Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1050 - 1050: Change Target

"Wait! I'll leave his body! I'll free him! Don't kill them!" the Ancestor called out just when Long Chen was about to finish his count. 

He had seen what Long Chen was capable of. That guy had already killed Emperor Meng, and it was certain that he wasn't going to think twice before killing the Crown Prince either. 

The Dark Spirit was the ancestor of the Meng Clan. He couldn't see his clan end today. Moreover, he had already spent time with the Second and Third Prince. He knew that Long Chen was right. Both of them were useless. The only one capable enough to lead the Meng Clan now was the Crown Prince. 

He couldn't let the Crown Prince die today. 

Even though he agreed to leave Ji Shan's body, he hadn't given up. He had already decided on what he was going to do. He had a plan for after Long Chen freed his descendant. 

"That's like my good boy. Now act fast and leave the body that doesn't belong to you," Long Chen said, nodding in satisfaction as he saw the Dark Spirit agreeing. 

"Yes," the Dark Spirit modded as he slowly stepped out of Ji Shan's body. 

As soon as it stepped out, Ji Shan dropped to the ground like an unconscious man. 

Long Chen and everyone present there was able to see the true face of the Dark Spirit. 

They could see the semi-transparent spirit of the Dark Spirit floating near Ji Shan's body. 

"I left his body. Now free my descendant!" the Dark Spirit told Long Chen. 

"Not yet. First step fifty meters away from Ji Shan. Only then will I free him," Long Chen replied, refusing to take the sword off. 

He couldn't Teleport near Ji Shan with that Dark Spirit still floating around. There was a good chance that he'll enter Ji Shan's body once again after Long Chen freed his descendant. He wanted to avoid that possibility. 

"Fine!" The Dark Spirit agreed to this as well as it floated back, increasing the distance between it and Ji Shan. 

"All of you move away from Ji Shan as well!" 

Emperor Du and General Wuki were still near Ji Shan. Long Chen commanded them to move back as well. 

Emperor Du listened as he moved back. General Wuki still seemed angry, but he listened as well. In his mind, he had already decided to attack Long Chen for revenge as soon as he appeared near Ji Shan. 

'Heh, that guy thinks he is safe with us keeping distance? He is too naive. He doesn't know about my attacks,' General Wuki thought, grinning. 

"General Wuki, I'm not as naive as you think I am. I'm warning you. You can try what you want but don't blame me later for what happens next to you," Long Chen retorted to General Wuki, shocking him. 

"How did you know what I'm thinking?!" General Wuki exclaimed in shock. 

"I know much more than you realize. So stay within your limits. Or do you want me to talk about the nephew of your Emperor?" Long Chen asked. 

"My nephew? He disappeared, and he was never found again. What about him?" Emperor of Tricion exclaimed in shock as his nephew was mentioned. 

It wasn't a secret. When his nephew was coming back from a nearby city, he was attacked by bandits and kidnapped. Emperor of Tricion tried hard to find him, but not only could they not find the bandits, but they didn't find his nephew either. General Wuki was placed in charge of that search. 

General Wuki's face turned pale as he understood Long Chen's hidden meaning. How did this guy know about that? Could he really read thoughts?

He had only recently thought about what he did to the Emperor's nephew when the Emperor had forced him to give away his stone. He didn't know that Long Chen had heard that. 

There was one more person now who knew that the search wasn't wasted. General Wuki had actually managed to find the bandits and the nephew. But he killed the bandits, used the Emperor's nephew for his dark Cultivation because of his bloodline.

After all that, he made up a story that he never found the Emperor's baby nephew. 

He hastily moved back as he listened to Long Chen. 

He didn't want to be exposed. He decided to do whatever Long Chen said. Long Chen had his hand on General Wuki's nerves. If he was exposed, General Wuki was most certainly dead. 

His life was more dear to him than revenge. 

"General Wuki! What is he talking about?" Emperor of Tricion noticed something strange from their conversation. He directly asked General Wuki. 

"Your Majesty, I'll tell you about this later. For now, the priority is saving our guests," General Wuki replied, dodging the topic. He had decided that it was the best way. 

First, he needed to make Long Chen go. After he was gone, he could make any excuses he wanted to the Emperor to save his life. 

Only after the Dark Spirit and the others were fifty meters away did Long Chen react. 

He took off the black sword as he Teleported near the body of Ji Shan. 

Without waiting, Long Chen used his Space Law to open a long distance Teleportation portal as he hastily picked up Ji Shan.

"Kekeke, Too late."

Long Chen was just about to take Ji Shan inside the portal when he heard a noise. The Dark Spirit had appeared near them with what seemed like Teleportation as well. 

"You made me lose my body. Let me take over yours! I promise I'll take good care of your body," the Dark Spirit chuckled as he flew towards Long Chen, intending to enter him instead. 

Long Chen sent Ji Shan inside the Fake World, freeing himself. Since the Dark Spirit wanted him, he might as well give it what he wanted. 

"Sure! Come take me!" Long Chen laughed as he watched the Dark Spirit come near him. 

The Dark Spirit hit Long Chen, trying to enter him. 

"Argh! It hurts! It burns so much! Just what are you!" 

As soon as the Dark Spirit touched Long Chen, it started screaming in pain as it moved back injured. 

It couldn't believe it. Just what was Long Chen, to hurt him so much?

The Dark Spirit couldn't enter the body of a Cultivator whose Cultivation was the same or more than his original Cultivation, but even that didn't hurt as much. Then why did trying to enter a weak Cultivator hurt so much? What was he made of?