Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1269 - 1269: Snake Monarch's Bloodline

"Hmm? What is this thing?" Long Chen grew confused, looking at that statue. It was telling so many things which no one else should have known. 

It even talked about how many times he had sex, his physical cultivation level, his hobbies, things he hated. 

"Bloodline: Special Bloodline... Can't detect."

"Bloodline Origin: Special Bloodline... Can't detect."

"Bloodline status: Partly Awakened."

"Suggestions to awaken: Bloodline Unknown, no suggestions."

"Inner World: 2."

The statue kept talking and only stopped when Long Chen took off his hands. 

"This Statue isn't ordinary. I think it's also a treasure, but a different kind. It can tell things about you. I don't see how it'll be useful for the most part, though," Long Chen muttered, observing the statue. 

"Let me try too! Seems fun!" Snake Monarch exclaimed, touching the statue as well.  

The statue started talking about him as well.

'Status: Contracted."

"Bloodline: Snake Monarch Bloodline mixed with Supreme Growth Bloodline."

"Bloodline Status: Unawakened."

"Suggestions to awaken:  A drop of Phoenix Blood."

"Hobbies: Lying and bluffing."


The statue kept speaking more and more, talking about tons of unknown things, but there was one point that Long Chen actually found interesting. 

He found it interesting that the statue was able to detect any special bloodline as long as it wasn't a powerful bloodline like his. 

Moreover, this statue also talked about the methods of awakening the bloodline, which was the best part of this. The statue was worth it, just for that part itself. 

It also raised a few questions though. As soon as the statue finished speaking, Snake Monarch stopped touching the statue. 

"Meh, this statue isn't accurate. Don't trust it. What does it mean when it says that my hobby is to lie and bluff? This is a lying statue," Snake Monarch scoffed, not impressed by the statue. 

"That part makes me trust the statue even more," Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes. 

"But I wonder, what's a Supreme Growth Bloodline?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Supreme Growth Bloodline: A Bloodline which helps a person cultivate and grow much faster. It is a high-grade bloodline that isn't seen often. Even if a person has this bloodline, they can never awaken it, making this bloodline useless." The Statue explained. 

"Hmm? This statue even answer questions?" Long Chen exclaimed, surprised. "But that does make sense. If you need Phoenix Blood to awaken this bloodline, no wonder it's so hard to awaken."

"Hey, statue answers me too. How awesome am I?" Snake Monarch also asked the statue. The statue didn't answer. 

"Why did it answer you and not me?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen, confused. 

"Explanation: I can only answer sensible questions," the Statue replied to this question. 

"What do you mean? Is my awesomeness not a sensible question?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"Snakey, stay silent. Let me ask the questions."

After silencing the Snake Monarch, Long Chen took the lead. 

"What actually are you?" he asked the statue. 

"The Statue of Samsara: A statue carved by the mighty artificer Wu Xi Ling and filled with all the knowledge available from the biggest scholars of his time, the Statue of Samsara is the greatest treasure in existence." The statue explained. 

"What shamelessness! You call me a liar and call yourself the greatest treasure? You don't have even the tiniest shame, do you?" Snake Monarch scoffed. 

"Who was this Wu Xi Ling?" Long Chen asked, ignoring Snake Monarch. 

"Wu Xi Ling: the greatest Artificer who was expelled from the heavens for theft, he was banished to the Immortal World five hundred million years ago where he created many incredible treasures, including the Statue of Samsara." the statue answered. 

"Five billion years ago? Did humans even exist then? I don't think even the First Emperor existed at that time. Human history in the Immortal World itself is only a couple hundred million years old. This doesn't make sense," Long Chen let out. 

"Wrong. Recent human history known by humans of this world is only three hundred million years old. As for the actual human history, it is seven billion years old." The Statue answered.

"Why is there no record of that history? If humans existed at that time, why is there no record of it?" Long Chen asked. 

"Because all the humans that lived in that time were killed. New humans from the mortal world started occupying the immortal world three hundred million years ago. That's where the current history starts," The statue answered. 

"Are you believing this thing? I think it's making up stories," Snake Monarch chimed in. 

"I don't know, but I have a feeling that he isn't lying," Long Chen muttered.

"What killed the humans of that time? How did they go extinct?" he asked the statue. 

"The wrath of Dragons destroyed the human species of that time," The Statue explained. 

"You mean Blood Dragons? Just like they're about to destroy everything right now, it happened even before?" Long Chen asked, amazed. 

"Wrong. The destruction was caused by the Royal Dragons from the Dragon Realm and not the Blood Dragons," the statue answered. 

"Why did Royal Dragons do it?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Explanation: The Royal Dragon Emperor's son was assassinated by a human when he came to visit the Immortal World. In their anger, the Dragons came to destroy every human that existed here." 

"Well, that's certainly an overkill," Long Chen muttered, smiling wryly. "The Dragons are really frightening. But won't the Phoenix be the same?"

"I heard that they're also as powerful as the Dragons. How can we get their blood to awaken a Bloodline?" He asked. 

"Phoenix Blood can only be taken from a Phoenix. They will be found in the Phoenix Realm. To get to the Phoenix Realm, you'll need to take the help of a mythical beast, someone from the Heaven or someone from the Demon Realm," the Statue answered. 

"Only beings as strong as them can help you."

"And how do I get to the Demon Realm or the Heaven? Isn't that a constant loop? I'm sure I'll need the help of someone as strong to get to the Demon Realm and Heaven too. And if I had someone as strong as them, why would I even need to go to them?" Long Chen asked.

"Is there no other way?"

"You need Peak World Traveling Crystal to get to Heaven or Demon Realm," the Statue explained. 

"And where can I find it?" Long Chen inquired.  

"Explanation: a world traveling crystal was possessed by Wu Xi Ling."

"That guy should be long dead.. I don't think I can find that crystal," Long Chen let out, shaking his head. "Where did he live though?"