Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 900 - 900: Three

"W-what? His Highness comprehended the Ancient Method of Blood Amplification?"

"It can't be! He wasn't able to before, but he did now. That... That would be incredible!" 

"Exactly! It would give him such a massive boost since it's related to body Cultivation. It's not the same as spiritual Cultivation that gets more effective later! If it's him, he can win!" 

Seeing the silence of the Emperor, everyone started finding credibility in the statement. They all started thinking that it was the reason, and the hope in them was once again ignited.

"Is this true, Your Majesty?" Sect Masters Min inquired. The only person who could answer him was the Emperor.

"Interesting conjunction, but it's not the truth. Luqi has not comprehended the Ancient Method of Blood Amplification. So you're mistaken. And even if he had managed to comprehend this skill, he still wouldn't have been able to take part in the battle," the Emperor answered, shaking his head.

Seeing his perfect assumption fail, Patriarch Qin's mouth opened slightly in disbelief.

How could he be wrong? If this wasn't it, then why did Emperor Meng agree to this test? Did he really choose a fight that he was supposed to lose? Patriarch Qin wondered. 

"So he didn't comprehend the Skill? Why would he not be able to take part if he had? Is there another limitation?" He asked.

"Right. Even amongst youngsters, only people who are younger than Twenty-five are able to participate in this. Luqi is way above twenty-five, so he can't represent us," The Emperor answered, shaking his head.

'He can't take part? Aren't we even more doomed then?' Sect Master Meng thought.

"There's no need to keep guessing. I'll tell you right now. Only three people from each of the Twenty worlds will be allowed to take part in the ranking tournament. Even though three people will take part, it won't be a team effort. Rankings will be individual. Secondly, people only younger than Twenty-five can take part," the Emperor answered.

"Thirdly, only the events that decide rankings will happen in our world. But the finals won't. The first stage trials will happen here. That will be attended by all the participants of the other world. That will decide the top ten contenders here. The top ten will then go to another world in the second stage for the final rankings that decide who is number one amongst them," he continued.

He roamed his gaze over everyone who seemed to be lost in deep thoughts, wondering who the three people will be. There was a criterion that only people younger than Twenty-five could take part. That meant the Second Prince and the Third Prince could take part. That still left one position, though.

Who was the third person? Even though they didn't think they had any hope for winning, they were still hopeful that a youngster from their clan would be selected for the third position.

Winning is impossible, but even getting selected would give their clans a huge boost in reputation. If They managed to get a good position amongst the sixty people who were taking part, that would be good too.

They all started thinking about the best candidate from their clan that they could recommend. 

Emperor Meng could read their thoughts, but he pretended to be oblivious as he spoke, "And lastly, the first stage trials will begin after two days. Our guests will start coming from tomorrow, so make sure no one creates any trouble in the Royal City for our guests."

"Only two days? But what about the selection of candidates? Two days are too less for having a competition of our youngsters to see the best choice for the third spot."

All the nobles said a similar thing, expressing concern. 

"There's no need for trials. I already have three people in my mind. Those three will be the ones who will take part in this ranking from our world," The Emperor answered casually. It didn't seem like he was talking about something that could change the course of this world but something normal.

"Who are they, Your Majesty?" Patriarch Qin asked.

'He certainly selected the two princes, but the third person must be from one of our clans. Now that I think about it, my grandson has the reputation of being one of the strongest talents in the Royal City after the Princes. Did he select based on word of mouth praise? Could it be that he selected my grandson?' he thought.

Sect Master Min also had a hope in his mind. "His Majesty attended our Annual Tournament a few months ago. He saw with his own eyes the performance of the winner in that. He saw our best disciple's performance, I believe. I remember him even praising. Could it be that he's the one selected? It would be amazing if it happens."

Every Patriarch had an obvious bias towards their own clan. They all thought that the thief person must be from their own clan since the youngsters of their clans were the best in their view. 

"The first person to represent us is obviously my Third Son, Meng Huling. His strength needs an introduction. In talents also he excels a lot. And his Lightning Buddha Technique can give heavenly punishment to his enemies. I believe he will definitely get a good rank in the first stage trials and qualify for the second stage," Emperor Meng answered.

"The second participant from our side will be my second son, Meng Qian. Even though he is older than Huling, he still hasn't crossed twenty-five. He can take part and make us proud. His participation will certainly make sure two of the ten people going up the next stage will be from our world," he said.

Meng Qian clenched his fist as he heard his name. He didn't hate that he was going to take part in the trials. He hated something else entirely.

'Why did father introduce me as the second participant? He introduced Huling as first as if he was more important!' he thought as he felt like he was being sidelined. 

No one seemed even mildly interested in these announcements, though, since they knew the first two people participating in the Trials already. 

The only one they were curious about was the person who was going to complete the team by becoming the third participant. They all perked up their ears as they waited eagerly to hear the announcement.

"That only leaves one person from our side. It was certainly a tough decision, but I have decided!" Emperor Meng explained. 

He continued, "As for the third participant from our side, it's going to be..."