Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 859 - 859: Betrayal

Long Chen and Xu Liang hugged each other.

A clever smile appeared on Long Chen's face.

Darkness started collecting in the hands of Long Chen, which took the shape of a small knife soon.

"I am really sorry," Long Chen muttered gently. 

"It's fine. We can work better while going forward," Xu Liang muttered, misunderstanding the words.

He soon moved back to free Long Chen from his embrace, but that's when a grunt let his lips.

"Urgh!" He exclaimed in pain.

As the knife was stabbed in his back right where his heart was supposed to be.

The darkness of the knife stabbed the heart of Xu Liang.

"You!" Xu Liang roared in rage as a powerful energy came out of his body, tossing Long Chen back.

The impact was so powerful that Long Chen flew back five hundred meters before he managed to stop.

Blood was coming out of his eyes and nose. He looked seriously injured. Even his clothes were torn, and the internals of his body were a mess. His body was wounded everywhere.

Xu Liang wasn't in any better condition. The knife was still stabbed in his chest.

"You lose, ahu, ahu... my friend. You lose," Long Chen exclaimed weakly as he coughed a mouthful of blood.

"I can't die. This is nothing for me. But you did expose yourself. You don't deserve to live. Lying openly, playing with mortals and betraying trust. You're the one who had lost his way, not me," Xu Liang said, weakly. He was also feeling weak.  "What's happening? What did you do to me?"

"What happened? You really think the punishment I gave you would be that simple? When you stopped resisting and let me punish you, I didn't only seal your memories. I also chained your soul. That wasn't all. I also placed a curse on you," Long Chen muttered as a cruel smile appeared on his face.

The shine behind Xu Liang kept dimming slowly. 

"What curse?" Xu Liang asked, but he only grew weaker. His body started getting translucent. It started disappearing slowly. 

"A curse of eternal death. You are the true immortal that can never die, but with this curse, you can suffer eternal death. Even if you manage to escape your purgatory and step out again, your memories will be gone. They will be locked again. And this time, my blood won't help you escape," Long Chen said as he watched the disappearing body of Xu Liang. 

" The broken soul chains will still remain broken, but that doesn't matter as you won't be able to use your powers without your memories, which will be even harder to recover. The more you die, the harder your memories will be to recover," he continued.

"You win this time, even if it's by a scheme, but I promise you. Next time I wake up, I will kill you. It won't matter if you're occupying an immortal body or a mortal. You will die. Even if I have to end this world," Xu Liang's voice echoed in the vast emptiness of space even after he disappeared.

The space soon returned to its usual darkness and silence. 

"Have a long and nice sleep, old friend. I am sorry for everything. It's better for you. Stay there, and don't come out until it's all over. Or you will suffer... the same fate I did," Long Chen muttered as he looked upwards. 

He soon started flying backward towards the land he came from.


Back on the ground, Wu Lia was still standing in the corner, wondering what had happened.

The envoys of the Empire were also there. After the two beings flew up to the sky, they were frozen in time, but with the disappearance of Xu Liang, they were freed.

They all looked around, only to see the whole place empty. The two people who were fighting weren't there. They had disappeared.

Even the kid who seemed like he was a god disappeared.  There was no pressure or anything.

"That Sword seems pretty interesting. It seems normal, but I think it was what kept him safe from the boy's attacks. Let me see if it's actually something special," he muttered as he walked closer. 

Wu Lia walked closer to the black rusted sword that was lying where Long Chen had crashed. 

"Hey kid, stay away from that place. It's not for kids like you to pay."

As Wu Lia was walking closer to the battle site, the people from the Empire stopped him.

"Stay away if you don't want your bones to be broken," Lim Yi threatened Wu Lia.

Wu Lia softly gazed at her before he smiled. He shook his head. He didn't stop and continued walking.

"Stop!" Fu Min said in full seriousness as he grew angry to see a kid ignoring their commands.

"Sigh. You guys aren't going to let me do anything without having me use my powers. Whatever," Wu Lia muttered as he clapped his hand.

As soon as he clapped, the time in his surroundings stopped.

Fu Min and the others also stopped. 

"True peace. Now it's better," Wu Lia said softly as he continued walking towards the stop.

He stopped right before the sword of time.

"It doesn't look impressive at all, but if he's using this instead of the Saint Sword, there must be something special about it," he muttered as he reached out his hand towards the sword.

As soon as his hand was about to touch the sword, he stopped as he heard the sound of footsteps behind him.

"I don't think that belongs to you, right?" 

Wu Lia heard a voice coming from behind him.

He stopped and looked back only to see Long Chen standing there.

"You are back. Where did you disappear to? And where is the kid?" Wu Lia asked, wondering about the whereabouts of Xu Liang.

"He is where he was supposed to be. As for you, are you going to leave it should I get serious?" Long Chen asked.

" I'm not supposed to interfere in matters related to you this openly, but I guess I need to know if I want to know the mystery behind that sword," Wu Lia muttered as he grinned.

He flew towards Long Chen, but something happened right then.

He saw a smile on Long Chen's bloody face before everything channel. The surroundings changed. He was previously standing in the city, but now he was in a desert. There was no sign of the City as far as the eyes could see.

"What just happened?" Wu Lia muttered in confusion, not understanding how he got here.