Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1180 - 1180: Blood Dragon

Long Chen decided to go to the top, and he even informed the King.

Long Chen convinced the Snake Monarch, who could take them to the top without them having to take the longer route. 

"Hah, you don't need to tell me twice. Even this Monarch wants to see who dares to scare these kids. If he's good, I might keep him as my subordinate,"  Snake Monarch said, accepting right away. 

He started getting bigger to carry two people swiftly. Long Chen and Ji Shan flew up, landing on the back of the Snake Monarch, who started rising in the air as it went straight to the top of the mountain 


As the Snake Monarch flew towards the top of the mountain, Long Chen sat excited. He really wanted it to be a powerful beast since he was planning to tame it. 

"How strong do you think that beast can be? Are you really confident that it's a good idea?" Sitting on the Snake Monarch, Ji Shan was wondering if what they were doing was sensible. They were going blindly to meet a beast that they didn't know the strength of.

"Don't worry. If he's too strong, we will get out of here. There will be no dangers," Long Chen answered casually. 

"I hope so," Ji Shan said as he got his bow prepared. 

"That's right. I forgot to ask. Have you trained with the bow at all?" Long Chen asked Ji Shan as he saw the bow in his hand. 

"Not yet. That's why I'll be practicing here. If it's a beast that's powerful, at least I can divert it,"Ji Shan explained. 

"Be careful. That Bow really packs a strong punch. Use it carefully even if you want to use it," Long Chen replied as he observed the bow. "Your grip seems better though."

"Yeah. I might have practiced in the room a bit, I guess," Ji Shan responded as he rolled his eyes. 

Seeing the two youngsters talking, the Snake Monarch couldn't help but scoff. 

"You two are like kids. Why do you even need weapons when I'm with you! Whatever that beats is, I will... Whaaat is that?"

The Snake Monarch was speaking to gloat himself, but his words changed as he saw what was ahead on the top of the mountain. 

"That... It can't be..." Even Ji Shan's mouth opened wide as he saw the beast who seemed to be sleeping on top of the mountain.

"Is this real?" Even Long Chen was shocked as he saw the beast.

"A real dragon?" He exclaimed as he saw a real dragon lying on top of the mountain. It looked like a real dragon whose body was so long that it was visible even from such a distance. 

His blood-red skin made it seem like it was made of the real blood that made it look fascinating as well as frightening. 

' Xun! You tell me! Is that a real dragon? Or those copies that I saw before? The ones who have only a tiny bit of Dragon Bloodline?' Long Chen asked, frowning. He knew that he could only get answers from Xun at this point. 

"It's a Blood Dragon... And yeah, it's a real dragon and not half-blood. Fortunately, it's not from the Royal Dragon Species, but it's still close. I'm surprised it's staying in the Immortal World. How is it that it hasn't been caught yet?" Xun exclaimed, stunned. 

"So it's a real dragon indeed. Not bad for my next tamed beast," Long Chen said as he stood up. 

"No wait! You're underestimating it too much! It's not a normal beast! It's a Dragon! Even if it's not the Royal Dragon, it's still the King of beasts," Xun reminded Long Chen. 

"I know he is strong. I can already see that his cultivation isn't weaker than mine! But I can't wait! We are lucky that it hasn't been caught yet. I don't want to wait for someone else to discover it," Long Chen explained his point of view as to why he can't wait. 

"Also, if the Western Emperor got news about this, he'll come here personally to tame it! I have the lead. I can't miss it," He further said. 

"Meh, what's so special about this? It's just a small dragon! Why are you treating it like a god? I mean, you already have the Great Snake Monarch with you," Snake Monarch told Long Chen, feeling insulted that everyone was so fascinated by a Dragon. 

He hadn't received this fascinating ever, and he was a freaking talking Snake. He felt a little sad.

"I know you are special. But similarly, Orion is special in his own place. Similarly, a Dragon is a different form of special. None of you can be compared. Just like I couldn't miss you, I can't miss this guy," Long Chen replied. 

"No one has seen the future. Who knows, it decides to leave tomorrow. I really can't miss this opportunity," He further said. 

Looking back at Snake Monarch, he continued, "Ji Shan, I think I'll need to send you back for a bit.  I'm going to be fighting a Dragon. And it's the battle of the strongest level in the Immortal World. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I know, I know. I'm too weak for this. Don't worry, send me to your Inner World. I'll just practice with this Bow in the meantime," Ji Shan said as he also stood up. 

He understood he was weak, and there was no way to cover his weakness in such a short time without putting in his work. 

As he was prepared, Long Chen sent Ji Shan into his inner world.

Standing alone on top of the Snake Monarch, Long Chen looked at the Blood Dragon.

"Xun, which of the two approaches should I try? Poisoning it to weaken it or the other one?" He asked Xun as the Snake Monarch kept getting closer to the Blood Dragon. 

"None because none of that will work. One of the specialties of the Blood Dragon is that it's immune to all the pills or poisons," Xun replied as she rejected both. 

"I guess the old method it is then. Beat the heck out of it and force it to become my tamed beast," Long Chen said, cracking his knuckles.

"That won't be easy. The Blood Dragons are known for their incredible strength and their powerful healing. And they can also fight people stronger than them. So it won't be an easy battle," Xun replied. 

"Don't worry. This little guy will help me today," Long Chen said, smirking as he pulled out something from his storage ring.