Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1007 - 1007: Stupid Woman

"What the heck? It's you? How? Is that even possible?"

Long Chen couldn't help but exclaim in surprise as he saw the face of the man. 

"Aren't you the same thief I helped catch? What are you doing here?" he muttered in confusion. 

Did this guy gain consciousness before the arrival of the police somehow and chased after him? If he did that, then he was probably waiting the rest of the day outside his house for the night. Was it the revenge plan?

But that also doesn't make sense. In the last timeline, he had tied the man while also leaving him unconscious. How did he get here last time, then? Something wasn't matching up. 

"Did you run from the lockup? That could be how you got out both times. But still, you wouldn't have found my address," Long Chen muttered as he rubbed his chin. "Alright. I'll get my answer from you then."

He stood up and walked to the storage room before he came back with a robe. He used a thick rope to tie him up this time. He also used a piece of cloth to close the mouth of the man before picking him up in his arms. 

He took the man upstairs to his room and closed the door before tossing him to the ground like a toy. 

"Sigh, I feel so weak in this body. I miss my old body. Even though I can do a lot of things with this body because of my experience, I still can't compare to being a Mortal Grade Cultivator," he added as he sat down on the bed, tired. 

His breathing was already heavy after carrying such a heavy man. 

He picked up a bottle of water and started drinking him to give some relaxation to his tired throat.


It was four in the morning. Long Chen was feeling tired, constantly keeping a watch on this man who wasn't even moving. Was this guy even going to wake up? He needed to rest as well. 

It was his date later in the afternoon today. He couldn't stay up all night and all day waiting for him to wake up. 

"Wake up, you Idiot! How did you escape so fast when you can't even gain consciousness? How did you do it last time?" 

His words seemed to have worked like a miracle as he finally saw the hand of the man move. 

He was gaining consciousness slowly. 

The man soon enough opened his eyes only to realize that his mother was stuffed with something. His arms were also tied. 


He struggled to free himself only to fail. 

"It won't work. Unless you're a magician, you can't get out of that rope," Long Chen told the man, casually, attracting his attention.

The man gazed at Long Chen emotionless. 

Long Chen was standing on the bed, playing with the knife that belonged to the man. 

He stood up as he lazily walked towards the man who was lying on the ground, looking at him. 

Long Chen pointed the knife towards the man, slowly inching it closer to his neck. 

It didn't take long for the knife to touch the neck of the man lightly. 

"I must say, this knife is pretty good. It'll feel really nice when it's stabbed in someone's neck. Do you want to experience that as well?"

The man shook his head repeatedly. As the sharp point of the knife was touching his neck, he started sweating. 

"That's like a good boy. Now I'll free your mouth. But it would be best if you remembered, my mother is sleeping nearby. If you make any noise, I'll kill you faster than your voice leaves this room," Long Chen warned the man before he took the cloth off from the man's mouth. 

"Now tell me, why did you come here?" Long Chen asked the man. "It was to kill me, wasn't it?"

"That's right. You were the one who kicked my balls. It hurt so bad. Also, you made me get caught. I was angry and wanted to kill you. I realize I was wrong. Give me to the police. I deserve it," the man said apologetically. 

It was better to go to jail for attempted murder than to be killed by the person he was trying to kill. He had thought that Long Chen was a kid, but now that he was able to see his eyes clearly, he felt like Long Chen had the eyes of the killer who wasn't going to think twice before killing. 

"Oh, that I knew. You came to kill me, but the question is how. How were you able to find me after I left you there? Did the woman not give you to the police? Or did you run from lockup?" Long Chen asked again. 

This was the main question. 

" Oh, I didn't actually lose consciousness. Also, I gave the woman some money in exchange for letting me go. She didn't oppose it. I followed you after that. I don't think I have the capacity to run from the lockup," the man told Long Chen. 

"That bit*h! She was about to give me one coin for saving her purse? And even after that, she let you go free for some money, knowing it might put me at risk? Just how stupid can that woman be?" Long Chen muttered, clenching his fist. 

So he couldn't survive death since he had decided to help the woman. Even if he hadn't died there, he would have been killed at home. There was no other way for survival. The only way could have been not to interfere. 

He had decided that he would not save her if he failed this time as well and went back to the starting. Let that woman lose her money and everything important to her. 

She didn't think twice before putting his life in danger. If he had another opportunity, he was going to let her suffer a loss as well. 

"That's good to know then. I guess offering you to the police is better, but if you again tried to come to my house again, you'll die. Don't think you can change the outcome," Long Chen said as he stood up. He walked over to the phone and called the cops. 

Police arrived at his home within half an hour. The siren of the police vehicle even woke up his mother, who came out of her room. 

The woman asked Long Chen what was happening as she heard a knock on the door.

Long Chen informed her what had happened and that a thief was caught inside his home by him. 

He let the police enter the house.