Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1169 - 1169: No Choice

"A dragon?" Gu Wang said in shock as he saw the massive beast in the sky. 

"Not exactly. He's my previous Snake. Much better than a dragon," Long Chen told Gu Wang while showing off. 

"Ahh, isn't he too big, though? I mean, he can carry out the entire clan entourage alone! It would be awkward if we went with such a big beast. It would have been better if he was one-fifth his size," Gu Wang said, sighing. 

"It's fine, though. If you want to come on it, I won't refuse you," he further said. 

"One-fifth the size? That's possible too," Long Chen said as he whistled. 

"Snakey, become eighty percent smaller!' he commanded the Snake Monarch. 

The Snake Monarch didn't argue back and became smaller. He was still very big compared to the other beasts, but at least he wasn't a giant now. 

"Is that better?" Long Chen asked. 

"It can even get smaller? Is that a Divine Beast?" Gu Wang asked, frowning. 

'Divine Beast? I mean, I know Snake Monarch is rare, but it shouldn't be so rare that they don't even recognize him. Didn't the Saint King say that he met a lot in his time in the Immortal World?' Long Chen thought, frowning. 

'I know this kingdom is comparatively backwater, but it should still know that. Unless... Snake Monarchs went extinct long ago and forgotten?' he wondered. 

"It's an ordinary beast for me. Anyway, I don't know the direction, so you'll need to take the lead. I'll follow behind you," Long Chen told Gu Wang. 

"I'll do that."

Gu Wang stepped forward and took the lead on the Eagle that was standing ahead of the others. 

As Long Chen was about to leave, Gu Lin grabbed his hand. 

"What do you need?" Long Chen asked, looking back at her. 

"Can I come with you on this Divine Beast too?" Gu Lin asked cutely. 

"But Sister Lin! Weren't you coming with me today?" Gu Ren protested as he stepped forward. 

"I know, but you can take the Eagle alone. I'll come with him," Gu Lin answered. "It's not daily that I get the opportunity to sit on something like this!"


"No, but. My decision is final. In any case, you'll be the only one riding an Eagle alone other than father. It should be something to be proud of. Don't say no. If you have a problem going alone, you can sit with father," Gu Lin retorted as she refused to listen to him.

"So, can I come with you?" Gu Lin again asked Long Chen as she ignored Gu Ren. 

"Alright. You can come," Long Chen answered as he flew up. 

Ji Shan could also fly since he was in Heaven Realm. As for Gu Lin, she was even stronger than Ji Shan, so she flew up as well. 

The others also took their position on their Eagles. Even Gu Ren walked to his Eagle that he was supposed to share with Gu Lin today. But all because of this Long Chen, he couldn't. He was so frustrated.

"Everyone ready?" Gu Wang asked everyone. Only after confirmation did he take to the air as he started flying.

The Snake Monarch also started flying behind Gu Wang. 

Ji Shan sat in the back as he again opened the book that was given to him by Long Chen. He started reading, immersing himself in the book. 

As for Gu Lin, she stuck close to Long Chen despite there being so much space. Her shoulder kept touching Long Chen's shoulders. 

"This place is so good. It's no less than a bed. So spacious and soft. I think you can fly on this under the moon, being romantic with your girl," Gu Lin said, laughing. 

"You think he didn't try this before? Think again," a mysterious voice came out of nowhere. 

"Who said it?" Gu Lin exclaimed in shock.

"Little Snakey! Didn't I tell you not to make a noise?" Long Chen said, frowning. 

"Come on! You seriously didn't expect me to sit silently for hours, did you? You're lucky I didn't say anything before. Be happy with that," Shake Monarch answered. 

"I-is this the Snake Speaking?" Gu Lin asked, stunned.

"That's right. The thing that you call a Divine Being is just a braggart. But it can speak. It's also my partner. I think you forgot, but it was also in the pond with me when you saw me," Long Chen replied. 

"Ah, then what he said about you doing this before? Did you bring a girl here and were romantic with her?" Gu Lin asked, frowning. 

"That's right. I'm already married. I have six wives. That's why I stayed away from you last night," Long Chen answered. 

"If that's all, then you don't need to worry about anything. I don't mind it. I can be your seventh," Gu Lin said, laughing. "You should've said before that you were worried about that. Anyway, forget all that. I accept all that, and I'm ready to be yours."

As Gu Lin spoke, she again rubbed Long Chen's thighs gently. 

"Cough! Cough! Young lady, you're forgetting something. I'm also here. Moreover, I don't think he's worried if you'll accept him or not. He should be more worried about his wives who will kill him. Aren't I right, Long Chen?" Ji Shan asked, chiming in. 

He didn't want Long Chen to be in a mess later because of momentarily losing himself in lust. 

"Cough, that's right. As I said, I'm not ready to be in a new relationship yet," Long Chen answered. 

"Are you sure?" Gu Lin whispered in Long Chen's ears as she placed her hand where she shouldn't have.

She didn't even ask again as she entered her hand inside Long Chen's pants, grabbing his sword before she started shaking it.

"Listen to me carefully. I won't stop you if you do all this. Since I really don't care about this. But don't expect anything serious out of this," Long Chen reminded the girl, not stopping her.

As the Snake Monarch was flying above the other, no one could see what was happening on top except Ji Shan, who also stopped looking. He did his job. After this, it was on Long Chen how he wanted to handle this. 

"It's fine. Now I really want to do it. I don't care about anything else," Gu Lin said as she again lowered his pants slightly before she brought little Chen out. She soon took it in her mouth. 

As for Long Chen, he didn't care. He had already warned her. If she wanted to help him release his excessive energy, he wasn't going to stop her.