Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1220 - 1220: Clues

"Where are you from?" Fu Qua asked Long Chen, trying to gauge his identity. 

"Why do you want to know?" Long Chen asked in return. 

"Is it a secret? Come on; I'm just trying to get to know you. You aren't working for me, but we can still be friends, can't we?" Fu Qua asked, smiling. "Moreover, you already know where I'm from. I don't know. That's unfair."

"I found out without asking you. So it's only fair that you do the same," Long Chen responded as he continued eating. 

"So you want me to guess too? That would waste so much time!" Fu Qua let out, frustrated. 

"We have all the time in the world. I think you should only be fifty years old. With your cultivation, you have a long lifetime to guess," Long Chen commented. 

"What do you mean fifty?! I'm not a single day older than twenty-five!" Fu Qua snapped at being called old. 

"Well, then you have even more time to guess. Congrats," Long Chen said, laughing.

"You! Why are you keeping it so secret? What's the big deal about your origin place? You at least had some clues to guess from because only one Major Sect controls this place and the treasures."

"On the other hand, you can be from any of the thousands of Major Sects! At Least give me a clue!" The lady said, smiling wryly. 

"You want clues?" Long Chen inquired, seemingly amused. 

"I want! Give me clues to help me," Fu Qua said, nodding repeatedly. 

"Alright. Your first clue is that I'm from a faraway place. And it's so far that I don't think you can even imagine," Long Chen replied. He was sure that the girl couldn't guess that he was from a mortal world because of his age. 

"Hmm, faraway place. You're not from the Western Empire?" Fu Qua asked. 

" Who knows," Long Chen lazily shrugged. "I gave you a clue already. Work with it."

"That's not enough clue! Give me more!" Fu Qua insisted. 

"Alright. One more clue for you in that case. But there won't be any more clues after this," Long Chen said, smiling wryly. 

"Make it a good clue! Not useless like the last one!" Fu Qua said. 

"The next clue is that I'm from an image where people kill each other for strength. It's a society where strength reigns supreme. But it's also a place where people dream to come here," Long Chen answered vaguely. 

He was talking about Immortal World when he said people dream to come here, but he said it in such a way that it would imply he was talking about this town. 

He didn't actually want Fu Qua to guess right away, but he also didn't want her to lie to her too much. It was fun to lead her on a trail that was made of truth but still impossible to find. 

"A place where people dream to come here?" Fu Qua muttered, confused. 

' What nonsense is he talking about? Why would people in his sect dream to come here? For the Formation Brush? Or is he talking about our position as the heirs of the Sect and that people dream to come here to this position as High as his?'

There were many assumptions in her head, but none of those answered the questions at hand. What did it imply? She still couldn't guess. There was nothing in his answer that could help her locate his Empire, let alone locate the specific place and the sect. 

Each of the four Empires had many high ranking sects. 

"Fine! I lost! Tell me the name of your Sect! I know you're from a High Grade Sect. Which grade is it?" She ultimately asked, feeling defeated. 

"The Sect?" Long Chen asked, amused. He had already guessed that she was thinking this way, but he didn't express anything. 

"As I said, why do you even want to know which sect? It doesn't matter anyway. I'm just here to have some fun. I'm not here to steal your treasures," he further said. "So you don't have to spy on me."

"On one hand, you say that it doesn't matter anymore. On the other hand, you refuse to tell me. If it doesn't matter to me, then tell me. And if it does matter, then stop saying otherwise and tell me," Fu Qua said firmly. 

"Your food will get cold. Eat that first," Long Chen said, changing the topic. 

"Will you tell me after that?" Fu Qua asked.

"I can't promise, but I'll think about it," Long Chen answered. 

Taking his answer as a yes, Fu Qua dropped the matter, at least for a minute. She also started eating in peace.

While the two of them were having dinner, they didn't know that a person was watching them from outside.

It was none other than the Elder of the Dark Moon Sect. 

He had been trying to find Long Chen and follow him to see if this guy meets with the Sun Sect members. But what he saw was even more surprising. 

"Isn't that the Princess of the Formation Sect?" The man muttered, frowning.

He had recognized the last, which stunned him even more. Why was Long Chen with that girl? He couldn't help but wonder. 

"The Sun Sect is the strongest middle-grade Sect. As it's Sect Masters, it won't be odd for that man to have dinner with someone so high in position. Moreover, there are indeed rumors that the Sun Sect is supported by the Formation Sect. Does it mean that this guy is really him?" He wondered. 

Just as he was misunderstanding Long Chen's identity, a new group entered the town. The new group consisted of youngsters who had a Sun Symbol on their chest. 

They were also accompanied by someone older. 

"First time our Sect will explore the Ghost Town. I'm pretty excited," one of the youngsters commented. 

"Yeah. Apparently, not a single person had managed to enter the true depths of the city. Our Sect had been thinking about doing it for a long time. They were just wondering if it was worth it. This will be our first and last try, and we must succeed," Another youngster said. 

"Yeah. I doubt the sect will ever come here a second time. But I really wonder if we still get a treasure that was worth it. Hopefully, we will," The first guy commented. " If we don't get anything, it'll be truly embarrassing. Our Sect is taking a really big risk here."

"Don't worry, this time we'll be working with the Saint Formation Sect. Apparently, their Prime Disciple is here as well. He has decided to help us and give us treasures to help."