight if the person is an enemy," Emperor Lu told Long Chen to guide him to meet this being instead of running away. 

He also talked about his treasures, so Long Chen stayed there for long. In the meantime, he could come out with the scroll that could block Long Chen's Teleportation. After that, he would have no choice. 

As for Mingyu, Emperor Lu was sure that he could make her understand and forgive him after Long Chen was gone. 

Long Chen gazed at the Emperor, even more suspiciously. Something was feeling off. 

He didn't feel like staying here, no matter how much he wanted to see who the enemy was. So he decided on a plan. He was going to go out, but he wasn't going to go fight. Instead, he would watch from the sidelines while using his Illusion to see what these two planned. 

But for that, he needed to make sure that Mingyu was out of the way. She couldn't be involved. Here, she was in danger. In case he needed to leave, he could Teleport away. But he would have to leave Mingyu here.

That's why he decided to send her to his Fake World again.