Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1008 - 1008: All Ruling

The police were allowed inside the house. They asked a few questions to Long Chen after they took the thief in their custody.

Long Chen told them everything about how he had helped a woman catch a thief today and that it was the same thief who was here to kill him. 

He also talked about interrogating the thief and that it was the woman that let the thief go. Even though he knew that the cops weren't going to punish that woman, he felt the urge to share how shameless a few people were. 

"You did great work, kid. Not only did you help catch a thief today, but you also survived an attack on yourself. You should be proud. Don't worry, though. I'll take care of this guy. He won't disturb you again," the Cop told Long Chen after complimenting him for what he did. 

They left soon after. 


Finally, after taking care of everything, Long Chen went to bed with the hope of taking a short nap. It was already early morning, so he didn't expect to get a long sleep anyway. 

Waking up in the afternoon, he got dressed before leaving his house to meet with his new girlfriend. It was their first date today. 

He was walking towards the house of the girl to meet her. The two had decided to walk together. 

Unfortunately, something once again happened right when he was midway to her house. 

Long Chen was walking through the affluent area of the city where many tall buildings existed. 

He was keeping his eyes on the road, thus not noticing that repair work was taking place in one of the buildings. 

A man was hanging near the top hoarding on the building, trying to fix something with a hammer. 

As Long Chen was about to reach under that place, the hammer accidentally fell from the hand of the worker. 

"Oh god!" the worker cursed as he started sweating. He prayed to the gods that the hammer won't hit anyone as he looked down. Unfortunately, his prayer didn't work. 

The hammer happened to land on the head of Long Chen, who was completely unaware that something like this would happen to him. 

The hammer fell from the top of the twenty-fourth floor, making the impact even worse.

Long Chen, who was wondering how the date was supposed to go in his old life if he hadn't died, happened to be hit by the hammer. His vision instantly turned dark as his skull cracked. He dropped to the ground, dead. 



Long Chen screamed out loud once again as he realized that he had died.

"Is god messing with me? What the fuck is that supposed to mean! How hard is it to let me live, you bastard!"

Long Chen was standing in the middle of the crowded hallway once again as students left the college. His scream attracted the attention of people who gazed at him as if he was an idiot. 

Hu Lia was about to call out to Long Chen, but hearing him scream, he ran to Long Chen. 

"Hey, what happened? Are you alright?" he asked as he patted Long Chen's shoulder. "I know it's stressful to know you have a date tomorrow, but control yourself. If you're not ready, then tell her. Don't stress yourself too much about this."

Long Chen took a deep breath to calm himself down as he gazed at Hu Lia. 

"Yeah. Thanks. I'm fine now," Long Chen replied. "Let's leave now."

He and Hu Lia left the college and once again separated at the diversion. 

Long Chen once again reached their place where he was supposed to clash with the thief.

He had already decided not to help the woman this time. The woman was someone he low-key hated now. 

Basically, he had signed his death warrant last time when he had decided to help the woman. Even if he hadn't died right away, he would still be killed at home. His death was inevitable. And it was all thanks to the woman. 

He didn't involve himself in the matter of the thief this time. In fact, he even stepped aside to let the thief pass. 

The woman kept screaming, "Thief!"

Unfortunately, no one tried to help her. Seeing that, Long Chen couldn't help but rub his chin. Apparently, he was the only idiot who had helped her. And he learned his lesson, albeit too late. 

Long Chen gazed at the woman who chased after the thief. A satisfied look was on his face to see the woman suffer a bit after how shamelessly she had thrown him under the bus last time. 

Ignoring the whole debacle, he reached his home once again. 


Long Chen was once again lying on the bed when he again heard a noise from downstairs. 

"Now again! Why now! I didn't do anything! Why did that thief come here now?" he muttered as he slapped his forehead in annoyance. 

What was happening with him? It was as if no matter how much he tried, some things couldn't be changed. 

"Wait a minute, is this destiny?" he mumbled as he stood up. A thoughtful look appeared on his face. 

It was as if it was his destiny to clash with the thief. And no matter what he did, it was going to happen. The same thing was for his death. No matter what step he took, he died. 

These two things happened simultaneously, but it wasn't a necessity for them to happen together. 

But whatever he did, he didn't change the outcome. His clash with the thief was inevitable. Moreover, his death was inevitable, whether it came from the thief or from some other way. 

"No! Destiny can't be all ruling. I can control it. I just need to know what steps to take and be careful. This shouldn't be difficult to survive. There should be more to destiny than it being an all-ruling law. Nothing can be this godly," he let out as he shook his head, refusing to believe that Destiny could be so overpowered.

Throughout his life, he believed in his own actions and that he could even bend destiny to his own will if he tried. This was his conviction, and he was going to stick with it. 

He believed in destiny but not that it was invincible. 

Leaving his room, Long Chen once again went downstairs. He again checked the kitchen like last time while preparing for an attack on him as soon as he left the kitchen. 

Surprisingly though, the attack never came. There was no one near him.