Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1002 - 1002: Duffer

"What is it?" Xun asked Long Chen as she appeared in front of him after he had called for her gravely. 

Her beautiful long dress was tightly wrapped around her body, only loose near the legs part where it was moving with the wind, which was somewhat surprising to see since she was actually a Spirit. 

" Honestly, I didn't think I'd tell you this. I wanted to keep it a secret since I didn't know how you'd react, but I can't keep it a secret," Long Chen replied as he stepped closer to Xun, who was still confused as to what he was trying to say. 

Long Chen abruptly raised his hand and pinched the cheeks of Xun as he grinned, "It's been so long since I got to touch your cheeks. I missed this."

"Hey, free me!" Xun exclaimed as she struggled to free herself, but she couldn't. 

"No. I'll only release you if you say that I'm your master and I know the best!" Long Chen replied as he laughed. Messing with Xun had lightened his mood. 

Moreover, he couldn't deny that pinching her soft cheeks felt pretty good. 

"Never! Free me this instant! Don't pinch me!" Xun refused to say what he wanted. How could she accept him as master? She was the master instead in her head. 

"I'm your master, not you! Don't irritate me anymore!" She told Long Chen. 

"You're the Master? Fine? Then watch me pinch my master's cheeks," Long Chen chuckled as he shook his head. He wasn't going to free her. 

"Fine! I'll say it! You're the master, and you know what's best! Now free me!"

Unable to free herself, Xun gave up as she said it. 

"Good girl," Long Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, but he still didn't free her. 

"Hey, free me now! I said what you wanted," Xun told Long Chen as he still didn't release her. 

"Tell me one more thing," Long Chen said as he gazed into Xun's beautiful eyes. 


"Tell me that you'll never betray me," Long Chen asked casually. 

His casual words had somewhat stunned Xun, who was a bit taken aback. 

"Why are you talking like this? Why will I betray you?" she asked Long Chen ignorantly. 

"Hey, I'm not saying that you will. I just casually asked. What happened? Why aren't you speaking?" Long Chen inquired in return. 

"Is that even something I need to say? Of Course. Now free me," she told Long Chen. 

Long Chen noticed her swift changing of the topic. But he didn't press. He was just messing with her. He didn't care if she said or not. He already knew what was going to happen in the future. Not only that, but he also knew the things that even Xun didn't. 

He finally freed Xun's cheeks. 

"Now, don't disturb your master. I have more things to do here than to mess with you. I need to make a cave," he said, turning back. 

He started looking at the ground. 

After selecting a suitable place, he started digging the ground with the help of his Cultivation that made it a matter of minutes. 

Within minutes, he had finished the cave that went underground. After finishing, he came out and closed the entrance of the cave, making it impossible to see. Not only that, he even filled the entrance with soil. If someone wanted to enter, he was going to need to dig it again. 

He left a small area inside the ground open while also leaving a path for air to get in. 

"That finishes the preparation," he muttered as he looked at the ground, which seemed as good as normal. No one could know that there was a small room underground.  

Xun had also disappeared by the time he finished. 

"Xia, right," Long Chen muttered as he sent his consciousness inside the fake world to see if Xia had finished her task. 

"There she is. She's out of the sea. It seems like she finished," he added as he found her soon. 

He instantly brought her out of the Fake World. 

Xia appeared in front of Long Chen. Her clothes were still wet, highlighting her curves while sticking close to her body. 

Long Chen kept his eyes on Xia's face instead. Her hair had yet to dry, giving her a more charming look. Unfortunately, it was useless on Long Chen, who knew that she was only a puppet and not a normal girl. 

"Xia, did you finish the task I gave you?" he asked Xia. 

Even though he knew that she must have done it by now, he still wanted to listen to her. 

"I did as commanded. That talisman is buried under the ground where the portal led to," Xia nodded her head as she replied.

" That's good. Unfortunately, the Fake world is linked to the previous world. Now that I'm not there, I can't know where that talisman actually is, even with mine. In any case, I don't need to do it anymore since they won't be staying in the Fake World anymore," Long Chen muttered as he rubbed his chin curiously. 

"I should've thought about this before," he muttered as he smiled wryly. "I'm sorry for sending you on this useless endeavor."

"Anyway, I have one more task for you. And that's to guard me. I'll be going in seclusion. And I can't be disturbed. Even though I have made a safe place and the chances of being found are less, I still need you," he told Xia, who agreed right away. 

"That's good. For now, you go back. Since I can't Teleport inside with you, I'll call you or when I'm inside," he added before he sent Xia back. 

After Xia was back, he roamed his gaze one last time over his surroundings before he disappeared. 

He appeared inside the room he had made underground. 

As he reached there, he called out Xun. He even called out Zhiqing. 

"What's this place? Father told me that you were going to be in the Palace and can't contact us for months? No matter how hard I try, this place doesn't seem like a Palace to me."

As soon as Zhiqing came out, she started asking questions without letting him explain anything. 

Long Chen explained to her what had happened after he had talked to his father and how he was falsely accused. 

What he said stunned Zhiqing, but she was even more stunned as she got to know what happened next and how Long Chen barged out of there in anger, leaving Mingyu behind. 

"You duffer! You left Mingyu behind?" Zhiqing explained after hearing the whole story as she facepalmed herself.