Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1120 - 1120: Surrounding Snake Monarch

"Terra, Roli,  I told you that there are some bad humans too, right?" Long Chen asked the two on his side. 

The two nodded in response. 

"Apparently a few of them are coming. Come. Let me give you a good show that you'll never forget," Long Chen said, grinning as he started walking towards the Snake Monarch, who wasn't visible from here because of a few tall buildings. 

Terra and Roli had also gained their energy and stood up as they followed. Mingyu, Zhiqing, and Chu Miao also walked with Long Chen, curious about these two creatures. 

They couldn't understand what species they were. According to what they understood from Long Chen's confusion with these people, they were from a different world which Long Chen had traveled to. It could only be before he met them since they didn't remember anything like that. 

They wanted to ask more about these people, but they knew that it was going to make them uncomfortable if they did that in front of Terra and Roli. 

They kept their mouth shut and saved all their questions for later


"And then this Monarch beat up the Heavenly Emperor! How dare he speak badly about my friend? You should have seen his face! It was so swollen after I beat him up!"

"Then the Heavenly Emperor started begging me to forgive him with tears in his eyes. In the end, I took pity on him and left him with his life. Since that day, whenever he sees me, he starts shivering in fear."

The Snake Monarch was in front of thousands of Dark Soul Sect members, bragging before them about how he is a great Monarch. 

Even though some people believed he was bluffing, most others believed his words as they grew amazed. 

Snake Monarch hadn't realized that since he started telling his story, he got so immersed in it that he didn't even see when the Sect Master sneaked out of that place. 

She went into an obsolete corner of the Sect before she used a communication talisman to inform the Sect Masters of the other major sects. She called out to all eighteen sects, telling them about Long Chen's presence. 

She couldn't see Long Chen's cultivation and only believed that Long Chen was puffing his chest because of a Heaven Realm beast. As long as she was alone, she was going to be at Long Chen's pity. 

Who knew, he might even ask for her death later, and she wouldn't be able to do anything since she would be alone before a Peak Heaven Grade Beast. 

Worried about her future, she decided to take this risk. A peak heaven grade beast was strong, but in front of the combined effort of Nineteen Heaven Realm Sect masters, including her, that Snake was going to hold no chance.

As she contacted the other, she told them how Long Chen came with a Peak Heaven Grade Beast and how he was bullying her sect while saying that he was going to later destroy the other sects that chased after him one by one. 

Even though the other sect masters were a bit intimidated about going against a Peak Heaven Grade Beast, they knew that it was important to do that since they believed the words of her. 

If they didn't put one final stand now, Long Chen could easily take them out one by one. They didn't doubt Long Chen's intent since he already went against their sects. The hostility between the two sides was already decided, and they didn't want to let Long Chen escape. 

Today, he came with a Heaven Grade Beast here. What if he came to their sect next? Or worse, what if the beast in the future grew to Saint Realm? Not a single being here would be able to go against him, even if working in a team. This was the only time they could.

Hearing the news, the Sect Masters didn't delay for even a second as they used their long-range Teleportation Talismans to come here as fast as they could. 


The Snake Monarch continued with his stories when he suddenly stopped and looked in the distance. 

"Ah, where did these pests come from?" The Snake Monarch wondered as he saw seventeen Heaven Realm Experts flying towards them. 

As for the eighteenth sect master, he had said no to participate, making excuses. The real reason was different, though. 

The eighteenth sect master was from the Devil Worshipping Sect that was one of the major Devil Sects in this continent. It was actually one of the stronger sects, but the Sect Master knew that their side had no enmity with Long Chen, and thus, he didn't worry about Long Chen attacking them. 

In fact, Long Chen had once saved the life of the Head Disciple of their sect, who was also his son, Manxiang Li.

He couldn't attack Long Chen after he did all that for them. Similarly, he knew that he couldn't side with Long Chen against these people either since it was certain that Long Chen was going to be on the losing end. 

He wanted to stay neutral and watch from far, not stepping in. That's why he didn't even tell Manxiang Li about this since Manxiang Li was going to be upset to know that he wasn't helping Long Chen. 

He didn't know that the one he wasn't going to help, didn't need his help anyway. If he knew Long Chen's real strength, he would have run to the side with him. 


As the Snake Monarch watched the incoming people that were sitting on their flying beasts, he scoffed. "Are they coming to dance for me? That reminds me, where did that one lady go?" 

The Snake Monarch just now realized that the Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect was missing too. 

"Did she escape? She didn't even wait to hear the best story. I'm sad," the Snake Monarch said as he sighed. 

"Since I'm sad, it's good. I can get my sadness down by beating a few people, and these guys seem to be the best for this job," he said as he looked at the incoming sect masters like they were just made to be his punching bag. 

The Seventeen sect masters reached the sect and surrounded the Snake Monarch. 

"Fascinating. It's actually as she described. A giant Heaven grade Snake. His Cultivation is really high but too bad; he's alone," The Sect Master of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect said as he observed the snake monarch. 

The Heavenly Slaughter Sect was the strongest Devil Sect in the continent and even controlled a port that took people to other contents.