Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1106 - 1106: Face To Face With Emperor

Long Chen dressed in the clothes of the Royal Guard before he started walking towards the Royal Palace. 

As he reached the palace, Long Chen didn't Teleport; instead, he directly passed through the main entrance. 

As for the guards at the entrance of the Palace, not only did they not stop him, but they also greeted him and welcomed him back. 

Everything processed so smoothly that it seemed a bit extraordinary. He casually walked inside the Palace and advanced towards the Portal Room, pretending as if he was on a round to see if everything was alright. 

Long Chen was also a bit relieved as he walked at the sight of the position of the guards. 

'So there are more guards here. And their position is a bit different. It seems like the decision I took was a good one. If I had Teleported, I would have landed right before them,' he thought, relieved. 

He had traveled almost half the way to the portal room when he noticed the Emperor coming towards him. 

His heart skipped a beat at the sudden sight of the Emperor of Du Empire.  The guy he had clashed before with was the Royal Emperor of Du! The strongest man in the Empire, one of the peak Saint Realm Experts. 

If Long Chen were perfectly fine, he wouldn't have bothered about the Emperor since he believed he was able to take on the enemies stronger than them. But in his current condition, even a conflict with the son of the Emperor was going to be problematic, let alone facing the father himself. 

"Greetings, His Majesty."

"Long live the Majesty!"

As the Emperor walked through the corridor, all the guards greeted him. 

"I can't be suspicious, or he would realize that I'm not the real one. I must act the part,' Long Chen thought as he started walking at a calm pace. 

As he reached near the Emperor, he also greeted Emperor Du, who lazily nodded in response and didn't place much focus on Long Chen, who looked like the ordinary guard he had seen a few times before. 

The Emperor left, not putting much thought into anything. 

As Long Chen got past the Emperor, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He was face to face with a calamity at the worst time. 

Fortunately, he hadn't thought about Teleportation, or things could have been worse for him. He literally had a chance of teleporting straight before the Emperor, who for some reason was walking in the corridor 

'See Xun? Sometimes high risks can be really useful,' Long Chen said through his thoughts, talking to Xun. 

"I guess you were right this time. It was good that you swapped looks and clothes," Xun said to Long Chen, agreeing. " I must say, sometimes even you can come up with some great ideas since even though they're risky, they work out."

After taking a few more turns up ahead, he finally ended up before the room where he had come out from last time. The Teleportation Portal was right on the other side of the door. 

"What are you doing here?" 

There were two guards standing at the entrance of the Formation Room, guarding it.

"I've come to inform you, His Majesty has called for you. Please meet him at the Throne Room. In the meanwhile, I'm supposed to stand here for you," Long Chen explained, lying through his teeth. 

"Oh? His Majesty wants to talk to us? Did we do something wrong?" The two guards asked Long Chen, seemingly worried. 

"I have no idea, but he did seem a bit serious. I should really not make him wait longer," Long Chen replied.

"We'll meet him right away. Hopefully, it's nothing bad," the guards replied as they left, leaving the protection of the room in Long Chen's hand. 

It was as if they had given the duty to guard the gold to the thieves themselves. Long Chen kept a serious expression on his face as the other guards walked away, but as soon as they disappeared from his sight, a smile returned to his face. 

He pushed the door open and stepped inside the portal room before closing the door.

He stepped on top of the Spacial Formation, which was on the ground, shining. 

Within seconds, the formation started shining, which filled the whole room, forcing Long Chen to close his eyes. He could feel his body passing through the fabric of space before the light disappeared. 

As he opened his eyes, he realized that he was standing in a different room, but not an unknown room. He had already been to this room before when he was leaving this world with Qian Yu and others. 

Long Chen brought out the Snake Monarch, who he had sent inside his storage ring when he had realized that he needed to impersonate a guard. 

Now that he came out the Snake Monarch again, so returned the constant talking where the Snake Monarch blamed Long Chen for sending him back to the boring place. 

"Shh! Look, we don't have time. Wrap yourself around my neck. I'm going to Teleport a few times to Teleport outside the Palace. If I happen to land before one of the guards, I want you to use your skill on them to prevent them from moving so I can kill them easier," Long Chen explained without wasting a second. 

"I'm already a bit tired. So don't make me repeat my words," he further added. 

"Alright. Since this Monarch's right hand man asks for help, this gracious God will help you," the Snake Monarch said, proudly as he wrapped himself around Long Chen's neck, resting on his shoulder. 

After getting ready, Long Chen Teleported outside the Formation Chamber and appeared in one of the corridors outside while fortunately, it happened to be empty. As for his next Teleportation, that was a bit messy since he happened to land before one of the guards. 

Seeing a stranger appear before him, the guard prepared to attack, but before he could even bring out his sword, he realized that he couldn't even move as if his whole body was paralyzed. A  tingling sensation was all around his body, but he couldn't move anything. 

Long Chen calmly walked closer to the guard as he formed a Qi Sword, which he used to kill the guard before he kept his body in the storage ring. 

He didn't use his Sword of Darkness since he only wanted to use that against stronger enemies or when he needed to absorb the strength of attacks when he was healthier. 

For now, the Qi Sword itself was enough.