Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1123 - 1123: Hand Over

"Not legendary humans. This is the strength of Long Chen! He is the only Legendary Human in the true sense of that word," Terra replied, shaking his head. "When I was back home, I used to think that all humans were this strong, but now I know, some are really different. Some are really special."

"That's true. He really seems special," Roli agreed. 

The Grand Elders of the Sect were also shocked to see the display before them. 

"To think that this guy was the Head Disciple of our sect not long ago. And now he can keep up with all the Sect Masters at once? He really is talented. We should really have worked hard to keep him with us. Instead, because of her, our sect betrayed him today," the Prime Elder sighed as he wondered what was going to happen to them. 

When Long Chen came here, it was clear that he wasn't going to destroy this sect, but after the Sect Masters' actions of calling his enemies, there was a chance that Long Chen could wipe out this sect after dealing with them. 

He prayed that he was wrong and that they weren't going to be punished because of their sect master. 


While everyone felt like they were in a dream, Long Chen kept cutting up the sect masters like they weren't strong enemies but vegetables. 

The battle was over before it could even start, as all seventeen Sect Masters were killed by Long Chen in less than a minute. 

It was such an impossible sounding feat for the people here, but only the ones that accompanied Long Chen knew that it wasn't impossible for him. Instead, it was something that was very easy for him since he had already fought and defeated a few Saint Realm experts. 

As for his Cultivation, it was already higher than these people, ignoring the fact that he could fight people stronger than him. 

"You're the only one left. So, what were you saying about killing me? Can you repeat that now?"

After killing all the other sect masters, Long Chen looked at the Dark Soul Sect Master, who was the last one left. 


The Dark Soul Sect master seemed to be struggling to even reply to Long Chen. She couldn't even finish a word as she started stuttering. Her mind had gone blank after seeing what happened before her. Long Chen had literally killed all the Sect Masters in less than a minute. 

If he was so strong, what was she before him?

"I-i didn't have any hand in it. You know I didn't send any elders to destroy your sect. It was all their work. I do agree that I made a mistake this time by informing them. I was just worried about my sect. I misunderstood your intentions. Since you're still safe, please forgive me," the Dark Soul Sect Master landed on the ground as she apologized to Long Chen. 

She knew that she had no other option to survive but to forget her dignity and ask for forgiveness. 

"Oh really? You regret that? Well, I'll give you forgiveness on one condition," Long Chen replied as he also landed. 

"What condition?" The Sect Master asked. 

" My Snake Monarch wanted to see you dance. Start dancing for me. If he likes your dance, I'll forgive you and leave. And if he doesn't like your dance, I'm sure you can guess the next part," Long Chen explained before he walked back to Mingyu and Zhiqing. 

As Long Chen reached near Zhiqing, she pinched his waist before she said jokingly, "You really want to see another woman's dance before your wives? Shameless man."

"I don't want to. I only want to see your dance," Long Chen replied as he placed his hand on Zhiqing's butt before giving it a light squeeze. "How about you show it to me later?"

"You!" Zhiqing's face turned red as she felt Long Chen's actions. "Stop. Not here!"

"Don't worry; I don't want to see her dance. She's not even as pretty as any of you," Long Chen replied before he took his hand from Zhiqing's back. 

He shifted his focus back to the Dark Soul Sect master, who was still sitting on her knees, not moving. 

"What happened? You don't know how to dance, or you feel embarrassed?" Long Chen asked. 

"I-it is hard for me to dance before so many people," the Sect Master replied as she lowered her head. 

"Oh? It's hard for you?" Long Chen inquired as he rolled his eyes. 

"Was it easy for the innocent mortals that you had killed for your son's Cultivation? Was it easy for them?  Or was it easy for me when your son tried to kill me?" He asked before he lightly tapped his head. 

"Oh, sorry. Forget that last part. It was indeed easy for me when he tried to kill me. He was too weak. Crushing his neck was fun," he added as he laughed. 

"You bastard! I'll kill you!"

Hearing Long Chen mock her dead son, the Sect Master seemed to have become enraged. No matter how strict she was with her son, she loved him a lot. To hear Long Chen talk about how he killed her son, she lost her senses as she flew towards Long Chen, intending to kill him. 

She was still flying, but she stopped mid-air. She didn't stop of her own will, though. 

It was the ability of the Snake Monarch which stopped her in her place. 

"I'm tired of asking her for that dance. This monarch didn't even ask the Princess of Heaven so much. I lost my interest. Do what you want," Snake Monarch told Long Chen as he sighed. Honestly, he didn't want to see her dance either. He was just messing with her from the start. 

"Don't worry; we'll soon find you a Mrs. Snake Monarch. She can't be as bad as this woman anyway," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch before he brought out his Spirit Sword and tossed it in the air.

The spirit sword flew towards the frozen Sect Master, killing her as well. 

Long Chen kept the Spirit Sword back before he looked at Terra. 

"How was it? The battle?" He asked. 

"It was amazing. You're really strong. No, that's wrong. You're not strong; you're the strongest," Roli told Long Chen. 

"I wish I were, but I'm not. One day I shall be the strongest. That's my current quest after all," Long Chen asked as he looked at the sky.

"That aside, I need to send you back to your world. Where did you come from? Do you have a way to go back?"